Asics Gel Cricket Shoes: All New 2019 Models for Professional Players

Cricket is a game of uncertainty, and any movement whether it is balance or feet movement can become a reason for the walk towards the dressing room or stay at the crease. Players have to attain every single aspect of the game with precision before walking towards the ground and proper feet balance or stance before picking up the bat or ball.

We have seen many unbalanced movements of the feet during the game and often it creates the reason for injuries. That is why the role of the proper footwear came into existence. Cricket shoes are the most imperative part of the players and sports. These spikes shoes come with numerous varieties to meet the demand of the sport and to offer every possible aid to the players.

Now the concept of the cricket shoes with spikes can be seen with different levels of grip, and according to the personal preference. These shoes can carry any form of format- whether it is Fielding, bowling or batting. The essential quality of extra grip gives you the freedom as a batsman to shuffle and move fast between the crease and for the bowlers to deliver the ball fast as much as you can.

Every player has its own choice related to cricket accessories. Some outdoor sports players often prefer to wear extra spikes cricket shoes, because these extra spikes allow you to attain better grip in the field while you are chasing the ball or going to the ball. In terms of batting, players often prefer cricket shoes which have the option of half spikes and half rubber studs on the shoes. This combination gives you the authority to play according to the need of the situation, it means a player can adjust their spikes and according to the surface.

So let’s check out some Asics cricket shoes and their specification to find the best of 2019.

1) Asics GEL-300 NOT OUT

The GEL-300 Not Out cricket shoe comes up with much-advanced technology. It brings forward with the PU plate construction of earlier Not Out models. To mitigate the weight and for better comfort and performance, this shoe is now outfitted with a FlyteFoam technology midsole.

The upper part of the shoe is structured to give the best support, and for the internal support, it comes with the welded internal support straps. That is beneficiary for pivots and bursts of movements. This cricket shoe is made to perform at all formats of the game.


Shoe Technologies:

This product has External Stability Clutch Counter and Kangaroo Leather Vamp for the life-long performance. PGuard® Toe Protector and DuoMax® Support System features to strengthen every part of the Asics shoes. Along with Trusstic System® Technology, External Stability Clutch Counter and Full Metal PU Forefoot Studs & Soft PU Rearfoot Studs are incorporated to provide immense power.

2) Asics Gel Gully 5 Full Spike Cricket Shoes color WHITE AND RED ALART


This Asics GEL-GULLY 5 full spike cricket shoe is made for mainly batting and fielding. The shoe has been structured to provide cushioning and aids despite the lightweight quality. It is built on a SpEVA Lasting 55 midsole, and also include the feature of PGuard, and reinforced element attached to the forefoot to enhance protection and durability. And the inclusion of PHF technology makes assurance of snug and friction-free fit.

Shoe Technologies:

This shoes shows the PGuard® Toe Protector feature along with the quality of Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning Systems. Removable Sock liner and SpEVA® Lasting 55 increase the performance and durability with the combination of Solyte® Midsole Material.

Product Specifications

Ascis GEL-GULLY 5 is made from good quality material with major aspects like, Synthetic Leather, Mesh used for Outer side and sole material is based on Rubber, which enhances the life of product and its performance too.


3) Asics Gel Peake 5 Cricket Shoes White Black and Red 


Asics Gel Peak 5 cricket shoes are made with advance Gel technology and that is carefully placed at critical part of cricket shoes, it means front and rear mid sole. To absorb the impact load and to offer comfort, it provides high quality of soft and shock absorbing material.

In the heel area, gel technology absorbs the impact load to provide better and comfortable feel to players while playing.


As we all know that right balance and stability makes precision and it is important for an athlete. ASICS brand uses the impact guidance system to improve the stability. Basically, an Impact guided system is series of small components which are added into the shoes which gives better stability and ease to transfer the foot.

In simple words, heel counter is the core concept, which provides the extra support to heel through which better stability can be offered to the shoe. This feature descendent down the unwanted heel movement and gives stability in the player’s foot.


ASICS uses the Fly Foam concept, to make this shoe light weight. And Fly-Foam is the major concept in which light weight microfiber element is used to make the upper.

To make high quality, flexible and durable outer sole, Asics used rubber and polymer outer sole that is developed with most advance molding technology. This best material and advance molding technology provides the best cricket sole for better performance.


