How to identify the Fake SS Cricket Bats

In this blog we shall some very important tips to spot the fake SS Cricket Bats.

Quality Checks for SS English Cricket Bats:

Tip 01 (Sunridge Mark on Rubber of Cricket Bat Handle).

SS Brand uses specific symbol on Handle Rubber marked as sunridge. You need to make sure the spelling check, Font size and color of this  mark.

SS Cricket Bat01

SS Cricket Bat Tip01


Tip 02 (TON Sticker at Bottom part of Cricket Bat).

Make sure the font size , spelling and color of TON marked at bottom of cricket Bat.

SS Cricket Bat02

SS Cricket Bat TIP02

Quality Checks for SS Kashmiri Cricket Bats:


Tip 01 (Sunridge Mark on Rubber of Cricket Bat Handle).


SS Brand uses specific symbol on Handle Rubber marked as sunridge. You need to make sure the spelling check, Font size and color of this  mark.


Tip 02 (SS Stiker at the bottom of Cricket Bat).

SS Brand uses specific symbol on Handle Rubber marked as SS. You need to make sure the spelling check, Font size and color of this  mark.


SS Cricket Bat03

SS Cricket Bat TIP03

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Li Ning Badminton Rackets Technology-I

3D Braid Powertec:
Li-Ning Badminton Rackets  uses special method called as continuous Multi-Dimensional weaving method designed for high precision control. With this process high strength Badminton Racket are manufactured with fine touch feeling. Li-Ning Badminton Rackets are manufactured using light composite carbon fibers thus give more flexibility as compare to traditional rackets.
3D Braid Powertec linning

3D Braid Powertec


Dynamic-Optimum Frame:
Li Ning Badminton Rackets uses all-round design which is further optimized to improve mechanical structure and gives effective attach and defense. Sweet spot is increased as per isometric shape also sweet spot extended to upward direction (Towards the head of Racket), this give hitting point to be moved on higher side. Dynamic Optimum Frame gives enlarge defense area enabled players to perform severe drop shot. Hitting velocity is also improved.
Dynamic-Optimum Frame

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

Free Hole:
With integrated molding technology for string holes and frame, the strong contacts frame directly and the bounce from collision will be more refreshing with stronger burst strength. Especially at critical 3 and 9 o’clock position, a solid and stable sweet point is formed. All integrated wall of string holes is reinforced with carbon fibers. O make the string tension to the maximum, the torsion strength is increased by 20%, the compression strength of side frame is improves by 30% and anti-depression strength of string holes is increased by 20%.
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Yonex Badminton Racket NANORAY 800 – New Racket Yonex

In Badminton Game speed is important and essential , Why ? Because you have ready for next shot. Yonex have launched new model called as NANORAY 800 for those Badminton Players who really want s more speed. Benefit of this Badminton Racket is:

nanoray 800 khelmart

nanoray 800

  • Faster swing
  • Higher repulsion

This racket is having AERO-FRAME-HEAD construction which make this racket thinnest top part and provide greater head speed. Thicker bottom part gives maximum repulsion. Further , NANORAY 800 Badminton Racket is produced with high strength sonic metal. This particular material gives great sound while shuttlecock hit the badminton racket. As racket is having isometric shape so its give more control and enlarge sweet spot. We all understand the need to quick replies of Badminton shots during high speed rallies . Players uses different tactics and playing skill that required drive shot which create opportunities to hit smashes. With NANORAY-800 Badminton Racket you can get faster swing and Higher Repulsion which means you can play shot more accurately and effectively.


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Vibration and Badminton Rackets – Starter Guide

A very common problems with Badminton Rackets is that it vibrate while play power game. Badminton Rackets Vibration is very dangerous not only because its impact on your game but it could also create serious arm and shoulder injuries. So , now when understand
the Racket Vibration let us understand the causes of Badminton Racket Vibration.
Following are the key contributors in Racket Vibration:

  • If Racket is very Light
  • Badminton String tension is Higher
  • Racket is more stiff

If are handling with above mention cases then I guess you’ll feel vibration in racket. Incase if are handling light weight Rackets then you can avoid the vibration if you know how to control the fast swing of light Racket. It’s a good idea that you take a look of these common racket vibration reasons in order for you to have an idea on how to avoid and hopefully solve this problem.

