Complete Guide on cricket ball swing technique

Have you ever seen the game of cricket? Who do you think works harder a batsman or a bowler. In the game, both batsmen and bowlers have to put not only physical inputs but also are supposed to use their brains too in overshadowing the other one.  Batsmen keeps on guessing the kind of next ball bowler may bowl and likewise bowlers do.  Along with maintaining his pace, the bowler thinks of beating the batsman by adding the surprise element to his bowling spell by serving him some times bouncers, in swing, out swings, full toss, googly and many more. Players of south Asian countries are exceptional in swings, however pacers and spin bowlers- both can master in the art of swing.

The players who do it without bringing much change in their action can swing the balls both ways i.e. away and into the batsman’s pad which really troubles the batsman a lot. Believe me it gets really hard for a batsman to understand the direction balls are going to come in.  Players like Jimmy Anderson are one of the best bowlers of the world, who has bowled out batsman with his swing techniques.

For folks with little knowledge of conventional swing can always be in dilemma, however it is a mystery to tackle for proficient cricketers too. The purpose of this article is to give you in-depth knowledge of  swing and its technique along with subsiding some of the myths associated with this hard to play bowling technique of cricket.

The weapon of swing- A cricket ball 

You must have seen cricketers rubbing ball briskly on their trousers near thigh area or around their butts.  They do not do anything out of habit or style; rather they rub to make one side of ball to shine and leave the other rough.  As in the conventional swing, the shinier part of the ball moves through the air quickly and ball always moves from the rough side in the air. The bowling team should take care of the ball properly if they seriously want to shock and beat the batsman with their bowling spell.

Here are some of the tips regarding the care of ball to follow, if you want to be the undisputed expert of swing technique.

  •  If you want to have shine on ball, apply some saliva on ball with your finger tips and rub the side of the ball you want to be shiny.
  • Rub either on front side of your trouser or on the back side of  trouser.
  • Do not use nails to clean the ball. Use soft towel instead.
  • As stated earlier, try to keep ball dry as much as possible, if you want to astonish batsman with your swing.
  •  Make sure that side of the ball is shiny and rubbing is the technique to maintain shine on   the ball.


The Action

It is a general myth associated with the swing that either a ‘side-on’ or a ‘front-on’ action decides the kind of swing you are to deliver.  I am not completely declining the above statement, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to remain confine to conventional teaching only.  No, whatever may be your bowling action, either side on or front-on, you can learn to swing the ball both ways. You can see many bowlers irrespective of their bowling action, they can deliver in-swing as well as out swing with their same kind of bowling action.  Here are some of the factors that permit bowlers to deliver both in- swing and out-swing.

Gripping the Ball-

Grip is one of the key factors in deciding swing. Player should hold the ball differently for in-swing and out-swing. Let us have a look at the gripping technique in both the ways-

In-swing Grip (To a Right Handed Batsman)

  1.  While holding the ball, just make sure that the non-shining or rough side is towards your right hand side and shiny side on to your left.
  2.  It is suggested to tilt the ball to 20 degrees towards the right pointing towards fine leg after holding the ball in basic grip.

Outswing Grip (To a Right Handed Batsman)

  1.  While getting ready to bowl, hold the rough side of ball towards left hand side with the shiny side towards right.
  2. Grip the ball in the basic style and subsequently tilt the seam 20 degrees towards the left pointing towards the zone of first slip.

 It is to be noted that for an out-swing/in-swing to a left hand batsman, simply chose opposite direction of the ball in the hand.

Wrist Position & Release

Wrist position is immensely important in the case of seam bowlers and swing bowlers.  While delivering the ball, bowler should confirm to upright position of seam when it hits the pitch as it is likely to beat the batsman and send him back to dressing room. The most effectual way to confirm it is to keep the wrist completely upright and behind the ball at the time of delivery.                                                                                                                            The principle for seam and swing bowling are just the same i.e.  The wrist must be completely behind the ball at the time of delivering the ball.

Out swing

For out swing, it is suggested to hold the ball in out swing grip, run and reach the delivery strideThe bowlers generally touch the ball with their index finger to add bit momentum that causes seam to rotate in the direction of first slip that results in out swing.

In swing

Similarly, to deliver the ball near to the pad of bowler, hold the ball in in-swing grip, have your run up to your delivery stride and release the ball finally.  In an effort to deliver in-swing, use middle finger to touch and cater momentum to the ball and release close to the pad of batsman.

Having a High Arm

As per traditional and orthodox school of swing, effective way to deliver a typical swing is staying  upright and tall as your bowling arm comes over in a relatively straight line. It is called High arm too.  It means that swing will occur later and ball will have momentum while it travels through the air.

This one is for those, who can’t stand tall during their delivery stride and rotation of their bowling arm never falls in straight line behind the ball.  In this case, the ball is forced down the pitch at off-centre path to deliver conventional swing from hand in comparison to high arm bowler.

 Little about Early Swing and Late Swing

Now that we have seen the basics of swing, let me now tell you techniques to make it more effective

While seeing the match, you must have also seen that bowlers trying to move the ball late in the air.  Proficient batsman waits and do not let his eyes gets off the ball before hitting the ball.   In case of early swing, batsman learns the swing of ball easily and gives his reaction accordingly.  It is therefore easier to play early swing in comparison to late swing that astonishes the batsman lately.


Seam Position

Some schools of cricketing believe that late swing can be delivered more regularly if the ball is gripped differently from the typical out swing and in swing grips. Some bowlers do not have preference for turning the ball to the distance first slip and fine leg in the hand.  They instead prefer to use basic grip with little tilt of the seam.

Things to remember

You must have heard during the telecast of match, commentator saying that conditions are ideal for swing bowling or bowlers can turn the fate of the game after seeing the conditions.  By conditions they mean weather and length of bowling.  Yes, it is true that swing is achievable on having favourable weather and great length of ball.  You must have noticed that in any particular day ball swings more than any other day.

Similarly regarding length, bowler tries to get the batsman come forward and play on his front foot which is also an important part of swing bowling. It indicates that ball will stay in air for longer span and chances of getting player move around and come out of the crease also gets vast. In this case either you can get the players stump out or on lofty hit, batsman could be caught by fielder.

