Complete Guide On Types of Whey Proteins

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is an important health supplement for body builders and competitor and casual exercise at all levels. As it helps in rebuilding in muscle tissues and give strong bigger muscle with improves stamina, weight loss, better bone growth and increase immunity power. Whey protein is a complete protein that is fast, easy to digest and absorb into body. It is also used for protein asthma, cancer, high cholesterol, HIV disease and allergic reaction.
Types of Whey Protein Khelmart

Types of Whey Proteins:

This article provides some guidance to help choose the right whey protein supplement. What whey protein is and how it is purified and manufactured from the whey liquid. There are different types of Whey Protein but the three main types of Whey Proteins are commonly known to fitness loving community. Whey Protein concentrated is the base type protein and have smallest amount of protein in it. Whey isolate is the superior form and whey hydrolysis is the purest form of protein. Based on protein and fat percentage these protein types are classified.

1 .Whey Protein Concentrate [WPC]

2 .Whey Protein Isolate[WPI]

3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate [WPH]


1. Whey Protein Concentrate [WPC]:

WPC is the affordable form of Whey Protein.This is a great commencement for beginners and those looking to add protein to their diet. WPC contains low levels of fat and low levels of carbohydrates .It contains lowest amount of protein concentrates,the lowest end concentrate is  20- 30% and the highest  end concentrate is  70-90%.The lowest end concentrate are used for food products and highest end concentrate are used for nutrients and fitness. This concentrate is made up of cellulose, fat, minerals.

2. Whey Protein Isolate [WPI]:

This is one of the high quality protein and easily digested. This protein is perfect for those with low carbohydrate diets. It processed to remove all the fat and cellulose. WPI manufactured with radical contains 85-90% Protein, 0.5% fat, 1-2% cellulose and 0.3% minerals. Whey isolate tends to taste better than as compared to whey concentrate protein with less fat and cellulose. It absorbed quickly and helps to recover the muscles and nutrients.

3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate [WPH]:

It is a new technique in whey protein production. Whey Protein Hydrolysis is more expensive and highest quality of protein available. Some people call this “Predigested” protein and that is a pretty good explanation. It improves digestion and reduces allergic reaction. Hydrolysis protein is also much better on the digestion system as compared to whey concentrates and isolates. This type of protein can be used pre or post workout.


Checkout different Types of Whey Protein at

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Complete Guide on 14 key benefits of Consuming Whey Proteins

Whey Protein is a purest form of Protein which contains 9 most important amino acids out of 20.It is byproduct obtained from milk and cheese production. It’s give best protein profile which helps in growing the muscle fast, improve the stamina and increase the immunity power. While Protein consumption is already known for its better results, researches proved that whey protein consumption in controlled way can also gives lots of other benefits. (Ref : 6 Reasons You Should Be Using Whey Protein)

In this guide we have listed the 14 benefits which you’ll get from whey protein:

14 Benefits Of Whey Protein

1.   Yes ,It’s True , Whey Protein Helps In Building Bigger Muscles:

The first and foremost important benefit of whey protein consumption is that its helps in building strong muscles. Study shows that consuming the whey protein before and after workout helps in building big and fat free muscles. Researchers have done a study on athletes with whey protein diet and without whey protein. After study, researchers concluded that athlete with whey protein diet perform better and muscle growth rate improved significantly with whey protein. With this study, it can be concluded that whey protein supplements helps in better muscle size development.

2.   Easily Digest And Absorb Into Body:

Whey Protein supplements is ready to eat foods and easily dissolves in milk or water. As it is  abstract part so it is quickly digest and absorb by our body. Protein supplements give very fast results due to quick digestions.

3.   Improves  The Immunity System:

Study shows the benefits of WP in developing strong immunity system. WP consists of Amino acids which is a good source of glutathione. If your body contains good level of glutathione then it will indicate good body immunity system. WP contains of Lactoferrin which expedites the growth process of immune cells and helps in development in better body immunity system.

4.   Gives Best Results In Wound Healing:

WP consists of glycine. Study shows that glycine helps in better tissues repair system. We all know that our muscle is built with lot so small muscles tissues. During injuries our tissues get damages and create the wound. As glycine helps in effective tissues repair system so it gives better wound healing.

