Guide for Selecting Tennis Rackets

For Tennis Players , Tennis Racket is the most import equipment. Tennis Racket selection is  a very complex process which required lots of experience and knowledge.
However, By considering  basic and important Tennis Racket selection parameters you can actually do justice with your buying sill.When we talk about racket selection, following parameters are important and play crucial role:
1.Brand of Racket
2.Weight of Racket
3.Length of Racket
4.Balance of Racket
5.Grip of Racket
6.Head Size of Racket
There are numerous Tennis Rackets manufacture are available, like Yonex , Wilson ,Babolat, Head,Dunlop, Fischer, Gamma. Different Manufactures are having there own technique and process of manufacture the racket. You need to see your budget and your playing style to select the Best Brand.
Weight of the Rackets vary from 240 gms to 355 gms. Normally if a Racket is having less Weight then it is easy to swing and its generate more power. So we can say light weight rackets are more suitable for old age players. On other hand , heavier rackets are difficult to swing , but at the same time its generate more power , give more stability. heavier rackets also provide more impact of ball.
Length of tennis racket as per Tennis standard is 28 inches , however manufactures CAN develop rackets up to 32 inches. If a player is using increased length rackets then he or she can get benefits of reach and more power. Skillful tennis players are normally use standard length tennis racket.
Balance of Rackets is classified into two category
1.Head heavy
2.Light Head
Head heavy balance type rackets provide more power as they are bit heavy from head side .Head light type racket provide more control over racket and thus give flexibility to play more
controlled tennis shots.
Grip of Tennis Rackets is another important aspect as its provide a link between racket and body arm. Tennis racket grips typically range from 4 inches to 4 7/8 inches in circumference.
Most adult tennis players use grips between 4 1/4 inches and 4 5/8 inches. The easiest way to determine your grip size is to grip a tennis racket and place the index finger of your other hand in the space between your fingers and thumb/palm. If your index finger fits comfortably, the grip size is correct. If your index finger does not fit, the grip size is too small. If there is a large amount of space around your index finger, the grip size is too big. Selecting the proper grip size on your tennis racket is important not only for comfort and for performance, but also for injury prevention. Using a tennis racket with a grip that is too large or too small can lead to arm injuries.
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Guide To Play A Hook Shot In Cricket


Cricket Hook shot using Cricket Bats -

Cricket Hook shot

Apart from being trained in batting for various deliveries, a guide to play a hook shot in cricket is very necessary for every batsman. This shot is very dangerous to play but is considered to be the most spectacular in the game. If you hit it correctly you are sure to get a boundary, but if it is played too early then there are great changes of being caught.

A batsman can hit a ball in many different ways according to the way the ball is delivered. Mostly they have to use a good foot work while facing various types of deliveries. He can refresh his position by front foot strokes and back foot strokes. He will have to change this position depending on how the ball is thrown and where it is going.

How To Play A Hook Shot

If you are bowled short deliveries then the hook shot is ideal to hit the ball especially on the leg side in an attacking way. If a short pitch ball is bowled to you on the leg side between the waist and head height you can hook that ball. Remember you should have your eyes on the ball at all times. If you even wink you may get hit by the ball on your chest or your head.

You need to form the base for the shot. Move the front leg back and towards the leg side. Put your head slightly forward to judge the line and bounce on the ball correctly. You should swing the arms through the line of the ball fully extended when you connect with the ball.

Defensive Playing

There are times when you are batting; you need to be defensive in your cricketing shots. Footwork is the main key to all the cricketing shots.  A back foot defense is a shot that you play with a straight bat and soft hands that will allow you to bend down or up depending upon the bounce, and to pull your hands and bat inside the line if you choose to let the ball go.

When you intend to play a forward defensive shot unlike the back foot which is played against fast bowlers you go on the front foot and play against the spinners. You have to be very careful as you will have fielders surrounding you to catch you out.  You may even miss the ball and get out stumped.

The Bat And The Batsman

A cricketing batsman uses cricket bats, according to the convenience of playing various shots. There are certain batsmen who prefer to play with heavy bats as they find it comfortable to play cover drives. If you want to play a hook shot especially on bouncers, then a light bat would be more comfortable.

