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In 1934 NIVIA the India’s leading Sports Brand was established. NIVIA is providing sports equipment’s like Footballs , Volleyballs , Basketball etc .NIVIA sports shoes are popular in India and abroad for its technology and innovation. In this article we’ll explain the technology of top NIVIA football shoes.

NIVIA Football Shoe Raptor:

A classy pair of yellow-color sports shoes for men from NIVIA. These round toed shoes have a rubber sole, fabric lining and the upper material is made up of a non-leather material. It’s a low maintenance entry price football shoe and is linked with speed concept. Nivia Raptor Football Shoes are classy pair of sports shoes for ardent football players. These shoes are recommended for hard and rough ground. Nivia Raptor Football Shoes are round toed shoes have a rubber sole, fabric lining and the upper material is made up of a synthetic leather material.


These shoes are recommended for soft and grassy grounds. The Nivia Oslar Football Shoes have synthetic upper and imported leather TPU sole. Nivia Oslar Football Shoes are the ideal football studs made from synthetic leather that offers a player excellent comfort. They have a sculpted sock liner that deliversheel comfort and proper cushioning. There is a shank board moulded in the midsole of this shoe for delivering ultimate stud steadiness. These shoes have direct injected studs (TPU) with a superior grip as well as under foot supporting. The shoes are pasted with an eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesive.

Nivia Ultra Football Stud Shoes

Nivia Ultra Football Shoes are an economic choice for people interested in buying a pair of normal football shoes for basic to intermediate level. Nivia Ultra Football Shoes are a comfortable pair of shoes despite being pocket friendly. Featuring a cushioned lining and heat molded heal counter, they can be worn easily for long. PVC soles provide good amount of durability to the product.

NIVIA Football Shoes Brazil:

Nivia Brazil Football Shoes, designed especially for use on rough surfaces, is a sturdy companion for stressful football games. It’s padded with EVA for comfort and the sole is made of durable rubber with blade type studs. Designed for intermediate play, Nivia Brazil Football Shoes has a PVC synthetic leather upper surface which is embedded with rubber components for the toe for better ball control and direction. It has a unique around the shoe elastic band to hold the tongue and laces.

NIVIA Football Shoes Euro:

Nivia Euro Football Shoes are designed for speed and control and provide comfort as well as balance. Nivia Euro Football Shoes are made from PU leather that makes them durable as well as comfortable for the wearer. These shoes have synthetic leather upper and rubber soles with blade-type studs for good grip on the surface. The tongue of the shoe has foam padding for comfort. These shoes have been ergonomically designed for balance and maneuverability while running and handling the ball.

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