5.   Enhance Stamina:

Taking whey protein prior to workout or training helps in providing glycogen. Glycogen gives  better performance during intense workout and provides fuel to muscles. It also helps in better. Study shows that athlete with pre workout whey protein supplements shake perform better.

6.   Helps In Reducing Fat:

Whey protein is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It contains very little fat  and  low cholesterol.whey protein is easily control appetite. This speeds up the metabolism to burn excess fat from the body. This makes it an excellent for people on  low-carbohydrate diet.

7.   Helps In Reducing Hunger:

 Whey protein is quickly digested  supplements,which help to  reduce the appetite control and they increase the blood level of amino acid. Amino acid is  also  supportive to decrease the  appetite control.

8.  Helps In Better Bone Growth:

Promote growth of bone and beneficial bacteria, and contributes to healthy immune  system. It helps to prevent cancer and   improves  the  chemotherapy result .It Control  the inflammation and allergic responses . Whey protein is far superior to improve your bone growth.

9.  Offers A Good Anti-Oxidants:

Glutathione is  most powerful antioxidants,present  in your body,antioxidants are crucial for eliminating the free radicals from your body.Whey protein is used to improved the antioxidants capacity and it helps to prevent us from athletic injuries,it remove toxins from your cells and protects you from the damaging effect of radiation.

10. Reduces Risk Of Heart Attack:

  Cardiovascular disease is a risk factor , generally found in people and it can  increase   the  high level of fat  in their blood after meal. After studies, researchers  suggested that whey protein is lower amount of fat and increase insulin,which clears glucose in the blood and prevents  the risk of heart attack.

11. Maintains Healthy Skin :

Whey  protein is also necessary for skin healing and   hormone growth ,  which helps in    skin cells profile. Amino acids  in whey protein helps to  maintain the elasticity and firmness ,   skin healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.

12. Maintains Better Liver

Glutathione is most powerful antioxidants, it present in every cell.  whey protein is helps   to protect cells, especially important for liver health and breaks down the free radicals   and it is very helpful for prevent liver inflammation.

13.  Helps In Reducing The Stress:

 whey protein is helpful to increase the levels of  serotonin . Strong  levels of  serotonin  are correlated with relaxation, calm mood ,          and   improved  the  ability to handle with  stress and lower levels of serotonin are associated with depression, anxiety, and                           appetite control.

 14.  Reduce Hair Loss:

Having high amount of protein on a regular basis prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth and that  helps to overcome hair problem like blud patches and thinning hair lines.Whey protein supplements is an excellent protein to decrease levels of damaging hair.

  Checkout the full Range of Whey Protein at

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Complete Guide on Cricket bat Grains Concepts

In a cricket bat grains define the quality of willow and performance of bat. More Grains cricket bat means better bat performance and better Willow quality. Cricket Players are preferred to select the bat with more grain & straight grain profile. In this blog we shall explain the concept of cricket bat grains with innovative image gallery.

Following are the type of Grains and according to the range of Cricket bats from Various Series:

Cricket bat Grains Concept - English Willow Clefts

Best Quality English Willow Cleft:

The best quality English Willow cleft gives top grade Bats. In this type of Willow cleft, Grains are straight, clear and looks like embossed profile. Following are the key characteristics of Best Quality Willow clefts:

  1. The Best Quality English Willow Cleft bats contain 8 to 15 grains.
  2. Grains are straight in nature.
  3. Distance between the grains looks equal.
  4. Grains look like embossed profile.
  5. Top End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats , Best Grains Profile

Indian manufactures Cricket Bats like SS Gladiator, SS Limited Edition, SF Limited Edition, SG Sunny Legends, BDM Dynamic Power Super are the top end bats and contain best quality English Willow Profile.

Points to be consider before Select the Higher End English Willow Bat:

While higher End Cricket bats are produce with best quality English Willow cleft but Players need to check following points:

  1. Check if grains are through – It means grains profiles should be same as front and back face of the bat.
  2. Numbers of Grains should be same at shoulder and toe of the bat.
  3. There should be no blemishes on back side of bat, even check if any knot inside the sticker.
  4. No Knot behind the sticker will consider OK for grade 1 English Willow Cricket bat.
  5. Check Bat willow moister level if possible, Willow Should be naturally seasoned which gives optimum level of moisture in Willow.

