Complete Guide on Cricket bat Grains Concepts

In a cricket bat grains define the quality of willow and performance of bat. More Grains cricket bat means better bat performance and better Willow quality. Cricket Players are preferred to select the bat with more grain & straight grain profile. In this blog we shall explain the concept of cricket bat grains with innovative image gallery.

Following are the type of Grains and according to the range of Cricket bats from Various Series:

Cricket bat Grains Concept - English Willow Clefts

Best Quality English Willow Cleft:

The best quality English Willow cleft gives top grade Bats. In this type of Willow cleft, Grains are straight, clear and looks like embossed profile. Following are the key characteristics of Best Quality Willow clefts:

  1. The Best Quality English Willow Cleft bats contain 8 to 15 grains.
  2. Grains are straight in nature.
  3. Distance between the grains looks equal.
  4. Grains look like embossed profile.
  5. Top End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats , Best Grains Profile

Indian manufactures Cricket Bats like SS Gladiator, SS Limited Edition, SF Limited Edition, SG Sunny Legends, BDM Dynamic Power Super are the top end bats and contain best quality English Willow Profile.

Points to be consider before Select the Higher End English Willow Bat:

While higher End Cricket bats are produce with best quality English Willow cleft but Players need to check following points:

  1. Check if grains are through – It means grains profiles should be same as front and back face of the bat.
  2. Numbers of Grains should be same at shoulder and toe of the bat.
  3. There should be no blemishes on back side of bat, even check if any knot inside the sticker.
  4. No Knot behind the sticker will consider OK for grade 1 English Willow Cricket bat.
  5. Check Bat willow moister level if possible, Willow Should be naturally seasoned which gives optimum level of moisture in Willow.

Apart from these check points, Top Grade English willow gives best bat performance, Players can check the cricket ball ping. To check the Bat ping take as used cricket ball and ping in on bat. Good willow will give you excellent ping from Bat even in the toe area and bat corners.

Intermediate Quality English Willow Cleft:

Intermediate quality willow or grade 2 or grade 3 is most common type and Bat manufactures produces most of the intermediate cricket bats from this series of willow cleft.

Following are the quality of intermediate quality English Cleft bats:


  1. This type of English Willow Cleft bats contain 6 to 10 grains
  2. Most of the grains look straight (few Grains may contain slanted profile).
  3. Few knots can be observed at back side of the bats. (But no knot should be appear on front face)
  4. Grains profile may look different at front and back (It doesn’t give any impact of bat performance)


Points to be consider before Select the Intermediate Quality English Willow Bat:

  1. Check the possibility to get the maximum numbers of grains
  2. Check there should not be any knot at playing and back side of the bat, especially on sweet spot.
  3. Grains should be through – End to End and frond to back side of the bat.
  4. Check there should not be any blemishes on face of the bat.

Performance of Intermediate Quality Cricket Bat:

Performance of an intermediate quality English Willow cricket bat will be based on its grains profile, bat shape and Sweet spot location. Bat with 8 straight grains with thick edge and middle positioned sweet spot will perform extra ordinary on cricket ground. It will give superb bat stroke, even in off sweet spot position ball contact. It will be durable bat for extended cricket use.

Middle End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats

SS Ton Limited Edition , SS KPS Power , SG RSD Ultimate , SF Triumph , BDM master Blaster comes in this category.

Lower End Quality English Willow Cleft:

Lower End quality English Willow cleft bats are made for beginners and practice sessions for average cricket players.  It is made from lower end English willow cleft and consists following characteristics.

  1. Limited or less numbers of grains
  2. Grains are not straight.
  3. Grains profile is not clear
  4. Cleft could have 1-2 knots at back side.
  5. Few Blemishes can be observed on the face of the bat

Points to be consider before Select the Intermediate Quality English Willow Bat:

  1. Try to select the bat with more numbers of grains.
  2. Clearly check the bat faces and especially under the brand stickers, there should not be any visible knot on bat face.
  3. Check the edge of cricket bat, it should be more than 35 mm.


Performance of Low Quality Cricket Bat:

If a bat with low quality English willow cleft having 2-3 grains, edge thickness with 36 mm, concave profile and middle sweet spot position then it will give best in class cricket bat performance. This type of cricket bat will give best performance even with used cricket ball. These bats will be suitable for beginners.

Lower End English willow Cleaft Cricket Bats

SS Magnum , SS Ton Orange , SG Super Cover , SG Destroyer , BDM Admiral Jumbo , SF Warrior are classified into this series .



This guide will give you basic information of English Willow Cleft quality and its uses. English Willow bats performance are total based on willow quality, how it has been processes and manufactured. Players need to clearly identify the right cricket bat based on playing style. While top grade Enhlish Willow is the best option but most of the time intermediate quality cleft bats can offer good bat performance.

Intermediate quality willow is most common across the cricketers due to economical option and best bat performance. Players with good sense of bat selection and knowledge on willow quality can select best bat from intermediate quality.

Khelmart English Willow Cricket bats with multi brands options will help cricketer to select the perfect bat as per playing style and need.




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