This shoe is designed with color graphics that generates the attraction with base color of white and red and orange top on it. And the sole color of this shoe is orange and white that looks pretty attractive.



4) Asics Gel Odi Cricket Shoes

This product is especially designed for the cricket players. ASICS Gel Odi 5 cricket shoe has the quality of smoothness and comfort, which helps the players to perform in the ground. To provide more flexibility and extra grip on the ground, the sole of the shoe is made with rubber which gives better performance and durability.

Outer material of the footwear is made with mesh and synthetic leather which will give you the desired performance. It is designed with Gel and Fluid Ride Technology which will give you the extra absorbing and extra bounce on the ground. Basically, it is made for the highly professional and advance level players. On the basis of color aspect, it comes with White/Navy/Neon Orange Color.

Product Specifications

The Sole Material is made from Rubber and laces are provided for the closures. GEL and fluid ride technology are used for the comfort making. And it gives you different choices of White/Navy/Neon Orange.


5) GEL-100 NOT OUT

The GEL-100 Not Out is a perfect combination of cricket shoe. It offers some imperative features like removable studs and also the Rear foot GEL unit to mitigate shock. The upper part has been structured by durable materials and incorporates mesh panels for comfort and breathability during the play. Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System makes it even great.

Product Specifications

Some other quality features like Synthetic leather and mesh which is used for the outer material design are included. Sole material is totally based on Rubber stud and durable performance.



After discussing all the aspects of the cricket shoes and its essential qualities, we got some core ideas about the cricket shoes. If you are indulging in a sport like cricket and have the desire to attain specific aims of career, then you must go for the best without any doubt. There have always been some queries related to accessories which every player wants to solve. Asics gives several options to meet your requirements. For an example, if you want to play cricket, then you have to select appropriate shoes with spikes.

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Review of MRF Grand Edition Virat Kohli Bat – Unmatched Performance

MRF brand and its association with cricket bats will remind you the golden era of world cricket. This deadly combination gave the first and only 400 runs inning in the test cricket. Fastest 100 of One day cricket has also been associated with MRF bats. World cup final, 2011, Gautam Gambhir’s crucial innings of 97 to Virat Kohli’s fastest century for India in One day cricket, all came with the same deadliest combination.

Sachin Tendulkar, who is known as the “God of cricket”, played with MRF BAT  in his most of the career. And one thing if you have noticed that these bats are associated with the bests, it means starting from Sachin Tendulkar to great Brain Lara, Australia’s Steve Waugh to South Africa’s AB De Villiers, and now Shikhar Dhawan to Indian Captain Virat Kohli, this brand likes to connect its name with all-time greats.

So let’s check out some star players and their association with MRF brand.

MRF Bats by Khelmart

MRF Bats by Khelmart

1) Sachin Tendulkar

He was the first player who put the MRF brand’s tag on the map of the cricketing world. Tendulkar is solely responsible for the MRF’s brand value and for the status of MRF bats.

After the ending of the 1996 World Cup, Sachin singed the deal with MRF’s company for the endorsement. After some time, people started to recognize that he used MRF bat while playing, whenever he walked in the ground and then the era began for the little master. It is true, that was the time of Gray Nicolls and Slazenger bats, and whenever the batsman uses something different and unique, it is started to recognize.

2) Brian Lara

The West Indian cricketer was the later entry to the MRF list, but despite that what an inclusion he was. He was one of the greatest brand ambassadors for the MRF bats. He will be remembered for his unbelievable 400 runs innings. Brian Lara’s career is completely defined by the MRF bats that bags the biggest records in international cricket for him.


3) Virat Kohli

After the era of great Sachin Tendulkar, the legacy is continuing with the name of Virat Kohli. We can say that in so many ways, Virat is not lesser than the great little master. The star batsman started his career with Nike’s tag on his bat. But after he started to rule the cricketing world, he followed the ceremonial of a great batsman and associated himself with MRF’s bat, and after that, the whole world knows what he has done.

And this the only reason why Kohli’s bat shows the tag of “Genius” on his bat, and interestingly the same phrase Sachin’s bat also used to carry.

4) AB De Villiers

The star batsman of South Africa is also associated with MRF’s bat, although this brand partnership was for not too long. But there were many greats of the game who had been associated with MRF like Australia batsman Steve Waugh and former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir who scored the most valuable runs for the Indian side in the world cup, 2011. Current Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan and New sensation of India, Parthiv Shah also stand in the elite list of MRF bats.