This post was penned to get you a detailed insight into the main principles that lay the foundation of swing.



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Best 10 Leather Cricket Balls

There are many different types of cricket balls , with each providing a specific boon to the players and addressing needs for various areas of cricket. Cricket balls are mostly confounded to bid the same user experience, that is the reason why we have written this blog to help our passionate players elect which ball is the best suitable for their needs.

When you are purchasing a cricket ball, the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is what they are going to be used for- recreational cricket, league matches, or training. If you are going for a competitive cricket within leagues, then you would be given minutes of the ball that you would use by the league’s governing body.

Cricket committee makes a decision on the ball which would be used based on sponsorship, choosing one national supplier who would be casted for the chance. The ball that they select is mostly not the most efficacious as per the given standard of cricket, with some of the disadvantages like reduced shape retention. The snag of this consensus between the league and the supplier is that the profit is mostly shared, which means that the selected ball can usually be more beneficial in terms of revenue as averse to quality and practicality.

Here is a list of best 10 cricket ball brands currently in the market:

1)      Kookaburra Pace-



It is one of the premium balls from the world’s number one ball manufacturer. Kookaburra Pace ball is hand stitched 4 piece construction ball. It has a 3 layer quilted centre plus the best thing about it is that it has Grad 2 alum tanned steer hide cover. This ball is waterproof which means that it can be used when it is raining or there is a lot of mist in the field as it can bear the toughest conditions. It also has air dried core along with the layer encased with best quality cork wound with 100% wool.

The quality of the ball is superb and it is the dream of most of the players as it is one of the most renowned balls and used by many cricketers. It mostly comes in two colours- red and white, but usually red attracts most of the players and is mostly in demand. The weight of the ball is 156g and 142g.

Explore more:

2)      SG Tournament-



It is a superior quality four piece ball designed from best quality alum tanned leather, selected from top grade hide. This ball is also waterproof and resistant to all types of weather. It also includes a naturally seasoned inner core. This ball has excellent shape retention and good abrasion resistance. It has a premium quality center constructed with layers of Portuguese cork.

This ball comes in red colour and still is always in the interest of the ambitious players. The kind of stitching that is done on this ball makes it more durable, and gives it more bounce and swing. The weight of a single ball is around 156-160g.

Explore more:

3)      Kookaburra Super Test-



Kookaburra is a renowned brand which is endorsed with faith by many world-class sports players. This ball is specifically used for all types of competitive cricket throughout the world. This ball also has a great quality hand stitched four-piece construction along with 4 layers quilted centre. It has been waxed and finished in such a manner that it can be used in all kinds of tough conditions. Like other Kookaburra premium balls, this ball also has a Grade 1 alum tanned steer hide cover.

This brand is devoted in providing players with different products and strives to provide excellence in their field. It is usually apt for tournament level players and advanced players. This ball is water resistant which means that a Dewey pitch would not cause damage to it. This ball comes in a red colour and has a weight of around 142-156 g.

Explore more:

4)      Thrax Test-



This ball is made from the best quality leather and a lot of hand skill is used to give it a perfect shape. While manufacturing this ball, all the details are taken care of whether it is cutting of leather, seasoning of leather, cork ball assembly, pressing, final stitching, final packing, and dispatching of the ball. Every minute of the ball is taken care of while making Thrax Test Cricket ball to outlast the performance of the players. It is a four piece cricket ball made by a durable thread and high-quality material.

The construction of the ball is done in such a way that it gives a long-lasting performance, plus its swing and spin will help the bowler to dominate the game. This ball comes in red colour because red colour gives better visibility to the players in day matches. It is specially made for professional and ambitious players whose aim is to thrive for heights in this game.

Explore more:

5)      SS County Alum Tanned-



This ball offered by SS Brand is very well stitched and meets the international standards. It is 5 and a half ounce ball made for both seniors and adults. The material that is used to construct this ball is of superior quality which makes it highly resistant and durable for many adverse conditions. It is a hand-made ball with superior alum tanned and a very thick seam, making this ball very comfortable for a player.

The ball is known for its swing and seam because of its shape. It is finished with wax and smear dipped for waterproofing against the aspects. The weight of the ball is around 900-1000 g. It has 80 plus stitches and a multilayer cook with wool.

Explore more:

6)      SG Club-



SG is known as one of one of the leading brands in the market which provides a wide range of cricket balls amongst which SG Club leather cricket ball is the best. This ball has good quality construction of center wrapped with layers of premium quality. For cricket enthusiasts, it is the most sought after leather cricket ball.

Flaunting red colour makes it more appealing. Its waterproof feature makes it perfect to play in both club and school tournaments. A proof to its durability also can be seen through its naturally seasoned inner core by making it a long-lasting cricket ball, which attracts cricketers to select this ball over other leather balls. Each SG Club cricket ball is constructed by bringing together four quarters balls, made from superior quality alum tanned leather.

Explore more:

7)      SS Club-



This is one of the best balls for playing on a hard surface as it gives a really good bounce. It is made carefully from rubber and granulated cork with alum and tanned leather. This Leather ball has features of robust construction and better grip. It has been made from superfine leather to make the play perfect. It specifically focuses on the need of a bowler so that it provides all the required features to make it lightweight and comfortable while playing.

The weight of the ball is around 156 g. The colour that it comes in is bright maroon which looks superb and fascinates players to buy it. The reason why people want to opt for this ball is mainly the weight and its durability at very reasonable prices.

Explore more:

8)      AJ Tournament-



This ball is specifically made for all matches playing level. The inner core of this leather ball is dried with air flow which makes the core hard of it and improves the durability of the ball. It has an excellent seam and shape retention. It has one of the finest qualities of English grade balls and comes at an affordable price for everyone with no sacrifice in performance.

The weight of the ball is around 156-162 g. It is an ideal ball for club cricketers and has hand stitched seam with alum tanned leather. The manufacturers focus on delivering high quality and reliable cricket products with dimensions of international standards.

