Yonex Badminton Rackets | New Series Arcsaber 11 and Arcsaber FB Debut

Recently Yonex Launched two brand new Yonex Badminton Rackets named as ARCSABER 11 and ARCSABER FB.
Concept :
The concept behind the racket design to take advantage of defense into attack.  As we all know that in today’s badminton matches if you have speed and accuracy in smashed then you can dominate in game. While attack is an important aspect but on other hand you can also utilize or focus how to convert the attack  into defense  Yonex Identify the need to change in badminton playing tactics and developed new rackets. These Yones Badminton Rackets are design to facilitate the player so that they can convert the game momentum into there side by changing the defense into attack.
ARCSABER 11 designed with perfect racket repulsion which gives flexibility to return the smashed with faster shuttle speed. While speed of shuttle is more , it also give accuracy to place the shot on right area of badminton court. With this accuracy and speed of shuttle you can actually turn the defensive game into attacking.
Yonex ARCSABER FB is developed with very light material. This Badminton racket is having the amazing swing so you can respond very quickly to smashes and place it nicely to opponent badminton court.
Yonex Badminton Rackets Arcsaber @ Khelmart
Yonex Badminton Rackets Arcsaber 11
As a summary we can say that YONEX is doing continuous improvement in Badminton rackets martial and it technology and providing us state of the art rackets. These Yonex Badminton Rackets in processional player hand can dominate in any badminton rally.
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All About Badminton Shuttlecock

A curious little object surrounded with feathers is known as Badminton shuttlecock. A light cone consisting of a cork stub with feathered flights, struck to and from in badminton game. The best Badminton Shuttlecocks are made from feathers from the left wing of a goose or from duck. It is designed with 16 feathers which is attached to a base of cork. The length of Badminton shuttlecock is between 62 and 70 mm long or may be 1.8 to 2.1 inches. The weight of shuttle lies between 4.74 to 5.50 grams. Speed is the most important aspect of a shuttlecock, which determines how far it can go when it hits with average force. According to speed shuttles are usually graded. The speed at which the shuttle travels is also affected by the weather, altitude and temperature. The shuttle will fly faster when it’s hot and when it’s cold, the shuttle will move slower. If you are playing in an air-conditioned hall, use a slightly faster shuttle. You can use a slower speed shuttle when you are playing at high altitude.

For the beginners fast speed are good because the shuttlecock will go farther, but altitude and temperature may affect the shuttlecocks.

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All About Cricket Bats

A cricket bat is playing a vital role to win a cricket game. Cricket bat is an important equipment to playing a game. Without this no one can score run. This is the major influence on the sport over the years, that how bats have evolved.

Cricket Bat History

The first bat is established in 1624. In early days the cricket bat is look like hockey stick. During ancient times cricket bat has no characteristics and features of limited size and dimension nor the material, the player make their own bats with their hand. Nowadays, there are different cricket bats available in markets with different brand and features. The bat of the blade should not be more than 108mm wide and its total length should be 970 mm or less than that.
There is also not any guidelines regarding the weight of the cricket bat. Though typically the average weight lies between 1000 gms to 1400 gms. The willow is invented during the early 1800s to become a wood which is used as producing  cricket bats when round-arm bowling became the rule rather than the exception. This is the same wood whose bark powder has been blustered in the history to be used as the remedy for fever. In order to producing bats, nowadays a special hybrid of cricket bat is harvested. Willow is well known as a strong light weight wood.

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Australian batsmen Against Indian Spinner – Its India Time Now !!!

india and australia test match


In all it was a moral victory for the India that the two young spin bowlers of Indian team enforced and ended with draw. The two matches were played between India and Australia on 18th Feb 2013. The Australian batsmen were exposed by India due to left-arm spinner Rakesh Dhruv and off-spinner Jalaj Saxena excelled with an impressive display. Rakesh Dhruv who is belonging to Gujarat take 5 wickets and 51 runs while an excellent player from Madhya Pradesh who is all rounder Jalaj Saxena take 4 wickets and scored 61 runs during practice matches. In the first Test match Dhruv and Saxena’s performance will certainly compound their worries and at the same time encourage Harbhajan Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha to go all out against Michael Clarke’s men.
In first inning Australia scored 235 in reply india got 451 runs. With 216-run deficit, India A skipper Gautam Gambhir enforced follow-on and Australian did a shade better in their second essay by finishing on 195 for three at the Guru Nanak College ground.
For 31-year-old Dhruv, who is a veteran of 75 first-class matches and is not a contender for the national side, this performance will certainly be the most memorable one of his career.