Apart from these check points, Top Grade English willow gives best bat performance, Players can check the cricket ball ping. To check the Bat ping take as used cricket ball and ping in on bat. Good willow will give you excellent ping from Bat even in the toe area and bat corners.

Intermediate Quality English Willow Cleft:

Intermediate quality willow or grade 2 or grade 3 is most common type and Bat manufactures produces most of the intermediate cricket bats from this series of willow cleft.

Following are the quality of intermediate quality English Cleft bats:


  1. This type of English Willow Cleft bats contain 6 to 10 grains
  2. Most of the grains look straight (few Grains may contain slanted profile).
  3. Few knots can be observed at back side of the bats. (But no knot should be appear on front face)
  4. Grains profile may look different at front and back (It doesn’t give any impact of bat performance)


Points to be consider before Select the Intermediate Quality English Willow Bat:

  1. Check the possibility to get the maximum numbers of grains
  2. Check there should not be any knot at playing and back side of the bat, especially on sweet spot.
  3. Grains should be through – End to End and frond to back side of the bat.
  4. Check there should not be any blemishes on face of the bat.

Performance of Intermediate Quality Cricket Bat:

Performance of an intermediate quality English Willow cricket bat will be based on its grains profile, bat shape and Sweet spot location. Bat with 8 straight grains with thick edge and middle positioned sweet spot will perform extra ordinary on cricket ground. It will give superb bat stroke, even in off sweet spot position ball contact. It will be durable bat for extended cricket use.

Middle End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats

SS Ton Limited Edition , SS KPS Power , SG RSD Ultimate , SF Triumph , BDM master Blaster comes in this category.

Lower End Quality English Willow Cleft:

Lower End quality English Willow cleft bats are made for beginners and practice sessions for average cricket players.  It is made from lower end English willow cleft and consists following characteristics.

  1. Limited or less numbers of grains
  2. Grains are not straight.
  3. Grains profile is not clear
  4. Cleft could have 1-2 knots at back side.
  5. Few Blemishes can be observed on the face of the bat

Points to be consider before Select the Intermediate Quality English Willow Bat:

  1. Try to select the bat with more numbers of grains.
  2. Clearly check the bat faces and especially under the brand stickers, there should not be any visible knot on bat face.
  3. Check the edge of cricket bat, it should be more than 35 mm.


Performance of Low Quality Cricket Bat:

If a bat with low quality English willow cleft having 2-3 grains, edge thickness with 36 mm, concave profile and middle sweet spot position then it will give best in class cricket bat performance. This type of cricket bat will give best performance even with used cricket ball. These bats will be suitable for beginners.

Lower End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats

SS Magnum , SS Ton Orange , SG Super Cover , SG Destroyer , BDM Admiral Jumbo , SF Warrior are classified into this series .



This guide will give you basic information of English Willow Cleft quality and its uses. English Willow bats performance are total based on willow quality, how it has been processes and manufactured. Players need to clearly identify the right cricket bat based on playing style. While top grade Enhlish Willow is the best option but most of the time intermediate quality cleft bats can offer good bat performance.

Intermediate quality willow is most common across the cricketers due to economical option and best bat performance. Players with good sense of bat selection and knowledge on willow quality can select best bat from intermediate quality.

Khelmart English Willow Cricket bats with multi brands options will help cricketer to select the perfect bat as per playing style and need.




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Stag International Series of Table Tennis Rackets

Stag International Table Tennis is a well known brand in the field of TT Sports. Stag produces quality Table Tennis equipments like TT Rackets, TT Blades, Table Tennis Tables, Ball and other accessories with high quality standards.
Table Tennis rackets by stag international are equipped with finest quality wood material with perfect treatment while its rubber are scientifically designed which gives perfect combination of power, speed and spin.
In this post, we shall explain the best stag table tennis rackets.

