Best 5 and latest GM Cricket Bats for Professional Players

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GM Cricket Bats are prepared at GM factory with lots innovative features like XRD® Technology, GM G Tech, Toe Tech, GM Now, Dri Guard , Poron XRD. With these technologies and with 125 Year of experience, GM produces world class cricketing equipment for professional and intermediate players.GM DXM bats are specially manufactured at England Factory.

GM used latest technology like CAD for designing the bats and once product is designed, further NC Codes are uploaded at CAM machine to generate accurate spine and curves of the bats those are very important in cricket bats.

In this Blog we shall explain the Best 5 Cricket bats in GM series.


GM Mana Prestige:

GM Mana Prestige_2

This GM Bat is equipped with F2 edge at low sweet spot area which gives dynamic sweet spot position and helps in maximum swing of bat during stoke playing further due to improve pickup, players feel better shot position and optimum power. GM Mana prestige is build with powerarc bow which gives very light bat pick helps in playing manipulative shots. It is developed with concave back profile but extra wood is kept at critical parts of bat area which insures the combination of power and balance. Handle is fitted with dynamic grip which gives better comfort and gripping actions .It is a pre knocked bat. Overall, GM Mana Prestige is good choice for professional or advance cricket player who wants bat with perfect shape and balance.

Features :

Shortened blade design for dynamic sweetspot.

Powerarc bow.

Engineered power at drive zone.

Concaved back profile – face curvature 4.5mm.

Flatter toe design.

New DYNAMIC grip.

GM Aura F2 Classic Plus:


GM Aura F2 class plus is a traditional shape bat which is developed for intermediate cricket players. Equipped with concave back profile and F2 edge profile , Aura F2 Classic is all round type of bat for all round type of playing style. Bat face profile is flatter which is give maximum power on shots and generate maximum punch. It is developed with Grade 3 English Willow with hand selected technique.

Features :

Grains : 5-7 Grains | Weight : 1180-1250 gm.

Grade 3 English willow.

Handle Size: Short Handle

Massive F2 contoured edges.

Flatter face profile| Low swell Position.

GM Mana Classic Plus English Willow Cricket Bat:


Mana Classic Plus is developed with F 2 edge profile which gives versatile batting style and perfect combination of power and control on shots. Bat face is flat which is designed to deliver the powerful strokes. GM used dynamic sweet spot concept in this bat design, which give flexibility to play shots as per game need. Bat is designed with concave back profile. It is a pre knocked bat. Overall, this bat is suitable for advance cricket player with versatile playing style.

Following are the features of GM Mana Classic Plus:

Features :

Powerarc bow. Engineered power at drive zone.

Concave back profile – face curvature 4.5mm. Flatter toe design. New DYNAMIC grip.

Top of the line Grade I English willow.

Comes with full cover.

GM Mana Paragon Prestige:


This bat is developed with Grade 1 English willow cleft. Player will get 7 to 11 straight grains with embossed like grains profile. Equipped with F4.5 edge profile and dynamic sweet spot which

give all round type of playing style. Its sweet spots looks mid to high but due to its dynamic design, player will get power throughout the blade length. Overall, This bat is suitable for attacking type of game play.

Features :

High swell position.

Extensive swell profile, Engineered lighter swing weight.

Full concaved profile and toe – face curvature 4.5mm.

New DYNAMIC grip.

Top of the line Grade I English willow.

GM Mogul F2 707 English Willow Cricket Bat :

GM MOGUL F2 707_6

GM Mogul F2 707 is developed with extended sweet spot concept and with F2 edge profile. With F2 edge profile and concave back profile, this bat will provide you a light weight bat profile with maximum power and punch. Developed with Grade 2 English Willow (Player will get 7 to 8 straight grains). GM used, Dynamic grip in this bat which gives better feel and comfort. Bat weight is around 1180 to 1200 gms.

Features :

Substantial contoured edges.

Big swell.

Extended sweet spot.

Concaved back profile.

Minor blemishes, may have some color to one edge.

Fitted with good quality treble spring cane handle.

Cricket Players can check out the Full Range of GM Cricket Bats at

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