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Ashaway emerged as a technological advance company in the field of Badminton equipments & Apparels. Ashaway R&D team has done lots on work on Badminton racket frame design, its material, aero dynamics and other elements to improve the overall performance of the racket. To do so, Ashaway introduces lots of in-house technologies in racket different part. As a player, we must understand these technologies so that we can get better idea about Ashaway product range. Moreover, by understanding product technology will helps us in getting the best racket as per game and playing need.

In this Blog we shall explain the state of Art Ashaway Badminton Rackets Technologies and its benefits on player’s performance.

  • Ashaway PHANTOM AIR-FLOW Badminton Racket Technology: It is known fact that the top of the racket head is the fastest moving part in any badminton racket. In order to decrease the drag and to improve propelling force of racket, Ashaway done the research on frame i.e. Phantom Air-Flow. Phantom Air-Flow provides you flattened aerodynamics frame profile at the top of the racket which results into increasing swing speed. With better swing speed, player can dominate in game with powerful badminton smashes and cross corner shots. With PAF, player gets best racket feel while by fast racket swing he or she can place better shots on minimum reaction time which is very important in critical badminton tournaments. In PAF technology, shape of upper frame has been improved significantly to change the overall aero dynamic of racket frame. In this, shape of upper part of frame changed as per aerodynamic suitability.

Ashaway Phantom Air Flow Badminton Racket Technology

  • Ashaway SLIM FRAME Badminton Racket Technology: In this racket frame technology, frame is further optimized to provide you more aerodynamic and maneuverable frame with better feel and control. Optimizing the shape and cross section of frame results into compact frame by which player gets maneuverable frame. With compact and maneuverable frame, badminton player will get better racket swing which helps in performing fast and responsive shots. At mid court, player can dominate in the game with fast and quick returns.

Ashaway Slim Frame Badminton Racket Technology


  • Ashaway VIPER WEAVES Badminton Racket Technology: In badminton racket game, frame stability of head is most important because if the racket head is stable then it will give you accurate shuttle path in court. Moreover, with stable racket head player can control the shuttle very effectively. In Ashaway badminton racket Technology, the Viper Alloy is mixed with carbon layers which will provide you increased lateral forces. Increased frame lateral force will give more rigid and stable frame.  As results of increased lateral forces, badminton player will get stable racket head and get precisely controlled on shots. With this technology incorporated in the racket frame, player can accurately and precisely control the shuttle path.

Ashaway Viper Weave Badminton Racket Technology


  • Ashaway HEX FRAME Badminton Racket Technology: To further improve the aerodynamics of racket frame Ashaway done the research on badminton racket frame cross section shape. Ashaway incorporated the hexagonal cross section frame which helps to increase the badminton racket strength in an ultra slim badminton racket construction. Hexagon cross section on racket frame gives two benefits (1) it will provide less drag on racket frame (2) it will improve the strength of the frame.

Ashaway Hex Frame Badminton Racket Technology


  • Ashaway 40T (40 Tone Carbon) Badminton Racket Technology: Ashaway badminton racket is made with highest grade of graphite which is available as a raw material in the field of badminton equipment manufacturing. This highest grade graphite in researched in Japan with highest specification which will provide you ultra light weight and highly tough material in badminton racket frame. With this new Badminton racket martial technology; player will get optimized stiffness in racket. This will helps in proving better racket flex.

Ashaway 40 Tonne Carbon-Badminton Racket Technology

  • Ashaway Superlight Badminton racket Technology:  In Superlight Technology Ashaway used the carbon fibers in layered configuration. With the help of layered carbon fiber configuration in racket frame parts, Ashaway could produce racket with super light feel. With superlight technology, player will get better racket swing speed and fast racket handling.

Ashaway superlight Badminton Racket Technology

  • Ashaway TOTAL CARBON EXTRACTION (TCX) Badminton Racket Technology: Ashaway Total Carbon Extraction will help to purify the carbon from its raw form which helps to reduce the impurities like as water and pollutants. This TCX technology, Carbon fiber is available in its purest form. This hlps in making the racket finest and stronger which give you ultra stiff and superior strength in badminton racket. With more stiffness, player will get exploding repulsion.

Ashaway TCX Badminton Racket Technology


  • Ashaway NANO Badminton Racket Technology: Ashaway badminton racket is equipped with graphite layers to make the stronger badminton racket with carbon nano tubes. In this racket frame is made with micro engineered carbon nanotubes which is one of the lightest and strongest materials . The Graphite layer of racket frame is equipped with the addition of tubules which will provide you more strength in racket frame without increasing the racket frame weight. With this technology, racket frame will become stronger (With more strength). As a result of this, player will get more power on badminton smashes.Ashaway NANO Badminton Racket Technology

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