Explore more:

9)      SF Test International-



This ball is made with an Australian Alum Tanned Leather, along with 3 layers quilted center covered with good linen machine stitching P.U. finish. It is a waterproof ball so that the players can even play when there is a lot of moisture in the ground. This ball is covered with a fine line stitching which makes it more robust.

The ball’s weight is around 150-160 g. It is a 4 piece constructed ball along with one of the finest inner core. The ball is designed after thorough research, development and feedback which takes a lot of time and money .All this is done so that the brand can make the ball more innovative and high quality.

Explore more:

10)  BDM Bullet-



The brand manufactures products of highest standard which combines technology, insight, knowledge and tradition. This ball leads the market in all types of cricket tournaments. The ball is made of high-quality material and it is the best value for money. It is also designed using waterproof compressed leather. The Ball is made up by a semi-automated machine by putting a uniform pressure from all sides for cup cutting to avert the Cricket ball from de shaping and give perfect circumference.

It comes in red colour only, but is very eye catching and stylish. This ball is for both juniors and seniors. The weight of the ball is around 145-165 g. It is suitable for all the bases whether it is hard, wet, grass, cemented or mat.

Explore more:

Comparison of Best 10 Cricket Balls Based on Ball Shape Retention Ability:





Comparison of Best 10 Cricket Balls Based on Durability:




Comparison of Best 10 Cricket Balls Based on Leather and Stitching Quality:




Concluding lines:

These were the best cricket balls for 2019 as per the reviews and feedback of the players, but it depends completely on you which ball suits your need according to the size, colour, durability, value for money and comfort. Choose the best and leave the rest!

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Yonex Astrox Shadow Models series for Advance Badminton players

Yonex Astrox 99 is top line racket in Astrox Series Which is Endorsed by Kento Momota. This racket is known for its powerful smash power, deceptive skills and incredible control on shots.

Astrox 99 is costly racket (Khelmart Price Rs 12000.0) while its looks and features attract many players to have it in kit bag. Not every player can afford the Astrox 99, similarly, Yonex Astrox 88s and Astrox 88d are costly racket developed for skillful and dominative game type. These are Top Line Yonex Rackets and all most all emerging players (who want to improve badminton skills) love to play with Higher End Astrox Series but budget is the main concern as these rackets are very expensive.

To make these rackets available for advance players with optimum price range, Yonex introduces Astrox Shadow Racket Series with following options:

(1)    Yonex Astrox 38s

(2)    Yonex Astrox 38d

(3)    Yonex Astrox 39

(4)    Yonex Astrox 68s

(5)    Yonex Astrox 68d

(6)    Yonex Astrox 69

Yonex launched 6 new Astrox series rackets with similar graphics to Yonex Astrox 99, Astrox 88s and Astrox 88d.

These new rackets are shadow models on Higher End Rackets with Following Key Benefits:

  • These rackets are developed by Yonex Japan while manufactured at Yonex – China or Yonex Taiwan. So enjoy the result of Japanese R & D.
  • Astrox series rackets are developed with Stiff shaft and apart from 38S, all other rackets are head heavy configurations, player will feel immense power on shots and better control
  • Astrox shadow models are developed with HM graphite and Nanomesh material
  • These rackets are suitable for different playing style as per individual playing style.



About Yonex Astrox Series:
Yonex Astrox series is developed with rotation generation system which includes the counter weight balance theory to adjust the weight towards head and grip side of the racket. This concept helps in proper weight distribution towards head and grip side of the racket for optimize racket performance. With rotation generation system, player can hit steep angle shots.

Further, with this concept as the frame rotation speed is optimized so player will get smooth transfer to energy for next shot or player will be ready quickly for next shot. This helps in better counter attack or making fast drive shots.

Along with Rotational generation system, these Astrox series rackets are developed with Yonex flagship technologies like solid feel core, Aero and Box frame, control support cap , isometric and many more.

Astrox series rackets are little head heavy to head heavy configuration rackets with exceptional shot control ability, so player will get both the attacking playing style and control play game.



Details of different Yonex Astrox shadow models:

Yonex Astrox 68D:



Yonex Astrox 68D is manufactured as an Astrox 88D variant and have similar graphics, frame cross section and overall cosmetics like Astrox 88D. So player who cannot afford the Astrox 88D can go for Astrox 68D rackets. This will give the feel on higher end Astrox 88d.

Its weight is around 83 grams which is lightweight racket with stiff shaft. Stiff shaft helps in generating quick repulsion and fast response to opponent’s shots. A stiff shaft characteristic also ensures the accurate shuttle placement and sharp cross corner shots.

Checkout the price here

Yonex Astrox 68S:



Players with extraordinary skillful badminton game require a racket with unique combination of racket characteristics which includes fast racket handling and powerful smashes. For players looking for extraordinary speed and control Yonex launched its new Astrox series racket which is Astrox 68S.

Yonex developed this racket with Nanomesh material, Nanomesh is new generation material with spring back action. By using Nanomesh material in shaft, additional spring back characteristics of shaft are achieved results into power enhancement.

Checkout the price here

Yonex Astrox 69:



Yonex Astrox 69 is new Astrox series racket with rotation generation system offers best power and rotational frame speed for better swing speed and steep angle of attack.

Yonex developed this racket with Nanomesh material, Nanomesh is new generation material with spring back action. By using Nanomesh material in shaft, additional spring back characteristics of shaft are achieved results into power enhancement.

Checkout the price here

Yonex Astrox 38S:



Racket weight is 83 gms and it is even balance configuration with stiff shaft. Even Balance and stiff shaft is design to provide player a new level of racket feel with more speed and great control.

This Badminton racket is developed for advance badminton player who love to play accurate and fast shots with pin point accuracy empowered by great racket control.

Player who cannot afford expensive Astrox 88s can go for Astrox 38s as it is developed on same platform with similar graphics and racket characteristics.

Checkout the price here

Yonex Astrox 38D:



Yonex Astrox 38D is new Astrox series racket with rotation generation system offers best power and rotational frame speed for better swing speed and steep angle of attack. With having superior racket characteristics, player feels confidence against the opponent and utilizes attacking skills in order to win the game.

Yonex developed this racket with Nanomesh material, Nanomesh is new generation material with spring back action. By using Nanomesh material in shaft, additional spring back characteristics of shaft are achieved results into power enhancement.