Virat and MRF Brand



Around twenty years back from now, the concept of sports endorsements in India was redefined by Mark Mascarenhas when Sachin bagged the deal of 100 crores and merged as the first cricketer of this sort of brand value. And still, these numbers create a commotion when someone says about the 100 crore deal or endorsement.


India’s star batsman and captain and being considered as the biggest ever brand since Sachin, has signed the humongous endorsement deal of eight-year with Rs 100 crore to have MRF tag on his bat, it means more than Rs 12 crore a year. And his last three-year contract with MRF brand was for Rs 8 crore.


After this contract with MRF Company, Virat has set the definition of brand value in the cricketing world. If we talk about some other players in the sponsorship world then this list goes like this, MS Dhoni is next in line when it comes to bigger prices of bat sponsorships among Indian cricketers, who bags Rs 4 crore a year. Vice-Captain of the Indian team Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan takes Rs 3 crore a year on their homes, while Raina’s bat contract is around worth of Rs 2.5 crore and Ajinkya Rahane’s also bagged Rs 2 crore per year.


MRF grand Edition

The captain and star player of the Indian cricket team uses MRF bat, which is made from A Grade English willow. In term of weight, it is around 1.1 to 1.23 that provides the right balance and ease to open his arm quickly.

This bat has a curved blade, with a thickness of ranging from 38 to 42 mm. The MRF Virat Kohli Bat costs between Rs 17,000 to Rs 23,000. Usually, the number of grains on the bat is the basic parameter to determine the bat’s price. Kohli’s grand edition bats have eight to 12 grains on its surface.

As we have discussed that the price of a bat totally depends on the number of grains on its surface. And the grains are the lines that determine the life of the willow. They say the more the grains, better the shots. And anything which is above 7 grains is considered as high quality.




The feature of MRF grand edition

Weight: varies from 1.1 to 1.23 kg.

Willow: A grade English Willow.

Handle: quality of Shock absorption with a 9-piece cane.

Edges: Shows the thickness range of 38 to 42 mm with Curved blade.




This bat is purely handcrafted with latest equipment which makes it unique in itself. The section of the sweet spot and the weight of the cricket bat is highly maintained for a long and better performance.

Some other players like MSD use special bats called Spartan MSD 7 Limited Edition, for the attainment of the special tasks. These bats weigh around 1.1 to 1.25 kg and show the larger swell depth. It means these bats have a bigger sweet spot. For better balance and performance, these edition bats feature a nine-piece cane handle.

The world boss Chris Gayle’s uses his favourite Spartan CG “The boss” bat for an explosive inning. Because these handcrafted cricket bats have a large bow, great light pickup edges quality which stretched to the 40 mm and 12-piece cane handle. These special editions bat weighs around 1.1 to 1.3 kg.

The deadly combination of Virat and MRF grand edition

Kohli has said “When it comes to chasing, I love to challenge myself. I like to test my ability to hit the strokes and the essential quality of rotating the strikes.” This word shows the defiant strength itself.

The captain of the Indian cricket team and one of the greatest of the game likes to play aggressively with his MRF grand edition cricket bat. He is naturally an attacking batsman with strong batting techniques. And the stats speak itself, Kohli has already smashed 41 One international hundreds in just 225 matches at the age of 30.



Kholi has shown the daring and fiercely talent with his MRF cricket bat. In a very short span of time, Virat has emerged as the pack-leading face of the world cricket. With his bottom-hand grip and the drastic ability to smash the balls, makes him the best in the world. With his world-class performance, he has made the reputation of King of cricket.

With his MRF grand edition bat, he likes to flick the ball down the ground, he loves to play the cracking cover drives and the ability of sweep shots and solid defence makes the world to salute this gentleman of the game.

The star batsman himself stated that “He used to copy the great Sachin Tendulkar and copies him the way he batted and hits the balls.” The Former West Indies captain and star of the 90’s era, great Vivian Richards, who was considered as the most destructive and brutal batsman in the world cricket, once stated that “Kohli reminds him of himself”.




After discussing every aspect of the MRF brand history with the greats and Kohli’s grand edition, we can say the best always chooses the best. Virat and the combination of the genius grand edition is the most brutal and deadliest pair of the world cricket in the history of world cricket. Both are invincible in any form of the game, whether it is the test, one day or the fastest cricket.

Check the Full Range of 2019 MRF Cricket Bat

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