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This Blog will give information about GM cricket Bat Willow Grading types. I
This Cricket Bat is used unbleached Grade 01 English Willow. Grain structure of cricket bat is very selected , Cricket Bat made by this willow gives 5 start performance. Handle of this bat is made of multi piece cane for giving the top class feel and performance.
This Cricket Bat is made of grade 01 English Willow. Grains of bat looks straight and give hint of color. Handle of bat used multi-piece cane handle.
909 :
Used Grade 1 English Willow. Grains are straight and colored. Cricket Bat is Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 1 English Willow. Color on Edge  .Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 2 English Willow. Color on Edge  .Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 3 English Willow. Color on Edge  .Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 3 English Willow. Minor knot marks on edges  .Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 3 English Willow. Minor knot marks on edges  .Fitted with multi piece cane handle.
Made of unbleached Grade 4 English Willow. White ploycoad finish  .
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Technical Details of Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray 300

A new Racket is Launched By Yonex , Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray 300. It is New additional into the head Light Series from Yonex Japan. As it is head Light Racket so it gives Fast Swing with control racket movement. Frame of the racket which is New Design aero dynamic help in providing fast and control swing. This Yonex Badminton Racket is designed for those players who wants to force there opponents into back court. This New Badminton Rackets is having thinner top side and Bottom side which gives maximum repulsion and stiffness. Basically this racket will give the better and improved head speed due to thinner frame and specially aerodynamically designed frame.
Yonex Badminton Rackets Nanoray 300 Review

Yonex Badminton Rackets Nanoray 300 Review

Some Technical Specification of the rackets are:
Flex of the Racket   : Stiff
Frame Material   :  H.M. Graphite
Shaft Material   : H.M. Graphite, NANOMESH + CARBON NANOTUBE
Wight of Racket  : 4U (80-84.9g)
Grip of  Racket  : G4,5
Color   :              Yellow
This Racket is developed on following technology:
2.Isometric Shape
3.Super Slim Frame
4.New Grommets Patterns
5.Built in T Joint
6.Control Support CAP
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Slazenger Cricket Bat V 100 Overview By Khelmart

Shalazer’s Popular Cricket Bat , V100. This English Willow Cricket Bat is a ultra light weight Bat. The back shape of this cricket bat is concave which gives superb pickup and perfect monoeuvrability. Back Of the bat is also packed up with concave spine.
The Bat is made of Hand Selected English Willow and manufacturing Process is manual. As it is prepared  with great manufacturing skills of Slazenger so its give excellent performance while play shots on ground.
Handle of V100 Cricket Bat is made of premium cane which give improved power , feel and performance during tough playing condition.
Slazenger V1oo Cricket Bat Khelmart

Slazenger V1oo Cricket Bat Khelmart

Bat comes in pre knocked condition and few models is having the toe cover also.
Bow of bat is design smartly which gives improved power and performance. Xtreme  edge profile of bat gives larger sweet spot. Enlarge sweet spot give possibility to hid power stokes.  OctoPlus Grip Design gives improved upper grip design , it also give extra cushion to absorb the shock wave.
This cricket bat is very impressive and delivered maximum power , control and stability. Concave spine behind the bat gives extra power and pouch.
This Cricket Bat is used by great English Cricketer Paul David Collingwood.
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Review of Voltric Z Force Badminton Racket: Khelmart Expert TEam Review

When I tried this Badminton Racket I found the creativity and innovation putted during design and development by Yonex. It comes with innovative graphics . Color of the racket is a combination of matt finish in black or dark green and white with metallic lime green flashes.


Yonex Badminton Racket Z Force-Khelmart Rreview

Yonex Badminton Racket Z Force-Khelmart Rreview


Yonex also improved hologram to reduce the piracy and somehow they are getting the success up to a great extent. This Badminton Racket Consists of wide grip which gives comfort while handle it but for professional player it is obvious to take additional grip as per comfort level. Weight of Badminton Racket is around 3U to 4U.As is coming along with string so it is not giving the choosing to re-strung it however it is coming with Yonex BG 65 TI string which is comparatively pretty good string. Frame of racket is more stiffer while balance is heavy head which gives possibility to go for stronger string tension. Additional Stiffer Racket structure at top of racket frame gives control on Badminton Racket bending action. In fact its allow shuttle to stay on string bed for longer time. Fame in thinner which give more flex on frame and transfer more energy to shuttle. Following are some technical features which anyone should notice in this racket: Sound Filter Technology: This is a new technology developed by Yonex. In this Technology new materials are used in define position to reduce the high pitches and dull sound. With this technology Yonex claim to reduce 31 % vibration. On one hand racket vibration is reduced while on other hand it give a louder sound on shuttle hitting. Slim and Long Shaft: Yonex introduces the NANOPREME in racket shaft . With this innovation racket rebound quality improved significantly. My Comments on Racket Performance: Power and Control : Power Generated by this Badminton  racket is almost similar to Z Slash and voltric 80 which is already acknowledged by many badminton players. As Frame is small so it carry a smaller sweet spot but repulsion is rackets is more focused on sweet spot. Racket is having extra stiff shaft and sweet spot is focused in semi oval shape. Flex is controlled which make shuttle placement excellent. Extra stiffer shaft give accurate placement of shuttle during power smashes. Defense : It is a heavy head Badminton racket but while we test it we have not feel any problem in returning the shuttle specially in backhand shot. As per my experience it is perfectly ok for defense (Backhand and forehand shot) Conclusion : This is an example of excellence by Yonex . Advance technology for professional badminton players. Extra stiff shaft gives more control on smashed and placement. Sweet spot is smaller but more focus and repulsive means you can prepare yourself more quickly for next shot. Racket is being used by many Profession Badminton Player on international level. World number once seed player Li Chung Wi is also playing with this racket

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Yonex Tennis Rackets Technology @ Khelmart.com

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