Racket weight is 83g while it is developed with stiff shaft configuration suitable for skillful game (Stiff shaft is always useful for getting better control on shots).

Checkout the price here

Yonex Astrox 39:



Yonex Astrox 39 is latest launched by Yonex for skillful player love to utilize attacking playing skills while focus on sharp angle of attack and wants to enhance the counter attack game.

Developed with improved rotational generation system, this racket utilizes the counter weight balance theory which offers better head speed, better angle of attack and effective control on shuttle.

Yonex Astrox 39 is developed on similar platform (Same Frame design, graphics, and shaft characteristics) like Astrox 99 however shaft of Astrox 99 is 7mm diameter with additional material like Namd.

Checkout the price here

What are the Key features in these rackets?

  • Astrox 68s, 68d and 69 rackets are developed in Japan while manufactured at Taiwan. So players who want Taiwan manufactured rackets will love to player with this series.
  • Astrox 38s, 38d and 39 are developed by Yonex Japan while it is manufactured at China.
  • These are shadow models of Yonex Astrox 99, Astrox 88d and 88d.
  • Out of 6 rackets, 5 rackets are head heavy while only Astrox 38s is head light racket.
  • Frame of these rackets are made of HM graphite while shaft is made of HM graphite and Nanomesh (Shaft of Astrox 99 is developed with Namd ).
  • All 6 rackets are developed with stiff shaft.
  • Player can use Max string tension upto 28 lbs.
  • Shaft of 68s, 68d and 69 is 7.1 mm diameter while shaft of 38s, 38d and 39 is 7.2 diameters.
  • These rackets are developed for targeting different types of players. .i.e. Astrox 68s and 38s are developed for skillful game mostly for that player who loves more control and fast racket handling. While Astrox 68d and 38d are developed for attacking game style.


Checkout the other Yonex Astrox Series Rackets here 

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Checkout the blog on Comparison of Astrox 88 S VS Astrox 88 D Badminton Rackets 


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Useful Guide on Best Cricket Helmets Ever

About Cricket Helmet:

Cricket helmet is most important protection device used in the game of Cricket. If player is playing without helmet (or helmet with non protective features) than it could lead to serious injuries. After all, we cannot forget the Phil Hughes.

After Phil Hughes incident, ICC further standardised the norm for cricket helmets:

Following are the key observation of ICC rules for Cricket Helmets:



  • As per ICC rule, it is mandatory to wear helmet and helmet should manufactured as per new British Standard (BSI) – BS7928:2013.
  • As per New BSI BS7928:2013 , Helmet should pass the facial contact projectile test. In facial contact projectile test, it standardised the faceguard so that ball cannot penetrate it.
  • There is strict head protection test in which it should test separately with cricket ball (a five-and-a-half ounce ball and a four-and-three-quarter ounce ball, respectively)
  • Following are the List of companies who already compliance with British Standard (BSi) – BS7928:2013 (Ayrtek ,Dukes,Ganador, Gray-Nicolls,Gunn & Moore,Incredible Cricket Company,Kookaburra,Masuri,Buffalo Sports,MRP ,Stanford Cricket Industries Sports,Protech,Shrey,Reader ,RAM ,Slazenger,Yonker)

Now while we understand the international safety standard for cricket helmet, it is good to know about the important point which you need to know before you select cricket helmet.

  • Check your playing level: Based on your playing level, you can select the cricket helmet. A entry level player don’t required costly cricket helmets:
  • Helmet should be lightweight in nature. Lightweight helmet give player ability to quickly move his/her head against bouncy cricket ball.
  • Helmet inner surface should be soft enough to handle the impact load so that player confidence faces the fast bowling attack.
  • Helmet out shell should be made of lightweight and strong material which can sustain high speed ball impact.
  • Normally Helmet grills are made of stainless steel or titanium material grills. Titanium grills helmets provide better strength and long lasting performance to players.
  • Cricket Helmet strap should made of good material with proper lock mechanism.
  • For irregular head size, player should select helmet with adjustable lock system.CRICKET_HELMETS_SAFETY_NORMS


So, while we understand about Cricket helmets, it is equally important to understand the best cricket helmets available in the market.

Here is the list of best cricket helmet which players can consider while they shop cricket helmets online.

List of Best Cricket Helmets



#1 Masuri Vision Series Elite:

Masuri Vision series helmets are developed with Halo Reinforcement System. HRS is the latest reinforcement system developed by Masuri for its vision series. HRS system is basically extra reinforcement ribs inside the molding composite. With HRS system in place, Batsman can confidently play against fast bowling attack (90MPH)

Masuri Vision Elite helmet is developed with finest design Airflow System. Air flow system is small air vent which is placed inside the helmet for proper air ventilation.

#2 Masuri Vision Series Test:

Masuri Vision test helmet is pro level helmet with latest helmet technology used by Masuri.

Vision test helmet is developed with ultra light composite material which is ultra lightweight in nature and provides better protection and impact resistance strength.

To improve the airflow inside the helmet, Masuri Vision test is developed with advance air vents which gives better air circulation

To improve the overall strength of the molding, double shell concept is used.


#3 Masuri Legacy:

Masuri legacy is developed with composite material which is considered as strong material and gives confidence to cricket players to handle the fast bowling attack.

To provide better comfort and shock absorbing ability, Masuri used high cushion pads which are placed at internal surface to cell.

Its outer cell is made by advance molding technique which gives ergo shape for cricket helmet. Masuri legacy cricket helmet is made of fixed steel grill which is developed with unique shape and design. Steel grills provide better strength and clear vision to player.


#4 Shrey Master Class Air:

Shrey is world leader in producing the cricket helmets, Shrey cricket helmets are used by lots of international cricket players. You can identify them by checking the Shrey logo on backside of the helmet.

Shrey Master Class Air Helmet is developed with lightweight material which gives helmet with the weight only 920 Gms. With this weight, it is unique helmet with all new safety features.

#5 Shrey Pro Guard:

This Shrey Cricket Helmet is equipped with better cushioning pads at back side so that player can get better comfort. New and scientifically designed front grill offer better safety and vision to players.