Stag Table Tennis RacketsStag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide


Stag Ninja Attack Table Tennis Racket:
Specifications of the racket suggest the racket is made for player who wants to dominate the game. Spin rank of 92 out of 100 with speed rank 88 is a rare combination and shows deadly aggression. Control is 78 out of 100 are very good for an offensive racket. Racket is crafted for absolutely offensive play, you can surprise your opponent by giving him a sudden top spin shot with this racket.
Grip is again in concave design for experiencing better control with thick sponge to give you a stiff feeling of the racket.
Vibration is reduced to a minimum still you get a clear feeling while hitting the ball.
More aggression and enhanced spinning characteristics is the main advantage of the racket.
Stag Power Drive Table Tennis Racket:
This Power Drive racket from Stag is one of the best selling model in Table Tennis rackets. The racket has proper blend of power and control. It has concave comfortable grip which allows you to hit controlled strikes.
Stag International Attack Table Tennis Racket:
Stag International Table Tennis Racket is comes with Speed-80, Control-90, spin-75 Rating. These configurations along with enhanced rubber material & superb quality blade will give you a balance between power and control. Its blade is made of fine quality wood which gives perfect stiffness and ensures the better control on tennis ball. With better control, player can effectively place the ball to opponent side. This Table Tennis Racquet is equipped with specially designed grip which give super fine comfort and player can quickly adjust the Racket to meet the pace of the game. This racket comes with plastic protective cover which will give proper packing and ensures that racket will be safe from wear and tear.
Stag International Table Tennis Racket:
Racket is designed to give maximum performance to an emerging player.
Racket Rubber is ITTF authorized.
Racket is crafted for all-round play, you can play offensive game as well as defensive game with equal skills. Much better control and enhanced spinning characteristics of the racket. The comfortable Handle of this racket is designed as concave to give better grip and maximum control while playing offensive game. You will get a crisp and clear hitting sound of the blade when striking the ball.
Vibrations of hitting the ball are comparatively less shows the characteristics of control-elastic blade.

Following Sheet Show the List of Stag

Stag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide based on Control

Stag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide based on Control Graph

Stag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide based on speed


Stag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide based on speed-Graph



Stag Table Tennis Rackets Selection Guide based on Spin

Above said models are higher end table tennis rackets in Stag brand , TT Player can check out full range of Table tennis rackets at, They can also check Only STAG brand table tennis rackets.

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What’s New in MSD 7 Series of Spartan Cricket Bats

Spartan Cricket bats are endorsed by International Cricket Players like MS Dhoni , Michael Clarke  and Chris Gayle. Spartan MSD Series is releases on name of Indian cricket Team captain MS Dhoni. Spartan Cricket Bats are known for its quality, better shape, perfect bat balance and powerful bat face.

Key Features of Spartan MSD 7 Series of Cricket Bats:

Spartan Cricket Bats Key Features

Spartan Cricket Bats Key Features

  1. Bats will provide you the feeling of MSD Cricketing Style.
  2. Bats are prepared with Skilled Craftsmanship of Spartan Cricket.
  3. Heavy and Massive bat Profiles.
  4. Colored Toe guards for Bat Protection.
  5. Suitable for Power Stroke makers.
  6. Multi Color Scale grip.
  7. Available in Pre Knock-IN for ready to Play.
  8. Light Weight Bat Pickup.


MSD Spartan Cricket Bats

In This post we shall explain the MSD top end cricket bat models.

Following models of Spartan cricket bats are most popular:

MSD Limited Edition Cricket bats:

Spartan MSDLimited Edition Cricket Bats

Spartan MSDLimited Edition Cricket Bats

MSD Limited Edition Cricket Bat is made for aggressive cricket players. This bat is equipped with improved & powerful bat shape, extra mass behind the sweet spot.

Spartan MSD Limited Edition Cricket bat is made from top grade English Willow while cleft seasoning is done with natural air. Natural air drying technique gives moisture removing from willow at slow and steady rate. Spartan Cricket is having world best and skilled manpower to produce the quality Cricket Equipments.

What’ New in MSD Limited Edition:

MSD LE model is equipped with tradition bat spine while its sweet spot is position at middle with extra thick edge runs from top edge to toe. Balance and pick up of the bat is superb which will results into super cricketing performance like king of smashing shots- MSD.

It is fitted with nine piece cane handle. Canes thickness and size are optimized in such a way which results into quality handle performance. This type of optimized handle will delivered the extra ordinary shock absorbing ability and durability. Also, the bat handle diameter complements the bat pickup and balance.

