Badminton Rackets and Smashes:

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Badminton Rackets and Smashes:
If you are a badminton player and if I asked question that which is your favorite Badminton shot that answer would be common .i.e. Badminton Smash.
Now how to Play and how to improve the Badminton Smash is again a common question. Play Smash with Badminton Rackets is all about technique and training.
Two Very Important parameters which play crucial role are :
1.Direct of Smash
2.Power in Smash
 Apart from this you should also know :
1.Where to hit the shuttle
2.Placement of shuttle




Badminton Smash Technique-

Badminton Smash Technique-


To get perfect direction of smash , you need court awareness  , Body Position and most importantly leading arm, You could not control the any of these , it means
you can not give proper direction to your badminton smash with your badminton Rackets.
To generate the power in your smashes , you need more strengthen muscles. Mainly shoulder and forearm muscle are important while play badminton smash.
You need to workout in order to gain more muscle power, it is important to take proper training.
To make a proper contact between shuttle and Badminton Rackets you need be in proper position , it mean always play shot behind the shuttle. So Make the
Badminton Rackets and Shuttle contact from front.
Further in order to get proper position while play shot, you need speed and fitness level for moving one direction to another direction. You will  also
need to ensure that your feet are in a ‘front to back’ formation with your weight forwards so that the thrust can be made from the back leg which will propel you
forwards as you hit and follow through with the smash.
Finally , you can also improve your Badminton smash Technique  by watching you Badminton Rackets and Shuttle contact , It will really help a lot.
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