To improve the overall airflow system within the helmet, Shrey Cricket used advance air circulation system which provides better ventilation. Shrey Pro Guard is most popular cricket helmet among the cricket players due to its low cost, light weight nature and innovative, new features.

Shrey Cricket used three layer of composite fiber material for making This High Quality Cricket Helmet. Composite material is lightweight in nature while its durable and tough enough to handle the fast bowling attack.


#6 MoonWallkr Mind:

Moonwalkr Mind is Worlds 1st helmet with extended lower head protection, This type of configuration don’t require the stem guard required. This reduces the overall weight and improves the protection of helmet.

This MOONWALKR CRICKET HELMET front side the designed with lots of research and tried many combinations to offer best shape which give clear vision without compromising the safety.

MOONWALKR MIND HELMET is developed with 30 air vents which give best air ventilation within the helmet so that player can play long cricket inning without sweat.

#7 Kookabura Pro 700:

Kookaburra Pro 700 helmet is developed with comfort fit concept in which two sizes can be accommodated in single helmet type. Comfort fit concept also provide better fitting and comfort to player with close fitting concept.

Further to improve the overall better helmet experience, Kookaburra used KCS dial. KCS dial allow players to easily adjust the helmet for better fitting. It always recommended having better fitting as better fit helmet offer better vision and protection to players.

Airflow vent are position inside and outside the helmet so that proper air flow can be achieved. This proper airflow helps in better ventilation eventually results into better freshness in helmet.

This Kookaburra Cricket helmet is developed with ABS protection system which provides lightweight cricket helmet feel along with best in class safety features.


#8 Albion Cricket Helmet:

This Alboin Cricket Helmet is manufactured polypropylene based material which gives durable inner shell for better strength and life to helmet. Further, Alboin used Quick Fit concept in this helmet. Quick fit concept helps in better fit and comfort to players.

Lock system is important part of cricket helmet, Alboin used quick release system in this helmet which offer easy release but secure lock system.

To absorb the shocks, Alboin used Foam insert technology in which high density and high residence foam is used inside the shell. This new technology helps in absorbing the shock and offers better comfort to player.

Checkout the Masuri Cricket Helmets

Checkout the Shrey Cricket Helmets


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Yonex introduces the latest light weight with True cushion technology Badminton Shoes for intermediate badminton players.


Yonex Super ACe V will provide following key benefits to badminton players:



  1. Competitive price range for good quality badminton shoes with Yonex Brand

  2. This shoe is developed with true cushion technology which deliver better shock absorbing ability which eventually results into better confort

  3. With True shape Technology , player will get better fitting and better shoe life.

  4. Shoe is made of non marking sole with proper gripping patterns so that player will get effective traction force.

  5. Traction force helps in better court covering.


Check out the Blog on Comprehensive-Guide-on-Badminton-Shoes-Selection-Updated-Guide


Checkout the Blog on All-about-Yonex-Power-Cushion-Badminton-Shoes-2018


These badminton shoes are made of latest technology , following are the details of the technology used for making the badminton shoes:


Yonex True Cushion Technology:

In this technology , Yonex used specially designed Eva material with 2 layer concept. 2 Layer Eva sheet offers better comfort and better shock absorbing ability. Following are the key benefits of True cushion technology:

  1. This badminton shoe technology provide maximum shock absorbing ability to players.

  2. Easy and quick compression recovery on impact.

  3. True cushion technology in made of high resilience which ensure to retain its original shape after impact load.


Following are the color variant in Super Ace V badminton shoes:

Super Ace V comes in 4 different color variants.

1st Color Variant – Yellow and Blue:

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Yellow and Blue_1

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Yellow and Blue_1

First and most attractive color variant is yellow and blue. This color variant looks very vibrant and offers attractive look. Its base color is yellow while on top of that Blue color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.

2nd Color Variant –White and Blue:

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes White and Blue_2

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes White and Blue_2

Second variant base color is white while on top of that blue color Yonex Logo color is yellow.

3rd Color Variant – Grey and Lime Green:

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Grey and Lime Green_3

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Grey and Lime Green_3

Third variant base color is Grey while on top of that Lime Green color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.

4th Color Variant Black and Orange:

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Black and Orange_4

Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Black and Orange_4

Forth variant base color is Black while on top of that Orange color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.


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Latest Li Ning Badminton Rackets in Sept 2018 – Super Force and Hi Power Series

Li Ning  launched two brand new series for beginner to advance badminton players. These series are latest in Li Ning catalogue  and offer best performance to players. These brand new LI Ning Badminton rackets are equipped with latest and innovative racket technologies.

These Latest Badminton Rackets  are equipped with technologies like High tensile slim shaft, dynamic optimum frame, Ultra carbon material and many more.

Check out the Details of Li Ning US Series:

Checkout the Technologies in LI Ning Badminton Racket 

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Badminton player will get following key benefits from it:

  • These rackets are made from high grade material which offers better performance.
  • Hi Power series rackets are made from Graphiteand aluminum so these are developed for beginners
  • Super Force series is developed with ultra carbon material which delivery better performance and developed for intermediate to advance players.
  • Hi Power series provide better frame rigidity and optimum weight distribution.
  • Super force series is light weight in nature while its frame is made from High grade material which provide ability to sustain higher string tension:

In this Bog we shall explain the two different series launched by Li Ning:

LI Ning Super Force Series for Intermediate Payers:


  • Li Ning super force series is basically developed for intermediate to advance players.
  • Super force series is developed on dynamic optimum frame concept in which sweet spot of racket kept little upwards as compare to normal racket. This helps in better and enlarges sweet spot. Big sweet spot always helps in powerful shots.
  • To improve the overall aero dynamics of the frame, Li Ning used the aero dynamic frame known as aerotec Beam system. In Aerotec beam system, cross section of frame is designed is such a way so that frame feel minimum air resistance. With minimum air resistance, overall swing speed of frame is improved which results into fast racket handling.
  • With fast racket handling, player can perform better drive shots and quickly response to opponent shots. We all know that in badminton game speed is the key of success.
  • Li Ning used high tensile slim shaft for making the super force series. In this .7 mm top slim shaft design provide better strength and flexibility to shaft. Better, durable and flexible shaft transfer the maximum power to shuttlecock.
  • Slim shaft also offer improved aerodynamics characteristics to players. With better aerodynamic of shaft, player can easily maneuver the racket and get added advantage.
  • To improve the overall racket characteristics, Li Ning used ultra carbon material in frame and shaft.
  • By adding ultra carbon material racket frame and shaft, racket overall performance improved significantly.
  • With ultra carbon, racket rigidity, torsion strength bending strength improved which results into better playing characteristics.