New and improves scale grip in this type of handle will enhance the power and performance of payers.


MSD LE Bat toe design is a unique feature in this bat. Toe of the bat is slightly square which give extra hitting area results into adjustment in CG (Center of Gravity of Bat). This type of toe design helps in bat swing while low bounce ball can be handled effectively.


MSD helicopter Cricket Bat:

Spartan MSD Helicopter Cricket Bat

Spartan MSD Helicopter cricket bat is made of grade 1 English willow with expert craftsmanship of Spartan. As its name indicates it is designed for powerful stroke players. Its massive edge and traditional flat profile helps players to make destructive and powerful cricketing shots.

Bat is equipped with 9 piece cane handle with Spartan multi color scale grip which give superb control on bat. Spartan Helicopter Cricket Bat is equipped with colored toe guard which protect you bat from moisture.


MSD T20 Special Cricket Bat:

Spartan MSD T20 Special cricket bat is made of grade 2 English willow with natural cleft seasoning. This bat is designed especially for 20 over’s Cricket matchs. Its massive edge and traditional flat profile helps players to make destructive and powerful cricketing shots.

Bat is equipped with 9 piece cane handle with Spartan multi color scale grip which give superb control on bat. Spartan Helicopter Cricket Bat is equipped with colored toe guard which protect you bat from moisture.

 Ref on cricket bats from WekiPedia

View the High Grade and Hand Selected English Willow Cricket Bats at


Spartan Cricket Bats Fans can compare the bats at


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Guide on “How a Cricket Ball is manufactured”

Leather Cricket Ball is an important part of Cricket Game. A perfect shape and quality Cricket ball gives real pleasure of cricket game as player can effectively utilize bowling and batting skills with a perfect shaped cricket ball. In this blog we will explain the detail procedure of a cricket Ball Manufacturing. In India, Cricket Ball Manufacturing  is treated as Small Scale Industries and its required lots of skilled job to produce as perfect shape cricket ball. The main parts of a leather cricket ball are Cut Piece leather, Cork Ball (Placed inside the cricket ball), stitching thread.

Following are the main steps of a leather cricket ball manufacturing.

Step 01 & 2 Leather seasoning and Cut to length Operation:

Typically, leather piece are used to manufacture the cricket ball. Manufacturing of Leather Cricket Ball includes Purification of Leather. After the purification, leather is dyed with red or white color. Once dying is over further leather sheet is cut into four pieces. In a four piece leather ball, leather sheet is optimally cut into four leather parts while in two piece its cut into two parts.

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Cleaning Coloring and dying of Leather

Here are the sub steps of Leather sheet seasoning and cutting into length:

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Cutting of leather piece into 4 Pieces

1. Purification of leather

2. Dying the leather

3. Cutting of leather sheet into pieces

Step03 Stitching of Leather Pieces:

Cricket Ball Manufacturing First Cut Stitching


Once the cutting of leather pieces takes place further stitching of leather pieces come into picture. With the help of stitching tools, operator takes two piece of leather and joins them with thick thread. This stitching is rough in nature but strong in strength .After the stitching, two half piece of leather is ready for ball assembly.

Step04 Assembly of Leather Pieces and Cork Ball:

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Ball Assembly

It is a manual Assembly process in which two stitches leather pieces and cork ball assembles together. With the help of manual tools operator hold the leather pieces and cork ball. This assembly further goes into ball stitching fixture in which final stitching takes place.

Step05 Final Stitching : Assembly Ball

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Final Stitching of Ball

Refer image (Image-5), in this image operator is stitching the ball assembly in order to get the pre pressing ball shape. This is a final stitching of ball in which very skilled operator perform the stitching operation with the help of manual stitching tools. In a perfect shape ball, operator gives 63 to 64 nice looking threads which hold the ball assembly perfectly in order to give long lasting cricketing performance.

Step05 Ball Assembly Pressing, polishing and trade mark stamping:

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Final Pressing of Ball

This is a final step in which stitches leather cricket ball assembly put  into a press machine in which manual press is applied to get the perfect round shape of ball. The tool which is used in this operation is hand machine tools which consist of upper and lower jaw with two half piece steel parts. Ball is place in between two jaws and operator applied the pressure on ball to get the perfect shape.