Whether it is a light or a heavy bat, your shots will also depend upon the quality of willow used in the manufacture of cricket bats. You may play any type of a cricketing shot that you are comfortable with, with the right bat. When you want to play a hook shot you should watch the classic batsmen play the same and consider them as the guide to play a hook shot in cricket.

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How To Play Cover Drive In Cricket

COver Drive using Cricket Bats -Khelmart

Cover Drive -Suresh Raina

Cover Drive Using Cricket Bats -
Cover Drive – Sachin

If you want to know how to play cover drive in cricket then watch the professional batsmen put their front foot forward towards the pitch at a good length ball. They just bring their bat down through the line of the delivery, with a gentle stroke, and play the ball between mid-off and cover to the ropes.

When you are watching a match, you will hear various terms that the commentator uses to praise cricketing strokes. He may utter words such as ‘what a lovely on-drive’ or use the term as ‘cover drive’. These terms are used depending upon the style and direction of the shot played.


Types Of Cricketing Shots

There are a number of cricketing batting terms used during a cricket match. When you are under training for as a batsman you are taught all these different shots such as switch hits and flicks, reverse sweeps, pulls, hooks, cuts and cover drive. There are many times which is quite normal in cricket that you get out if you do not play the shot in the correct manner.

A batsman may play a shot of the back foot or front foot which totally depends on which foot he prefers to transfer the weight of his body, depending upon the delivery of the ball to play the stroke.  To improve your ability to score runs and batting style, you will come across hundreds of different batting tips. You need to have knowledge about all these especially when you are in the stage of selection.

The Most Exciting Part Of Cricket

Batting is considered to be the most exciting part of cricket. To be a good batsman, apart from training and practice you need to use good cricket bats. You may want a short handle or a long handle bat, depending upon your style and cricketing strokes. Cricket bats are made of willow; if you search you can easily find the best quality bats.

Whatever cricketing shot you may play it is very necessary that you keep your eyes in level as it will help you to react in time as the ball is delivered. If you move your body from the shoulders toward the line of the ball, the rest of the body will automatically follow to get you in the right line with the ball.

The Run Getting Stroke

The cover drive is considered to be one of the most elegant stokes in cricket. You may have noticed during a test match, fast bowlers do not bowl a full length ball quite often. To get a good connected cover drive you should get the foot across the pitch of the ball so that you are in the correct length of the ball and can stroke the shot instead of hitting the ball too hard.

Playing this stroke at balls which are of good length, may be a medium pace,is more convenient to play. If the bowler is a spinner then you will have to make sufficient room for yourself to play this shot. Every batsman has his own way of judging the ball and making it convenient to play this shot, this is how to play cover drivein cricket as a good batsman.

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Forehand and Backhand Tennis Shots

Fore and Back tennis shots are the key weapons of a tennis player that makes him offensive by pushing his or her opponent into a corner. Strength is very crucial in the game of tennis and it will help you to progress as the game proceeds. You need to be a good all round player to win competitions.

Forehand Tennis Racket Shot -

Forehand Tennis Racket Shot -


Intelligent players recognise faults in the opponent’s techniques and will take advantage of this opportunity to dominate the situation. If you recognise that your opponents have a poor backhand, you will continuously drive the ball to that side of the court to force your opponent to make more mistakes. As a player you should be competent with the fundamental tennis techniques and skills that will enable you to improve your weakness and sharpen your strength.


Basic Technique Of Tennis


The skills and basic techniques of tennis are the shots that you play right from the time you serve the ball. A majority of tennis players consider the forehand shot as a natural stroke but it may not be that easy to learn. If your opponent returns your tennis ball directly to your body, you will move to the left and hit the shot if you are a right handed player and vice versa; these strokes require a forehand shot.


The backhand shot is played from the side opposite of the forehand. A right handed player will execute it from the left side of the body and a left handed player from the right side of the body. This type of a shot requires a lot of practice.

The Crucial Shot

The serve is considered to be a crucial shot that many players over look. To have a distinct advantage over competitors, your serve should be strong to earn you aces. When you toss the ball up above your head, rotate the tennis racket with a full motion swing and strike the ball to the diagonal service area on the opposite side of the tennis court and you will have a strong serve.