LI Ning HI Power Series for Beginners:


  • Li Ning Hi Power series is developed for beginner level of players.
  • It is mid weight racket series with weight of the rackets around 93 gms.
  • Frame of Hi power series is made of Aluminum while its shaft is made of tempered steel.
  • With the combination of Graphite and allow aluminum, Hi power series is equipped with all the necessary features and technologies required for beginner level of game play.
  • Hi Power series will provide better aerodynamics , better swing and since it is mid weight racket so it will offer plenty of power on strokes
  • Player with all round type of playing skills will defiantly like this racket.


Different Rackets in Li Ning Super Force Series:

LI Ning Super Force 82:

Weight: 82 Gms

Flexibility: Medium

Grip Size: S1

Strung Tension : 28 lbs

Full High Carbon Graphite Lining Badminton Racket

Aerotec Beam System

Dynamic Optimum Frame | Extra Smash Power


LI Ning Super Force 83:

Weight: 83 Gms

Flexibility: Medium

Grip Size: S1

Strung Tension : 28 lbs

Full High Carbon Graphite Lining Badminton Racket

Aerotec Beam System

Dynamic Optimum Frame | Extra Smash Power

LI Ning Super Force 84:

Weight: 84 Gms

Flexibility: Medium

Grip Size: S1

Strung Tension : 28 lbs

Full High Carbon Graphite Lining Badminton Racket

Aerotec Beam System

Dynamic Optimum Frame | Extra Smash Power

LI Ning Super Force 85:

Weight: 85 Gms

Flexibility: Medium

Grip Size: S1

Strung Tension : 28 lbs

Full High Carbon Graphite Lining Badminton Racket

Aerotec Beam System

Dynamic Optimum Frame | Extra Smash Power

Different Rackets in Li Ning HI Power Series:

LI Ning HI Power X3:

Frame Material: Aluminum Allow

Shaft Material: Graphite Shaft

Weight: 93 Gms

Mid Racket suitable for all round type of players


LI Ning HI Power X5:

Frame Material: Aluminum Allow

Shaft Material: Graphite Shaft

Weight: 93 Gms

Mid Racket suitable for all round type of players

LI Ning HI Power X7:

Frame Material: Aluminum Allow

Shaft Material: Graphite Shaft

Weight: 93 Gms

Mid Racket suitable for all round type of players

LI Ning HI Power X9:

Frame Material: Aluminum Allow

Shaft Material: Graphite Shaft

Weight: 93 Gms

Mid Racket suitable for all round type of players


LI_NING_Badminton_racket_tchnology LI_NING_Badminton_racket_tchnology_new

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Yonex Duora 10 Vs Z Force 2- Comparison by Khelmart

About Comparison:

Voltic Z Force 2  and Yonex Duora 10 both are top line rackets from Yonex brand. International players like Lee Chong wei and victor Alexon used these rackets.

While VT Z force 2 is one of the deadliest rackets for attacker at same time, Duora 10 is already considered first choice for many international players.

In Blog, we are comparing two best in class Yonex professional badminton rackets. Vt zF 2 is all time hit model while Duora 10 is equipped with one of the finest technology ever used by Yonex in rackets.


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Comparison Between Yonex Duora 10 Vs Duora Z Strike in Year 2018

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Comparing Methodology:

For comparing the two rackets we are using the testing of racket on court to check following critical parameters:

Racket Power and Hitting Time, Defense and Net Area!

We have done a detail testing of both the rackets to come up with final comparison results. We also used higher end graphics to display the review results so that player can easily identify the difference in two.

Comparison of Two rackets for Power & Hitting Time


Power of Duora 10:

We have test the 3U racket of Duora 10 which is approximately 89 gms. We used BG 65 Ti string with 26 lbs. As we know that Duora 10 is developed with two cross sections (1) with Aero Type section for speedy racket handling, this side is suitable for backhands. (2) Box type frame which is suitable for powerful shots or smashes.

We used the Box type frame section for hitting the smashes and 3rd line clear. Performance from 3Rd line is good and smashes got power. But it is very strange, even if you tried the Forehand side ,it will generate the sufficient power .


Overall, Duora 10 generates good power from 3rd line and better smash power. Both the fame sides are good for taking the smashes

Power of Z Force 2:

Z Force 2 is equipped with improved Aerodynamics frame. It is head shape is unique and smaller as compare to other Yonex Rackets which helps in offering better power on shots. Yonex used thinnest shaft which further improve the swing speed of the racket.

The combination of thinnest shaft and smaller head provides better power on shots and easy clear.


Z Force 2 is known for its pure power. Ultra slim shaft and compact frame helps in getting best power on smash. If you compare to two rackets than Vt Z Force 2 is absolutely clear winner as far as power in concern.

Comparison of Two rackets on Net area:

Duora 10:

If you use fast side of the frame then player will get better and fast swing speed and its head light configuration helps in precise control. On Net Area , Duora 10 provide better control and accurate shot while you play cut shots and fast drive shots.

Z Force 2:

If you play single game than you can easily play cuts and drive shots with more accuracy but if you are a doubles player then you may feel some sluggishness in responding to net area. It is a head heavy racket with extraordinary power on hand.

This unique capability makes this racket suitable for a different shuttle game.


For doubles game , If you use Duora 10 with fast side than it will better than Z Force 2 while for single game you won’t find much difference on net area.



Comparison of Two rackets for defense:

Defense of Duora 10:

On defense, Duora 10 performs better. Player will get fast reflection which helps in quickly position the racket for next shots.

Duora 10 provides better control on shots and very fast racket response. Player can very quickly return the drove shots or smash shots it will allow you to quickly adjust the shots.