Once pressing is done further, polishing operation takes place to get the shining in ball. Remember, shining of ball inures the swinging of ball.

Finally manufactures place the trade mark on balls, pack them and now balls are ready to go in cricket ground.


Cricket Players can get the perfect shape cricket ball at

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Start Up guide for Table Tennis Racket

Table tennis abbreviated as TT is quite a very much technical game compared to other ball game.

As we have different styled players in other games so as in Table tennis.

The defensive, all round and Offensive players and one must choose the table tennis racket accordingly.

The first step for a player is to analyze himself what type of player he is whether offensive, defensive or all round and then choose the right racket (paddle or bat) specially if he is a beginner, also you need to know the correct way to hold or grip the racket.

Below are some guidelines that is associated with Table Tennis and a beginner should know about them.




Grip concept of table tennis racket

Grip the racket is important while learning Table tennis because if you are using a wrong grip then it would be difficult to change it later on. So ask your coach about the right grip for you, try different grip and see your strength.

You can check your grip with the different handles of Table Tennis racket.

Typically there are three types of handles available

  1. Concave
  2. Straight
  3. Anatomic

Straight handles grip are usually held loose while concave and anatomic handles held firmly.



Types of a blade of a table tennis racket

Blades are made of wood and carry elasticity to make different type of blades. Players should keep in mind their style of play while selecting any type of blade.

You can find a Table tennis blade in different type of elasticity as follows:


More suitable for players who want more control on game rather than speed, because of much elasticity ball remains in contact with blade for a longer period compare to other blades and you can feel the contact between the blade and the ball also you will feel the vibration when striking the balls. The elastic type of blades is known for excellent control.



It has features of balanced elastic control, lesser vibration and somehow faster speed then Elastic blades. Generally suitable for all round type of player but can be offensive while combine with spin elastic rubber.


Speed Elastic:

Clearly designed for fast movers of the game, distinct feeling of contact between ball and blade.

Blade is stiffer then control elastic type of blade but has controllable aggression.


Nearly Stiff/stiff:


These blades are really fast and not easy to control, contact time between ball and blade is reduced to a minimum. The vibration is reduced to minimum. Experienced player should use them as control of this type of racket is very difficult.


Rubber sheets:

Selecting the rubber of a Table tennis racket

There are basically three types of characteristics a player should keep in mind while selecting a rubber type for his blade.


The thickness of the Rubber/sponge

Table tennis blade rubbers are available in several thicknesses as it completely changes the game. The thicker the rubber, the more attacking/ offensive the blade will be and more difficult to control.

A 2.0 mm to 2.5 mm thick rubber will suit for a offensive player while 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm thick rubber will suit a defensive type of player.

The rubber and sponge are generally preassembled by the different manufacturing companies and they altogether made the thickness of the rubber.


Pimples Out:


Rubbers of table tennis have the pimples either outwards or inwards.

The pimples are made facing outwards, which shows that the smoother side of the rubber is joined to the sponge. Hence the player strikes the ball with the surface which is pimpled.


There are two varieties available in pimples out—short pimples and long pimples. When the ball is struck the pimples they both give a different effect. For the players with a fast blocking or counter hitting game short pimples are suggested, whereas for defensive players, long pimples are the best. To return offensive attacking of unusual spins long pimples are really helpful.


Most of the pimples out have varied thicknesses of sponge beneath them. There are some which don’t have any sponge beneath them are called ‘OX’.


Pimples in (Reverse rubber):


The other kind of table tennis rubber have pimples facing inwards to the sponge hence the players hit the ball with the smoother side of the rubber.


This is the mostly followed way of rubber because it gives a full range of strokes to be played.

It is commonly called as reverse rubber.


Reverse rubber gives the player a good control and helps a beginner to develop the strokes.

For established players who play in a particular style, pimpled rubber is suggested.



What does khelmart suggests:


  • For beginners khelmart suggests the use of reverse rubber.
  • For developing your strokes you should use the same kind of rubbers on both the side of your racket.
  • Selecting a particular brand will not help the player because what is important is that the player should choose right kind of rubber. Player choice should depend on his/hers style of playing.
  • Hence the player should first make sure his/hers Way of playing and then opt for the right rubbers which will suite his/her game the most. If you are not sure of your style of playing then, khelmart suggests you to go for an ALL ROUND racket category.
  • Most of the player can opt for a blade and rubbers of allround specifications initially. 


