Best English Willow Cricket Bat In 2017

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Khelmart is dedicated to offer quality services to its buyers. In order to take decision for selecting Higher End English Willow Cricket Bats buyer need to see and research the best those are trading in cricket community. We are listing the best and new best which should be considered before any player go to select the bats. Different brand bat are considered for this comparison along with differed playing parameters like price, usability, durability, performance and quality of bat. Base on comparison values , we have listed following best bats for year  2017.


SS Ton Reserve Edition Cricket Bat:


TON reserve edition is best bat in complete SS Ton series.  Made from premium grade English willow, reserve edition bat will offer 9 to 13 straight grains with clear grains profile without any small blemishes. Willow is processed naturally and seasoned in such a way so that it offers best bat performance with durability. This bat is having low to mid sweet spot position with traditional spine. With the combination of Low to mid sweet spot and tradition shape, bat offers extended sweet spot with maximum power.

Following are the key features of SS TON Reserve Edition Bat:

  • Made from Premium Players Grade English Willow
  • Mid-low Sweet Spot
  • 9 to 13 straight grains
  • 12 Piece swark cane handle with semi oval handle shape
  • 38 to 45 mm edge thickness
  • Traditional Bow shape
  • Slight Concave Face
  • Tow- Square

SG Players  Edition Cricket Bat:



SG Players Edition English willow Cricket Bat is made from good quality material English willow which provides you traditional shape and styled with durable performance. This cricket bat contains 8 to 11 straight grains. This cricket bat handle is made of premium imported Sarawak cane to offer you excellent power pack and great control. This SG bat has toe protected for better durability and maintaining the moisture level. Weight of the bat is 1180 to 1230gms. This bat is suitable for international and senior level players.

Following are the key features of SG Players Edition Bat:

  • Made from Grade A English Willow.
  • Lightweight bat for all round performance.
  • Edge Thickness 40-45 mm.
  • 1180-1230 Grams.
  • 8-11 Straight Grains.
  • Designed for comfort and ease.
  • New Chevtec grip for a superior sense of control.
  • Toe protector for better durability and maintaining the moisture level.

SF Black Edition Cricket Bat:


The Black Edition English willow cricket bat is a fabulous bat from SF. Narrow grains, a clean blade with thick edges, an imposing profile and light weight pick up – this bat has it all.

Following are the key features of SF Black Edition Bat:

  • The Very Top SF Stanford Cricket Bat, made from Grade 1+ English Willow, with 10+ grains.
  • Very Thick Edges (minimum 38mm).
  • Very High Spine (minimum 62mm).
  • Custom Made to ensure highest quality and performance.
  • Full Length Bat Cover included (for no extra cost).
  • Premium Sarawak Cane Handle and Semi-Oval Handle.

Gray Nicolls Oblivion E41 GN9 Cricket Bat:

Gray Nicolls Oblivion E41 GN 9 English Willow Cricket Bat is made from superior quality material. It is equipped with twelve peace cane handle, the Oblivion e41 is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The unique shape of the e41 results in a blade ideally suited for front-foot play. With a light pick-up and an unprecedented 41mm edge profile, Gray-Nicolls are pushing the boundaries of bat-making  to  make it easier for you to reach yours.

Following are the key features of Gray Nicolls Oblivion E41 GN 9 Bat:

  • Made from Premium Players Grade English Willow
  • Mid-low Sweet Spot
  • 9 to 12 dead straight grains
  • 12 piece imported semi oval Sarawak cane handle
  • 37 – 41 mm big edges
  • Factory fitted, GN branded, toe guard for better protection and maintaining the moisture level
  • Slight Concave Face
  • Edge profile Square

New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat:

New Balance TC 1260 English Willow Cricket Bat is made from superior quality material. Bat is equipped with signature style on Joe Root. It is equipped with large sweet spot and big edge which gives better and effective playing area as required by modern cricket game requirements.

Following are the key features of New Balance TC 1260 Bat:

  • Made from Top Grade English Willow
  • Large Sweet spot
  • Good bat ping
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Mid Sweet Spot Position
  • Equipped with 9 Piece Cane Handle
  • Weight of the bat (1160 to 1210 Gms)
  • Suitable for opening batsman (Player who wants more variation and power on shots)


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