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Li Ning N 90 lll badminton racket is a top range badminton racket in the series of Li Ning Higher End badminton rackets. This badminton racket has specially designed for offensive player and attack oriented players with strong power with control. Li-Ning N 90 lll racket is a completely new frame that gives very sharp the angle to shuttlecock for a totally different playing style. Li-Ning N 90 lll frame is made up of carbon fiber with Stabilizo Torsion angle, Wind Stabilizer, Aerotec-Beam system and 3D break free technology. LN N 90 lll racket is available in 88-89 gm weight with 200mm grip length and moderate tube elasticity. This racket is available in white and red color with 675mm shaft length. This racket is designed to give more repulsion and quick racket swing. The newest Li Ning Badminton Racket has changed the stroke speed and playing style. This Li Ning Badminton Racket provides you beautiful balance and completely unique feel. Li Ning N 90 III is an improved version of LI Ning N90II. With great success of N 90 II and excellent feedbacks from professional players, Li Ning further optimized the racket fame material, its design and overall racket dynamics to give best in class racket for professional players.  Experienced and offensive badminton player like Lin Dan is brand ambassador for this racket and it’s contains the super power of Lin Dan smashes. With Li Ning N 90 III, Badminton player will effectively utilize the playing skills will its higher design & material standards.

Lin dan

Li ning N90 lll Badminton Racket

li ning

About Li Ning N 90 Racket Technology-

1)      3 D Break Free

2)      Dynamic Optimum Frame

3)      Stabilized Torsion Angle

4)      TB Nano Powertec

5)      PDF Reinforcing

6)      Aerotec Beam System

7)      Bio Inner Cone

 1)    3 D Break Free Technology-

3 D Break free technology is the part of the mega power series and has specially manufactured for Offensive badminton players that want to play with maximum power while player can put best in class control on racket. This badminton racket has manufactured with heavier head while delivering wonderful shuttle strokes ability with higher balance point moreover due to its optimized design shape racket perform better in air and offers great swing speed. Racket frame is equipped with technology which includes combination of carbon fiber reinforcing and multi polymer. 3 D break free technology enhances the swing and strength of the smashing power and reduces wind drag by 8.7%. This racket gives you more power and speedy racket handling and mega power series is a perfect choice for dominant Players.

 About 3 D break Free Technology

 2)    Dynamic Optimum Frame-

Dynamic Optimum Frame has design to improve racket formation for more competent attack and all-round performance. This frame has increased the racket rebound power, extends suspend area and hitting speed. The new and innovative frame technique increases the sweet spot point and spin to extend upward direction and striking point is moved higher. This technology provides you more power, control and speedy racket handling. This badminton racket is the choice of professional badminton players. Overall, with optimum frame, players will get more power on shots while its optimized frame will give you better racket handling.

About Dynamic Optimum Frame Technology

 3)    Stabilized Torsion Angle-

Stabilized Torsion Angle gives better and improved flexibility to the badminton racket. This technology is designed for players who force their opponents into the back of the court with great speed and powerful smashes. It gives you more power and beautiful balance and high quality sweet spot. This racket is dedicated to aggressive badminton players with all-round performance.

 About Stabilized Torsion Angle Technology

 4)    TB Nano Powertec-

TB Nano Powertec has the application of nanometer technology. This technology has design to breaks the boundary in hitting intensity and all round way. Li-Ning TB Nano powertec material ensures stronger hits for its badminton racket and it enhances nano material bonds the carbon fiber with ordinary perfection. Li-Ning N 90 lll has made of carbon fiber material with 20% strength increased.

About TB Nano Powertec Technology

 5)    PDF Reinforcing  Technology-

PDF Reinforcing has a reinforced quality racket with multi layer carbon fibers material with superb handcraft that gives you excellent performance. Li-Ning N 90 lll badminton racket has made of reinforced material by carbon fibers for all-round performance. The carbon fibers are distinguished in stiffness according to different angle. With this type of carbon fiber placement at racket head gives stronger racket configuration with enhanced stiffness and durability. With multiple layers at precise points, this has greatly improves the power on smashes and durable performance of the racket. This racket is dedicated to aggressive badminton players with all round performance.

 About  PDF Reinforcing  Technology

 6)    Aerotec Beam System-

Aerotec Beam system has foundation of higher computation system. This racket has manufactured with high power to enable the player’s performance in different ways and great low air resistance. The aerodynamic design badminton racket is suitable for all round payers with different playing styles. Li Ning N 90 lll is specially designed to those players who want to dominate in the game by adopting the very fast racket swing speed. This badminton racket is dedicated to all round performance players. The newest Li ning badminton racket has changed the stroke speed and playing style.

   About Aerotec Beam System

7)    Bio Inner Cone-

Li Ning has introduced he traditional shaft design of bio inner cone shaped racket. This technology has designed to increase flexibility of the racket, controlled feel. It has enable athletes to express their purpose in a clearer and perfectly controlled way. With new innovation and Li- Ning trust, this racket will be the first choice of aggressive badminton players. Li-Ning N 90 lll is specially designed for powerful and offensive players.

About Bio inner cone technology


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