Players can checkout the full range of table tennis rackets at

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Advantages of On Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein

This blog will explain you the specialties of On Gold standard 100 whey protein. this blog will give you detailed information on following parameters:

It will tell you its serving, its work, its requirement and the amount of all substance it contains and advantages of On Gold Standard 100 Whey Proteins.

ON Gold Standard Whey Protein Substances

On Gold Standard Whey Proteins provides you pure protein with very low fat, lactose and cholesterol level. With all these qualities it gives you 24% proteins per serving with full energy. It contains 120 calories, 1g fat, and 3g crabs and really less in cost in comparison to other products in market. On Gold Standard Whey Proteins helps you enhancing your stamina and strength and protects the body from diseases. It helps you in building immunity power by removing free radicals from the body also helps in lubricates the joints of the body and giving the perfect shape. Protein helps you in repairing your muscles tissues and in growing them. This will help you in achieving your goal faster with excellent muscles. It is specially prepared for bodybuilders looking for big and strong muscles. It’s the best Whey Protein Supplement available in the market in its category. It has all those substances which the more expensive Protein has and the specialty is also same this Whey on Gold Standard Protein is the best Whey Protein. It’s packed with isolates the purest form of packing. Some who are intolerant with lactose and gas is not being affected with this product.

On gold standard proteins


On Gold Standard 100 Whey Serves you in 1 Intake


  • Whey on gold standard 100 whey protein Proteins Consists isolates the pure 100% pure Protein.
  • It contains more than 4g glutamines which helps you in blend of muscles.
  • Whey on gold standard 100 whey proteins contains more than 5g of amino acids which helps in repairing tissues and building stamina and strength.
  • It’s Blend of Whey Proteins Isolate and Whey Proteins Concentrates.
  • It provides 24g protein with 1g of fat.
  • It is prepared with Isolates the double purified Protein which contains fat and crabs in very low amount.
  • Its price value is less than in comparison of all the products in the market containing almost same amount of substances and results.
  • It is specially prepared for building big and strong muscles and helps you in building muscular body.
  • What Is Glutamine?Glutamine is best in class amino acid in the body. Amino acids help in fast development of muscles tissues. It works at the time of stress and plays more important role in the body. It boosts up the tissues of the body and also be used in making sugar and amino acids.nutrition facts of On Gold Standard Whey Protiens

Checkout full range of On Gold Standard 100 Whey Proteins at

Checkout full range of Whey Protein at

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Differences between Isolates Whey Proteins and Concentrates Whey Protein

In this Blog we’ll explain the difference between Whey Concentrate Proteins and Whey Isolate Proteins. This blog will define each and every point about the Whey Proteins and helps you in choosing the best Whey Protein according to your workouts need. Whey Protein gives required amount of Proteins to your body and helps you in your workouts with boosting you up. The Whey Proteins easily get into your muscles tissues comprising other Proteins items and they don’t need full digestion and results into faster than natural Protein rich diet such as Fish, chicken etc. The proteins you get from Whey Proteins shows their result faster instead of fish, chicken etc. Whey Proteins consists of amino acids (Full spectrum of amino acids) which gets into body easily and starts works in very short time in comparison of other Proteins sources. These Proteins are also of many types such as Whey Isolates,  Whey Concentrates and Whey hydrolysates. Whey Proteins is that source of Protein which contains amino acids in a large amount which helps in growing and building tissues. It’s the fastest digestive Protein in the market.