Overall, Duora 10 is very good on defense and helps in better and fast return.


Defense of Voltric Z Force 2:

Voltric Z Force 2 Is a head heavy racket, however, Yonex used tri voltage system which helps in maintaining the swing speed of racket head.

If you play single game than, with Voltric z force, player can easily respond to the opponents shots. It will provide fast reflex which helps in position racket for opponent shots.

If you compare it with Duora 10, than player will feel some sluggishness.


As we explained earlier, Z Force 2 is totally different racket which required a difference skillet to handle it. Professional player used to do lots of practice on net are and mid court to improve the defense to meet up the requirement of Z Force 2.

On defense, Duora 10 will provide you some added advantage over the Z Force 2. Duora 10 is slightly head light racket which helps in moving racket fast in air.


About Voltric Z Force 2:

Voltric Z Force 2 is Next Gen racket from Yonex brand. It is a Voltric series badminton racket which provides incredible power to badminton players to dominate on opponent.

This Voltric series badminton racket is developed with ultra thin shaft which is extra stiff in nature. Due to extra stiff shaft and ultra dynamic head shape, player will get powerful smashes and easy 3rd line clear.  Ultra slim provide optimum flex while extra stiff nature offers exception control on shots.

Yonex VT Z Force II provides 6.2km/h more End shuttle speed as compare to tradition Z Force. With Z Force II, player will get 10 km/hr additional initial speed.

To increase the head speed, Yonex used compact frame technology which helps in better swing speed of frame.

To improve the racket head speed and to improve the overall racket aerodynamics, Yonex used all new racket grommets design. With new design, now grommets are kept inside the frame which results into better racket aerodynamic and helps in extra racket head speed.


About Duora 10:

Duora 10 is equipped with Dual optimum frame technology in which YONEX putted 2 types of frame sections design into single frame constriction.

Front side of the frame is designed with box section frame while backside of frame is designed with aero frame. This type of configuration gives two sections into single frame construction. Box section is designed with new material Nanometric Dr while aero section is designed with NI-TI fiber material. Both the Material together gives new and revolution frame designed which gives following benefits to badminton players.

Forehand side of frame is designed with Box type section and equipped with Nanometric DR Material which gives shuttle hold time 3%. Due to this player place the shuttle with more power and superb control.

Backhand side of frame is designed with aero type section and equipped with NI-TI fiber which gives repulsion 9%. Due to this player gets stiffer racket which results into quick racket repulsion

Overall the Duora 10 , all new type of racket with innovative feature and technology.


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Play with MS Doni Bat, Roar like A Lion

This Blog we shall explain the batting style and Bat used by MS Dhoni. In Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni established him as wicket keeper and quality batsman for middle order.

MS Dhoni is also kwon for his cool batting style and ability to take quick decisions.

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About MS Dhoni Batting Style:


Dhoni used unorthodox playing style which looks very unique and technically unusual. Dhoni plays cricket shots in his own style which is sometime not mentioned on cricket manual.

Dhoni Used Power on Shots:



The power on shot is the key of Dhoni batting style. To make hits, Dhoni use power on shots with little timings. It is a unique playing style. With powerful bottom hand, Dhoni generate massive power on shots to clear the boundary.

Ability to Hit Sixes in Yorker Ball:                                                                               

It is only Dhoni who can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball. Due to massive power on shots, Dhoni can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball.  Dhoni use a unique angle of attack for Yorker cricket ball by which he gets better rate of bat swing and perfect position to hit the six of Yorker ball. Who can forget the six hit by Dhoni in world cup match.

Big Sixes with Effortless Hitting:



Hitting sixes needs lots of power, timing and perfect position. When Dhoni hits sixes it looks effortless because of extra power putted on shots. Dhoni Unique playing style helps in generating more swing and power on shots.

Unconventional shots – Unique Playing Style:



Dhoni use minimum footwork to reach the ball, this makes his playing style so unique and different. Shots make by Dhoni is unique and you won’t be able to find those shot on cricket manuals.

What is special on Dhoni Cricket Bat?

Low to Mid Sweet Spot:

Bat used by Dhoni is specially designed by bat makers. Right now he is using the Spartan MS Dhoni Bat which is very popular model among the players. Bat is customized as per the modern day game need and Unconventional playing style of Dhoni.



Maximum Power and Better Swing Speed:

MSD Dhoni bat is developed with unique spine shape which generates



maximum power and swing speed so that player can hit the big shots even if ball hits off center.


Large Sweet Spot:

Dhoni used bat with large sweet spot so that better power can be obtained from cricket bat. With Massive sweet spot, player will get better ping and shots making ability.

Checkout the Spartan Official Site

Checkout the Full range of Spartan Bats @khelmart

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Latest 2018 Li Ning Badminton shoes- New Design

With growing Indian badminton market requirements of badminton equipments are also growing day by day. Lots of new players are coming in the market with innovative ideas and technologies.

While already established players Like Li Ning and Yonex are continuously doing technological advancement to provide best cricket equipment to players.

Li Ning recently launched the new badminton shoes for year 2018:


These shoes are equipped with latest technology and provide following key benefits to players:

  • Wide last concept for better fitting and better comfort
  • Best material for upper , Flyknit and microfiber for better durability and fitting
  • Super Cushion technology for better cushion , comfort and durability
  • Highly responsive Eva Mid sole for better energy management
  • Breathable mesh for better Air circulation
  • Optimum shape outsole for better traction force
  • Scientifically design shape for better look
  • Latest graphics and color combination

These Li Ning Badminton shoes are developed for intermediate to advance badminton players. With these shoes player will get better comfort, feel and energy to play long rallies without fatigue.

Here we are listing the Li Ning Latest 2018 Badminton Shoes:

Model : 1

LiNing Alpha Badminton Shoes:


This models in available in 3 different variants (All three variants are available on

LI Ning launched latest design shoes in 2018. Li Ning Alpha is a non-marking badminton shoe which is good for advanced players. It is made with cushion technology.

This lightweight badminton shoe provides you better comfort.

Shoe technology and its material will definitely improve the player performance and with Li Ning brand, player can be assured on its durability.