You can play an offensive game by using the Lob shot. It is initially used as a defensive play to reverse the momentum of a shot into an offensive play. You can use this technique when you find yourself out of position or vulnerable during play, to put your opponent off balance. You should be an experienced player to execute this shot.

Play Smart                                                                              

First of all you should have the best tennis rackets. You should know when to change them during the game to compete with your opponent. This will be possible when you have understood your opponent and you know what tennis rackets you need to use to reply to his shots professionally.

You may try to hit the ball deep into the court, change the pace of the ball, and hit the ball low over the neck. Hit a one handed back hand and especially when you are defensive to play a smart game. If you want to win tennis competitions then you should continuously practice your fore and back tennis shots.

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Best Tennis Shots in Year 2012

Best Tennis Shots in Year 2012

Tennis Rackets

Tennis Rackets

Billions of people are fans of tennis from all over the world who enjoy watching this game have a blast when they see the champions playing 10 best tennis shots in year 2012. Different tennis players have different styles of playing their shots. The first shot of the game is the serve. In this shot the ball is tossed up in the air and struck with force with a fully stretch arm.

There are a number of tennis players who are capable of playing an Ace. The best serves you can consider are those of the Williams Sisters, John Isner and Richard Krajicek. The second shot that every player masters is the Forehand. For this shot the racket should be held with a firm grip and swung from behind to front and directed towards where the ball needs to be hit. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer execute this shot the best.

Play An Attacking Game

You can play an attacking game of tennis, if you know how to hit a powerful backhand along with a forehand shot. Players who have been winners with these shots are Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Andre Agassi. The forth top shot in tennis is a backhand shot executed by holding the racket with both the hands. This is more powerful than a single hand backhand shot.

This shot is mostly used when you move forward to respond to a weak return. Monica Seles has got the maximum benefit in this type of shot. There are some who use the top spin shot. It is similar to a forehand shot. When this shot is executed the ball travels between 4 to 5 inches above the net allowing the ball to bounce and go ahead such that the ball is beyond the opponents reach. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are worth seeing playing these shots.

The Karate Chop Shot

The slice or what is known as the Karate chop shot is normally done on a back hand shot. The ball sails through low into the other half of the court. To execute such shots you need the best tennis rackets. Roger Federer is considered the king of this shot. The drop shot is considered a surprise weapon. Federer catches his opponents of guard with this shot at the base line.

The volley or the half volley shot was used by Boris Becker but today Pete Sampras has taken the maximum advantage of this shot. Lob is another shot that Andre Agassi and Lleyton Hewitt use to break the rhythm of the opponent by using some top spin in an offensive manner.

Rackets and Tennis

Tennis Rackets come in various categories. They may be player’s rackets, intermediate rackets and power rackets and the features that one should consider of the rackets are the pattern, length, balance, weight, stiffness and head size. Professional shots are totally depended on the racket you use.

The overhead smash is played when you receive a ball that is high and you are at a distance inside your base line or to the right at the net. This is more or less similar to a serve. This shot is well played by Andy Roddick and is one of the 10 best tennis shots in year 2012

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Product Information and Review of Badminton Racket Voltric-80

Yonex Badminton Racket Voltric 80

Yonex Badminton Racket Voltric 80

Basic Information of Vol-80 Badminton Racket

Voltric 80 Badminton Racket By Yonex was launched in 2011 during All England Badminton Championship. This Badminton Racket in the Hand of great Badminton player “Li Lee Chong We” proved  its superiority on others. Lee Chong Wei won the final and similar results came out  in doubles game where “Mathias Boe” with Voltric 80 won the Mans doubles Game.
Voltric 80 is better then Voltric 70 in many aspects, Graphic of Voltric 80 is much more improved. Now its come with striking in red, black, white and gold.
This Model is available in 3U  which mean weigh of this badminton Rackets is around 84-89 g. Believe me Just 84 g weight ,  Size of Grip of Vol-80 is G-4.
This is a fantastic Badminton Racket , it is a combination of two Badminton rackets Z Slash and Nanospeed 9900, It coalesce the  Aerodynamics of z slash and frame of Nanospeed
9900.The Head of this Badminton Racket is heavy and technologically its known as Head Heavy-Racket. The Shaft of the Vol-80 is very thin and stiff and it looks bit long as compare to
conventional Badminton Rackets. It is similar to Z slash if compare as length of shaft.
Recommend Tension values for vol-80 is 27lbs. String Tension values of 27 lbs could surprise many badminton players as it is on higher side.
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Fundamentals of Badminton Rackets