Visit Cricket Bats Online in India

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How to care the Cricket Bat and Equipments


Cricket equipment needs to be cared very gently, and  from the moment you purchase your very first cricket bat, there are many things to bear in mind.  In cricket equipment cricket bat is mostly needed special care and maintenance. The life  of your cricket bat is totally depend on how thoroughly it has been knocked-in, and properly oiled with raw linseed oil. The toe and the edges are the most important parts of the cricket bat, so we should regularly concentrate on them first. The biggest enemies of your bat is water because willow absorbs water and moisture very easily, so always keep  your cricket equipment dry. The storage of cricket equipment is most important part of caring. The poor storage can lead to broken bats or it may out of shape.


SG Kashmir VS 319 Plus-khelmart.com

SG Kashmir VS 319 Plus-khelmart.com

  • During hot cricket season cricket equipment should be stored  in a cool and dry place and don’t let it dry out.
  • During practice time, bats get breaks out due to old cheap practice balls because these balls are very hard in nature. If you have a option, use an old bat for practice and keep your best bat for scoring more runs.
  • Especially the toe region get rapidly worse because too much moisture will cause wooden cricket equipment to swell, so keep your bat dry.
  • After every season give it a good service to your cricket equipment  If a small cracks appear, you can repair with wood glue or any best glue, and give a few oiling.

The most safe place is garage where you can store cricket equipment easily as it is cool as well as dry throughout the year.

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Yonex Nanospeed 100 Badminton Racquet -Review By Khelmart

Yonex Nanospeed 100 is the most popular model from the house of Yonex. It’s the light head Yonex badminton racquet with silver , purple and black colours. The racquet is best in class in economical series. Cover of this racquet is three quarter length cover – full cover.
Length of the Yonex Nanospeed 100 is slightly more , Handle of this Badminton racquet is shorter while racquet shaft is long.
Frame is thicker from head side which is around 0.5 mm.
Specifications of racquet are:
Yonex Nanospeed 100 Badminton Racquet

Yonex Nanospeed 100 Badminton Racquet

Series : Nanospeed
Ideal For : Senior
Flexibility : Flexible
Grip  Size : G4
Body Material : Graphite
Shaft Material : Graphite Carbon Nanotube
Other Body Features : Isometric Square Head Shape
This is a pre strung nanospeed series racquet having perfect string tension, it is ready to play racquet. Additional string tension will provide more repulsion for smashes. Nowadays Yonex Badminton Racquets are coming with increased string tension. It means Yonex is also improving the material properties to sustain the increased impact need.
This is a flexible shaft racket which gives more power during smash shot. Overall this a very good Yonex Badminton racquet. Good graphics and performance on low budget however quality is super , Khelmart gives 4.5 marks out of 5.
Visit similar products on Yonex Badminton Racquet Online
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India and Australia Cricket Test Match Series |Information and schedule

india and australia Cricket test match  series

india and australia Cricket test match series

On Friday, 22 February 2013 India Vs Australia Cricket Test Series will Started and this schedule is declared by The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This series is an international bilateral series which is organized by india. There will be total 4 test matches in the series. First test match between India and Australia will be on 22 February-13 at MA Chidambaram Stadium – Chepauk, Chennai.
For the second Test, the teams will then move to Hyderabad, from 2 March 2013 to 6 March 2013. The action will subsequently shift to the north.
“The third Test from 14 March 2013 to 18 March will be host at Mohali , and the fourth, from 22 March 2013 to 26 March 2013 was finally in Delhi’s Ferozeshah Kotla Ground. It was the venue where the teams first played for the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, in October 1996,”
The team is fully prepared to play in India however, the players of India should do hard work and lots of practice will be done against Australia. In recent Series India have got defeat against Pakistan in ODIs but India have also won the series from England so they have mixed feeling to results in this series.
Key Points:
  1. Gautam Gambhir is not playing in this test series.
  2. Harbhajan Singh picked for first two Tests
  3. Mitchell Starc Fast bowling would be the main focus while he’ll play on Indian sub continent pitches.
india and australia Cricket test match  series mitchell-starc

india and australia Cricket test match series mitchell-starc

Date and Time Match Details and Series
Fri Feb 22 - Tue Feb 26  1st Test - India vs Australia
09:30 local | 04:00 GMT MA Chidambaram Stadium – Chepauk, Chennai
Sat Mar 2 - Wed Mar 6  2nd Test - India vs Australia
09:30 local | 04:00 GMT Rajiv Gandhi Int. Stadium, Hyderabad
Thu Mar 14 - Mon Mar 18  3rd Test - India vs Australia
09:30 local | 04:00 GMT Punjab C.A. Stadium, Mohali
Fri Mar 22 - Tue Mar 26  4th Test - India vs Australia
09:30 local | 04:00 GMT Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
- India vs Australia  Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