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More Head Badminton Rackets

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Badminton Rackets and Sweet Spot – Basic Guide

If you are a serious Badminton Player then you must heard the terminology called sweet spot. If you are not aware of term sweet spot then it is important to know and understand it. Sweet Spot is a center part of Badminton Rackets (Head) which is located at the intersection of Badminton Strings. Knowledge
of Sweet Spot can greatly impact you game because it is point on which you can give maximum power on Badminton Shuttlecock.
sweet spot khelmart

sweet spot

In case , if a Badminton Player is able to hit the Shuttlecock at Sweet Spot then it will result into great sound and felling less vibrations in Badminton Rackets.
Following are the key benefits of hitting shuttlecock on sweet spot:
1.Batter Sound
2.Better Playing Experience
3.Lesser Vibration
4.More Power
5.Accurate Shot
It is known as Sheet Spot because when Badminton Player hit the shot from this area then it gives better experience and performance.
Location and Position of sweet spot is vary if you compare the different badminton rackets. Basically its depends on:
1.Badminton Rackets Technology
2.Head Shape of Racket
3.Design of Racket
4.String Tension
 If you put higher string tension then it will reduce the shape of sweet spot, So now you can understand why at start of this post I focus on understating the Sweet spot concept in detail.
If you are a beginner or you are trying to improve your playing style the it is recommended that you should chose a racket which larger sweet spot. This can be achieve be selecting a ISOMATRIC Badminton Head shape or reduced string tension.
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Badminton Players and Badminton Rackets – Part 01-Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei with Yonex Badminton Rackets VOLTRIC Z-FORCE

Badminton Racket: Yonex VOLTRIC Z-FORCE

About VOltric Z-Force:

Smash with enhanced power to win the point with a single shot. The new VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Badminton racket by Yonex ,generates the force to realize this overwhelming strike. Z-FORCE smashes the shuttle at such enormous power your opponent’s Racket will feel a force of 19kg – and if you compare it with gym Dumbbell then it would be same as holding a dumbbell of same weight.  Let your opponent feel the force of your heavyweight smash with the new Z-FORCE.
In the past, a head-heavy construction increased power but reduced the speed of racquet handling.
Likewise, head-light constructions delivered speedy movement but decreased power.
For the first time, TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of incredible power and lightning-fast racquet handling to deliver a powerful smash with the agility to respond to high-speed rallies.
NOPREME is an original technology developed by YONEX to provide an ideal racquet material.
Carbon Nanotube (with unique characteristics produced by Nanoscience) is combined with epoxy resin to tightly bind carbon fibres. Together, they form an incredibly strong material construction.
NANOPREME delivers high repulsion and high strength to expand the performance capability of the racque
Lee Chong Wei -Khelmart

Lee Chong Wei

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Tennis Shoes

Tennis is the game of joy and Tennis Shoes is an important equipment for Tennis Game. During the selection of Tennis Shoes you must have information about you shoe size and type. Improper shoe size could create problems for your feet . If you’re not positive on the shoe measurement that you just wear you have to see knowledgeable on the shoe store to find out your shoe size before you do something else.
Head Tennis Shoes khelmart

