Slazenger Cricket Bat -Over View and Technical Details

Slazenger brand  is established in 1881. It is dealing with cricket, tennis and Hocky goods since then. Now it is a popular brand across worldwide. Here we are going to introduce you Slazenger cricket bat V100. This bat is designed light weighted, generally it is of  (2lb 7oz – 2lb 10oz)  range that provides destructive precision at the stroke time. It is having a crafted concave back spine that is useful for delivering unbelievable “pick-ups”. Therefore there is a very light

Slazenger V100 Elite Cricket Bat

Slazenger V100 Elite Cricket Bat

feelings at the hitting time, that is necessary for high pick-up.

It is mainly a traditionally hand crafted English willow bat that gives optimum performance. Its power handle has a Octoplus grip design that offers tight grip for the upper hand and provides cushioning for lower hand that is the main necessity for comfort feeling, as we all know we can only play game even when we are comfortable. It is premium cane oval shaped handle. Some models of this Slazenger bat  series have toe guards provided by the brand only, but all the models of this series are pre-knocked in.
Contoured toe is also useful for providing light pick-ups. The main thing of this Cricket Bat is its power bow quality means this is having an ability to bend finely over, this increases power and control of the bat at the time of hitting. Its Extreme Edge Profile are responsible for widening the sweet spot of the bat, so that we get maximum outcome even after hitting off- centre stroke.
This cricket bat is endorsed and preferred by Paul David Collingwood.
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Review of Yonex badminton racket Arcsaber series

  A new series comes in a queue of Yonex badminton racketsis Arcsaber series. The badminton rackets of this series are capable of making a precise shot by storing and then releasing the energy. That’s why it is the most preferable Yonex badminton rackets series. Here we are going to introduce a badminton racket named Arcsaber Z-slash.



Z-slash badminton racket is having sleek body specially designed for smoothed the high speed shots and the smashes. In this type of badminton racket, when considering the sides of the badminton racket, the frame elasticity is enhanced by the CS Carbon nanotubes particles that holds the shuttle cock on the string at the time of hitting.



The CS Carbon nanotubes are responsible for improving the flexibility that gives restriction to deform the badminton’s frame . This increases the durability of the badminton racket.



Isometric frame equalizes the length of the string and this enlarges the area of the sweet spot so that it could give more consistent accuracy that is useful in off-center shot. New style of grommet pattern provides more hole grommet for more string performance.



The another advantage of this badminton racket is its built in solid feel core,



that is necessary for rejecting all the vibrations during the hitting time. This is the first Yonex badminton racket with compact frame with super slim long shaft,



It is generally used for reducing air resistance. Quick swing of the shuttle cock is provided by its both (aero and the box) frame technology.bad-tech-AERO-BOX-Frame.Khelmart

Built-in T-joint technology used in its frame is capable of increasing the stability and the performance as well.



It is made by light weight plastic mixed with foaming substitute and epoxy resins.

Ultra poly ethylene fibre is used for making the shaft of this badminton racket, this makes badminton racket as light as float in the water.  This badminton racket is capable of absorbing the maximum forces.



For reducing air resistance and thus provide easily movable handling, Yonex designed octahedron shaped control support cap



This is the fantastic badminton racket with more technologies used in. That’s why Taufik Hidayat and Chien Yu Chin preferred this racket.
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Reviews of Yonex badminton rackets carbonex series

      Yonex launched a new series with round shaped head and box shaped frame,



that is named carbonex series. These two qualities made the yonex badminton rackets unique and gave a different look.  There are seven types of models comes in this series. These are carbonex 50, 35, 20, 21, 8000TI, 6000DF, 7000DF.



      This type of yonex badminton rackets use a nanoscale elastic Ti technologies that resists deformation as it transmits power from four corners of the frame. When we hit a swung shuttle cock with a full energy, the frame stretches as the string strung with the frame stretch this nanoscale elastic Ti technologies recovers the badminton racket’s shape. it is very useful advantage when going with a smash shots.
     This yonex badminton rackets have metallic graphics, that gives the badminton rackets a nice look. The most important thing is that the vibrations generated during hit a shot can be avoided by its built-in solid feel core properties. It is generally carried by the manufacturers of Japan.


     The box shaped frame provides the feeling of solid core when hit by the badminton racket as it is made of H.M.graphite. The frame of this type of yonex badminton racketis torque free because of built in T-joint technologies.



The place where the frame joints to the shaft is deep moulded with the graphite. This gives the yonex badminton rackets more durable and stable as well. These technologies made this carbonex series of yonex badminton racket most preferable racket series.
     The shaft of this type of badminton racket is usually made of Ultra PEF( poly ethylene fibre).  This makes the racket more lighter so that it would be able to hit a shot easily.



     This type of yonex badminton rackets are light weighted and having a small grip size. Normally its weight is varied from 3U(85-89.9gm)to 2U(90-94.9gm) and the grip size is G4 and G5. generally light weighted badminton rackets are preferred by the players for giving a over head and under arm shots.
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Badminton Rackets Review -Arcsaber

   New series of arc saber such as 002,003,009dx are launched by the brand yonex in 2011 and it is a very popular heard badminton racket series. In this series ,badminton racket arc saber 002 is light weighted, having three quarter bags rather than only one full length bag that acquires a lot of space .

   This badminton racket is having red, dark red and white color graphics. It consists of 3U(84-89gms in weight)G4(small grip) version.

This specification makes this racket lighter, even balanced and good feelings when playing a game. It is necessary to have a heavy head while give a smash and tight stringing of the string, yonex gives a required string tension (Although maximum string tension is 24lbs).Now there is no need to re-string manually.    When playing the game, this badminton racket gives a nice and soft feeling because of having flexible shaft and a little torsion built in its T-pieces that gives stability. This stability most often used for hitting the shuttle cock in particular direction. Even when we hit at the corner of the racket, shuttle cock will not twist around. Some of the badminton rackets have not sufficient torsion to give stability that gives the shuttle cock to twist more that will cause shuttle cock to throw out of court and sometimes responsible for arm injuries.

   Although the head of this badminton racket is not aerodynamic that makes this racket not so good yet it gave a positive response .

Aside of these, rackets of this series are delivering more power so we need not to give more efforts for hitting the smash, therefore it is beneficial to make underarms and  overhead shots. That is the another advantage of this racket.    Although this is not as fast as nano frame rackets( having light head), yet it gave satisfactory results that is nice. This is admirably preferred by the developing players as this is having a lower tension that causes a little more efforts to make a shot.

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