For Cricket Player , See Cricket Bats
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Best Yonex Tennis Rackets – Khelmart Reivew


Best Yonex Tennis Rackets :

Yonex VCORE Xi 100:

A great option for aggressive base liners or all-court players in search of speed, spin and precision. The VCore Xi 100 updates the V Core 100 S with Xi Technology. The result is an expanded sweet spot along with more stability and power higher in the string bed. This is good news for the aggressive topspin player who wants more responsiveness near the tip of the frame. From the baseline our play testers discovered exceptional precision with a nice blend of maneuverability and stability. The manageable swing weight (305 RDC) and head light balance make this tennis racquet easy to swing fast so players can maximize racquet head speed for heavy spin. The open 16×19 pattern creates a comfortable and lively feel. At net the fast feel is great for quick exchanges, while the relatively stable hitting surface creates a solid feel at impact. On serves this one whips powerfully through the hitting zone, making it easy to add both spin and pace.
Yonex VCORE Xi 98:
Best suited to 4.0+ rated players who want exceptional maneuverability and control from all areas of the court, the VCore Xi 98 updates the V Core 98 D with some extra comfort, stability and power. Yonex’s Xi Technology (Extra Isometric Head Shape) expands the sweet spot toward the top of the frame, while the Micro Core technology strengthens and adds weight to the upper hoop. Taken together, these updates not only deliver a more arm-friendly ride, they give advanced players a more responsive contact zone higher in the string bed. From the baseline the feel is one of crisp comfort and spin-friendly precision, while at net the blend of maneuverability and stability make for easy volleying. The manageable swing weight (311 RDC) and headlight balance help propel the racquet swiftly through contact on serves. The result is easy access to spin and power from the first serve to the finishing shot.
Yonex VCORE Xi 100 Lite :
Ideal for the 4.0+ level player looking for a fast feel and controllable power, the V Core 100 Xi Lite comes with a little more stability higher in the string bed thanks to the Xi and Micro Core Technology. The result is an expanded sweetspot along with more power available near the tip of frame. This is good news for the aggressive base liner who wants the added leverage of a higher contact point. Factor in the manageable 10.3 oz static weight and the open 16×19 string pattern, and you have all the ingredients for power and spin. Grounds trokes benefit from a head heavy balance, which helps steady the racquet as the pace goes up. Having a little extra weight in the head also helps stabilize the racquet on volleys where the speedy feel lends itself to effortless preparation and more decisive put-aways. Finally, the quick response makes it easy to stay aggressive on service returns, while the generous sweet spot provides a nice platform for making comfortable contact. Best suited to intermediates looking for spin-friendly racquet with a nice blend of power and precision.
Yonex VCORE Xi Team
A great option for the intermediate player seeking all-around play ability in a very light package, the VCore Xi Team updates the VCore 98 with high density urethane in the upper hoop. The result is improved stability and easier access to power. From the baseline the light weight translates into faster swings, allowing for easy depth and spin. Our TW testers found this racquet to offer exceptional responsiveness and control on slow to medium paced exchanges. The open 16×20 string pattern is not only lively and comfortable, but it also supplies all the bite needed for hitting effective spin. Finesse players will have enough feel on shorter strokes to execute touch shots. At net this racquet feels lightning fast, making it a great option for those who like to serve and volley. On serve there’s easy spin and pace to be had thanks to how swiftly this one propels through contact. All in all this is a great all-court Yonex racquet for intermediate singles and doubles players in search of maneuverability and easy stroke production.
Yonex VCORE Xi Team Plus
Best suited to intermediate and advanced players, the VCore Xi Team Plus is strategically weighted with high density urethane near the tip of the frame. The result is improved stability in the hitting zone and greater ball speed off the face of the racquet. At 27.5 inches long and weighing under 11 ounces, the VCore Xi Team Plus supplies the player with the leverage and momentum to swing fast and create pace. The open 16×20 string pattern supplies plenty of bite so that the power can be controlled with spin. Taken together these specs add up to precise and heavy balls. At net the added reach helps with defensive stabs, and there’s also more than enough pop to keep the ball deep or hit blistering overheads. On serves the added length translates into slices with more action and kickers with more explosive bounces. Best suited to 4.0+ players looking for a maneuverable extended length racquet with easy access to power and spin.
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