Its upper is made of microfiber and 100% PU material along with durable mesh. The combination of PU and microfiber offers better strength to shoe.

Shoe upper material is PU and advance mesh is provide for proper air circulation for better feel and comfort during long game play.

Midsole are made of pylon which is a very good shock absorbing material and EVA Sole Board for extra Cushioning. LiNing ALPHA shoes Insole part is Highly Flexible.

•             Perfect Fit Upper

•             Energy Returning Mid

•             MaxGrip Sole

•             TPU Insert in Sole

•             Cushion in the main areas to absorb shocks

•             Rubber material is Anti Slip

•             High Quality Synthetic Leather

•             Wider Last for Asian Feet

Model : 2

LiNing Ion II Super Light Badminton Shoes:


This models in available in 2 different variants (All two variants are available on

Li Ning ION II SUPER LIGHT badminton shoes is latest model launched by LI Ning in Year 2018.

This lightweight badminton shoe provides you better comfort.

It has Improved sole for better grip and traction force.

Shoe technology and its material will definitely improve the player performance and with Li Ning brand, player can be assured on its durability.

Its upper is made of microfiber and 100% PU material along with durable mesh. The combination of PU and microfiber offers better strength to shoe.

Shoe upper material is Microfiber + Fly knitting + PU + Mesh is provide for proper air circulation for better feel and comfort during long game play.

Shoe OutSole material is Rubber + Phylon Midsole is provide better comfort.

Midsole are made of pylon which is a very good shock absorbing material and EVA Sole Board for extra Cushioning.

Model : 3

LiNing Vibe Badminton Shoes:


Li Ning VIBE badminton shoes is latest model launched by LI Ning in Year 2018.

It is a non-marking badminton shoe which is good for advanced players. It is made with cushion technology.

This lightweight badminton shoe provides you better comfort.

This variant in available in black base color while on top of that Lime color graphics give a different look to shoes.

Shoe upper material is PU and advance mesh is provide for proper air circulation for better feel and comfort during long game play. s

Midsole are made of pylon which is a very good shock absorbing material and EVA Sole Board for extra Cushioning. LiNing VIBE shoes Insole part is Highly Flexible.

Model : 4

LiNing Jetta Badminton Shoes:


Li Ning JETTA badminton shoes is latest model launched by LI Ning in Year 2018.

It is a non-marking badminton shoe which is good for advanced players. It is made with cushion technology.

This lightweight badminton shoe provides you better comfort.

Shoe technology and its material will definitely improve the player performance and with Li Ning brand, player can be assured on its durability.

Its upper is made of microfiber and 100% PU material along with durable mesh. The combination of PU and microfiber offers better strength to shoe.

This variant in available in blue base color while on top of that Lime color graphics give a different look to shoes.

Shoe upper material is PU and advance mesh is provide for proper air circulation for better feel and comfort during long game play.

Midsole are made of pylon which is a very good shock absorbing material and EVA Sole Board for extra Cushioning. LiNing JETTA shoes Insole part is Highly Flexible.

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Play with Virat Kohli Mrf Bat , Shine Like a Star

Virat Kohli Batting Style:

Checkout the detail blog on Virat Kohli Playing style 

Virat Kholi is world finest cricket player for all format including T20 , ODI , and test matches. His consistent performance and dedication is admired by lots of young cricket players in India. Moreover , his unique playing style provide him strength to take challenge outside the Indian sub continents cricket matches.

Following are some key highlights of Virat Kohli Batting Style:

Perfect Attack Angle:


Virat Kohli creates perfect angle of attack by which he gets the gap between the fielders to get the boundaries. To put the power on strokes, he used the power of wrist and fast swing speed of the cricket bat .

Yes, obviously, the cricket bat balance is very important to get the perfect bat swing speed.

Fast Cricket Bat Swing speed:


In order to put extra power on shots, Virat generate extraordinary bat swing speed. Extra power on ball helps in getting boundaries even in sluggish batting surface surfaces.

Hit the shots close to body:


He is very good on off stump so it is very difficult to catch him on body line or close to off stumps delivery. His strategy in dealing off stump delivery to play close to body so that he will get better directional control which results into defeat field placements.

Extraordinary performance for Yorker and short pitch balls:

Virat Kohli improved his batting skills to handled Yorker and short pitch deliveries which is very useful especially in T20 and ODI matches.

More over in recent time, Virat convert his weakness into strength

How Virat Kohli MRF Bat helps in improving his performance:


It is perfectly balanced:

The bat which is used by Virat Kohli is developed by MRF cricket. This bat is developed as per the playing style of Virat Kohli. Balance of this bat is very light by which he can swing it very easily with less effort. This helps in generating extra power on ball.

Perfectly designed and balance bat always helpful and adjusting the bat a last time as it provide opportunity the maneuver the bat easily.

Sweet Spot of the Virat Kohli MRF Bat is the Key:

Sweet Spot of MRF bat which is used by Virat Kohli is developed artistically. It is enlarged in nature which position mid to low to the bat.

Enlarge sweet spot helps in placing shots with more power and even if sometime ball miss the center the player will not feel l power lose.


Top Grade Willow used in making the bat:

MRF used top grade English willow to produce this bat. Willow used in this bat is selected players grade willow which is naturally air dried to get best in class performance and durability.

Top grade willow provide best grains structure and better surface for playing good shots


Handle of Virat Kohli bat is made of 12 Piece Cane Handle:


Handle of any bat is an important part of bat as it transfers the power to bat. If a bat is not flexible enough to sustain the impact caused by ball than bat damage changed will be increased.

So bat handle should be optimally flexible to transfer the maximum power to ball.

Flat Face to get better maximum power transfer to Ball:

All the MRF bats are manufactured with flat face concept in which, player will get flat surface to put maximum power to cricket ball.

Virat Kohli bat is also equipped with flat face concept in which maximum power is transferred to ball.


As a conclusion we can say the, Virat kholi use unique playing style so that he can dominate on bowlers. Unique batting style required suitable bat so that bat can complement the playing style.

Virat Kholi MRF bat is a deadly combination of power, control and speed.

Checkout the Virat Kholi MRF Bat here

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