Head Tennis Shoes

Another Important factor is to identify the foot type. You must understand the impact of foot type on Tennis shoes selection. Different type of toe required different shoe type. When you have a supinated foot then you shouldn’t pick out a pair of footwear which might be designed for the best foot type. A great foot would wear the sneakers evenly all throughout the bottom. Somebody with a supinated foot would put on the shoes on the skin heavily, while the within of the shoe was virtually untouched. A pronated foot would wear heavily the inside of the foot and infrequently the arch space is badly worn as well. A pronated foot sometimes has a a lot greater threat of harm so having the right footwear is just not a luxury however a requirement.
Once you have decided shoe size and foot sort you can then move onto finding the Tennis shoe that are best suited for you based mostly upon type and luxury level. Many tennis players determine to put on a particular model of shoe and only put on that brand. This usually happens simply because they find a brand that matches their foot well. When you can afford to buy them, you must also look to purchase brand title tennis shoes. You additionally must look for a pair of shoes that gives a large amount of lateral support. In case your footwear provide no lateral assist, you are increasing the risk of a sprained or twisted ankle. Always ensure that you have plenty of lateral support before you buy the shoes. And your final consideration ought to be discovering a pair of sneakers which are lightweight.
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Yonex Badminton Rackets and London Olympic 2012

London Olympic is over, and good news for Yonex Brand lovers. This time 55 % of Badminton players had used the Yonex Badminton Rackets. Following are the titles
gained by Badminton Players playing with  Yonex Badminton Rackets.
1.Second Place Secured in Men’s Single Badminton Event.
2.Third Place Secured in women’s Single Badminton Event.
3.Second Place in Men’s Double Badminton Event.
4.Two second places secured in Women’s double Badminton Event
5.Two Third places secured in Badminton Event
6.Two Third places in mixed double Badminton Event
Lee Chong Wei was defeated by his rival Lin Dan is very close and interesting match. The score of the match was 21-15, 10-21 ,19-21 . Prior to this match Lee Chong Wei
with Yonex Badminton Racket defeated the Long Chen, 21-13 21-14 in semifinal. Saina Nehwal from India won the third place in woman’s single match.
Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen defeated world No. 1 pair , Jae Sung Jung and Yong Dae Lee of Korea, and score was 17-21 21-18 22-20. Mathias and Carsten won
second place after losing to the 4-time world champion, Yun Cai and Haifeng Fu, 16-21 15-21 in the finals.
First time women’s doubles top-three finishers, Japanese pair No. 4 seed Mizuki Fujii and Reika Kakiiwa , played aggressively, winning their grueling semifinal match
against Canada’s Alex Bruce and Michelle Li , 21-12 19-21 21-13. Fuijii and Kakiiwa won second place after No. 2 seed Qing Tian and Yunlei Zhao of China defeated them
by a score of 21-10 25-23. Mizuki and Reika’s tenacious play impressed not only their Japanese supporters, but all spectators watching the match.
In mixed doubles, Joachim Fischer Nielsen (VT80) and Christinna Pedersen (NR800) faced Tontowi Ahmad  and Liliyana Natsir (NR700RP) for third place.
Nielsen and Pedersen won third place after winning the match, 21-12 21-12
Overall , it was a supremacy of Yonex Badminton Rackets in this London Olympic . Once again , Player from around the world with Yonex Badminton Rackets
presented  the best performance and utilized the  Best in class technology.
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Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology – Khelmart Report 01:

Yonex Rackets Technology
Nanoscince enable accurate Rackets Function at molecule level. NANOSCINCE is a high performance molecule bond between fullerene and
carbon nanoparticel. With the help of this molecule bond, Badminton Racket will be :
1.Ultra Light Weight
4.More Stable , More Power and Swing


Isometric Shape in Badminton Racket Enabled the equalized length of Main and Cross String. With this type of  specific shape in Badminton Rackets Provide the enlarge sweet spot.
Isometric Shape of Yonex Badminton Rackets khelmart

Isometric Shape












Muscle Power Frame:
Frame of Muscle Power Badminton Rackets enabled string to go through in rounded archways.
Followings are the Benefits of this shape:
1.Eliminate the Stress Load
2.Eliminate the Fatigue
3.Create Unite of String
4.Closer and Tighter Frame Contact
Muscle Power Frame Khelmart

Muscle Power Frame

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