About Whey Protein

Isolates Whey Proteins vs. concentrates Whey Proteins

Concentrates Protein vs. Isolates Protein

Concentrates Whey Protein:

  • Whey is milk product when we purify the milk Whey separated from other substance. That’s called Whey.
  • Whey comes in the form of Concentrate Whey Protein have a extremely high lactose and fat.
  •  Whey Concentrate proteins have Biological value (BV). BV used to purify the Whey Protein from this lactose and fat.
  •   BV used to purify the Whey Protein form this lactose and fat.
  •  This will give you strong muscles, recover tissues and protect body from illness.
  • Concentrates Whey Proteins

Isolates Whey Protein:

  • Isolates Protein is double purified with method name ion-exchanges or cross-flow microfiltration.
  • It comes with very low cholesterol, fat and lactose. Lactose is milk sugar.
  • Lactose is not so affected with Isolates whey Proteins.
  • Companies also prepared lactose free isolates Protein they add lactase which helps in fast digestion.
  • If you are lactose, and gastric intolerant then Isolates protein is the best choice.
  • Isolates Whey Protein

Concentrates Whey Proteins: Whey Concentrate is an excellent source of Proteins and it have  it have BV (Biological Value) which gives you all the Proteins in 1 intake which you get from whole food in whole day and also it contains very less amount of  lactose, fat but if you compare with Whey Isolates then these values of Fat and lactose will be on higher side.

Isolates Proteins: This is upper grade purification of Concentrates Proteins again used to purify with a modified method named as Ion-exchange or cross-flow microfiltration. Isolates have only pure Protein with very low carbohydrates and fat almost free from fat, carbohydrates and lactose are purified in this method. Companies are also prepared lactose free isolates Protein  and they add lactase which helps in fast digestion also and make the Isolates lactose free.

If you are lactose  and gastric intolerant then Isolates protein is the best Whey Protein and also will help you faster in growing muscles. After studying both of these(Whey Proteins) for a long I find a lots of difference in these. if you use Isolate Whey then your growth  speedy tissue recovery, and no diseases easily touched your body. Whey Isolate is More expensive than Concentrate (may it’ll cost you twice as compared to Wehy Concentrate) because of its extra purification.

chart of absorption - Copy

Whey Concentrate is also an excellent Protein source. Don’t forget it have BV which gives you all the Proteins which you get from whole food and also pure it from the lactose, fat and cholesterol. It’s single filtered so it have fat, lactose and cholesterol in some high ratio than Isolates. But finally Isolates Whey Proteins are the best for growing muscles faster and also in helping to feel boost up. In Concentrates Protein consist high amount of amino acids with fat, lactose, and cholesterol which also works fast but in comparison of Isolate its slow.

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Detail Guide on YONEX Badminton Kit Bags

Guide on YONEX Badminton Kit Bags

This guide will provide you the detail information on Yonex Badminton Kit Bags. With the help of this guide Badminton players can select the best  bag according to their need. This guide will explain you critical parameters of badminton kit bags like number of compartments, length, width, material, looks, number of straps and all the points are mentioned below.

Graph of YONEX Badminton Kit Bag

YONEX 7329 TG BT6 Lime Badminton Kit Bag

These kit bags are specially designed for advance level of badminton players.

  • Dimension of this kit bag is (LXWXH) 76cm.x34cm.x33.
  • Available in lime, black Gold, and Navy.
  • There are total five compartments, 3 main racket compartments, accessories and another of shoe.
  • In the racket compartment 3 rackets are kept in 1 packet easily.
  • There is 1 special compartment for shoes.
  • This kit bag is with both types of straps. With the shoulders straps player can easily carry this bag.


YONEX 7326 TG BT6 Black Gold Badminton Kit Bag

These kit bags are specially designed for advance level of badminton players.

  • Dimension of this kit bag is (LXWXH) 76cm.x34cm.x22cm.
  • Available in Orange color.
  • There are total four compartments, 2 main racket compartments, accessories and another of shoe. In the racket compartment 3 rackets are kept in 1 packet easily.
  • There is 1 special compartment for shoes. And for accessories.
  • This kit bag is with both types of straps. With the shoulders straps player can easily carry this bag.


YONEX 8439 TG BT6 Red Badminton Kit Bag

These kit bags are specially designed for advance level of badminton players.

  • Dimension of this kit bag is (LXWXH) 77cm.x33cm.x34.
  • Available in Red, lime, black Gold, and Navy.
  • There are total five compartments, 3 main racket compartments, accessories and another of shoe. In the racket compartment 3 rackets are kept in 1 packet easily.
  • There is 1 special compartment for shoes.
  • This kit bag is with both types of straps. With the shoulders straps player can easily carry this bag.



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