Badminton is game of Fun and Passion. The Critical Parts of Badminton Game is  Badminton Racket.
Badminton Rackets are very expensive as compare to other sports goods , more over it is very important to understand different parameters and attributes of Badminton Rackets before go for badminton shopping offline or online badminton shopping. We must understand that for a new player , it not mandatory to buy very costly racket or top end features , he or she can opt
Badminton Rackets cost around 800-1600 Indian Rupees.
In this post we shall discuss some important aspects of buying brand new badminton rackets. Lets us discuss about fundamentals of Badminton Rackets,
following are the key parameter of Badminton Rackets:
1.Weight, the balance
2.Head shape
4.Grip size
Normally Badminton Rackets weight vary from 80-120 gms. There is direct relationship between badminton weight and player performance. Heavy Rackets gives more power but it is obvious it takes more energy while playing power shots or smashes. Light weight Rackets will offer more swing and will take less energy during power play.
One of lightest badminton Rackets is Karakal SL-70, Weight of this Rackets is around 70gms without string and over grip. For showing  the Weight of Rackets, different manufactures are having there own systems. For instance Yonex (Words Leader in Badminton Rackets) uses U
system, 4U= 80-84g , U= 95-100g.
Now Les us discuss the Balance of Badminton Rackets. We can categorize the Racket Balance into three categor:
1.Head Heavy
2.Head Light
3.Even Balance
Heavy Head Rackets gives more power and stability while lighter head rackets enable player to swing rackets very rapidly, incase of evenly balance racket its provide the natural feel.
Rackets normally comes with very various head shape :
1.Oval Shape
2.Isometric Shape
Isometric -

Isometric -

Isometric Shape rackets give enlarge sweet spot.
The flexibility of the racket relates to how much flex there is. A stiff racquet will have less flexibility and as such it is unforgiving for a beginner. A flexible racket will obviously have more flex and this will give a beginner a bit more power, as you will have a kind of sling shot effect, but the downside is you will have less control. You should only buy a stiff flex racket when your technique is up to scratch, otherwise you may get shoulder problems, as the vibration from hitting the shuttle travels through your arm and into your shoulder joints.
Grip sizes also come with different systems. Yonex badminton have their G system, which ranges from G2 (the largest)to G5 (the smallest). Other brands use small, medium and large.
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Online shopping on Cricket Bat In India

As we all know , nowadays Online Shopping is very common in India , You can recognize the name of  various online shopping brand in India in Electronic and fashion category. Recently in India Online shopping in sports category in also emerging and picking up the pace.
Reasons are quit obvious :
1.In India, it is very difficult to get quality and branded product in remote area.
2.Off Line Shopping store are doing monopoly  in price control and selling the branded items more then the MRP.
3.Variety of Product are not available in Off- Line Store.
In this Blog we will discuss effective techniques to get good Cricket Bad using Online Shopping.
Following are the Key Parameters while selecting the Cricket Bats:
1.Dimension  of Cricket Bat.
2.Weight of Cricket Bat.
3.Number of Grains.
4.Balance of Cricket Bat.
if you know how to optimize above mention parameters as per your playing style and how to co-relate Information available in Online Shopping Site with your requirement then you can fully utilize the opportunities of Online Cricket Bat Shopping in India.
The selection of the Cricket bat also depends on the batting technique of the person. Cricket Bats must be sturdy yet bendable which in essence means that it must be light in weight so that it can be handled effortlessly.
Now , how to search the cricket bat online , in my opinion you must you use the magic of Google search engine. You can use key word search method , this mean type the key word in Google and list the site those are coming on top result and compare the prices , You can go for COD option for Payments if you are not confident with Online Payment Gateway.
Khelmart Enterprise is the similar Online Shopping Center Branded Sports Goods.
Khelmart is India’s leading online Sports Shop, It offers branded sports goods like:
Online shopping options for Cricket Bat:
For More Details :
Please visit
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