Complete Guide How to Buy on Gold Standard 100 Whey Proteins

About Gold Standard 100 Whey Proteins:

ON whey protein is treaded as best whey protein supplement available in marketWith superior quality and state of the art formula’s, it gives best supplant which benefits to its end users. ON developed new and innovative filtration processes for getting finest quality whey protein isolate at best price. While there are lots of demands of ON Gold standard whey protein, user needs to carefully see the label to compare the whey protein with other brands.

ON Gold standard supplements Guide

In this blog post we shall explain the process of comparing the whey protein of different brands. This blog will help you in following ways:


  • It will explain the way to identify the original ON Gold standard supplements Products.
  • It will explain you the different points which you need to take care while you see the labels.
  • It will give you clear idea of “How to identify the low quality supplement brands”

Point 01: Check out the Number of serving per container:

ON Gold standard supplements Guide Point 01

When you select any brand to buy the whey protein then you need to check how much quality of whey protein you are getting in each serving. For example, if you are getting the 2.5 lbs of whey protein container then you have to cross checked the how many servings you are getting per container. Moreover, you need to also cross checked how much protein you are getting per containers. You can check it by multiplying grams of protein per serving and numbers of serving per containers.  These grams of protein per container are to be cross checked with total weight of containers.

As an example, ON Gold Standard Whey Protein, Box of 5 Lbs will give you total 1632Gms of protein per container.  As a user, you need to cross check the total number protein per container (See Image to see “How to calculate the Gms of protein per container”)


Point 02: Checkout the Ingredients of Supplement:

ON Gold standard supplements Guide Point 02

Ingredients of any supplements are very important. User need to crosscheck the ingredients of health supplements. As per low, Ingredient of any health supplements should clearly listed on label of supplement boxes. Ingredients of any supplements are important for uses as it can give a clear idea of value of that supplement.  For example, If two companies whey protein are of similar in price but one company is used a cheaper quality whey protein and it is not listed on ingredient label and it will give wrong information related to whey protein quality. For Example, If a company listed protein source as proteinaceous avian nucleus. It means it is egg abstract and considered as low quality protein which you can easily get from whole egg at cheaper price. Similarly, if Sodium chloride is listed as ingredient then you should remember it is just as slat. Small brand follow these practice to grain more sales but as a user you should consider all points. Remember, All the good quality whey protein concentrate is obtained from ultra filtering process which is very costly process, moreover it contains microfractions like alpha lactalbumin, beta lacto­globulin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides.

Point 03: Checkout the Manufactured or For:

ON Gold standard supplements Guide Point 03

It is fact that original manufacturer very hardly give rights to manufactured the product with other companies. It is common practice in Supplements industries to put the label on already manufactured supplements product. Many companies don’t invest on developing quality manufacturing processes; they just put their labels on common formula.

As a user you need to carefully check following Phrases:

  • Manufactured For
  • Distributed By
  • Packed For

These phrases means, Product is not manufactured by original Manufactures. ON supplements are always manufactured with a unique formula which is developed by Optimum Nutrition. You will find the manufactured by ON marked on label which indicates the original manufacture.


There are different brand are available in market for supplying the health supplement. As a user you need to carefully check the all parameter listed above in this post. Optimum Nutrition is a true manufacture and they spend lots of efforts on developing unique formulas for whey protein, mass gainers and other high quality products. Before you take any decision, check out what values you are getting by spending the money.

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