Best Non Marking Badminton Shoes in 2017 for Beginners

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Best Non Marking Badminton Shoes in 2017 for Beginners_1
Best Non Marking Badminton Shoes in 2017 for Beginners_1

Badminton shoes help badminton player in playing game comfortable and more aggressively.Non Marking Badminton shoes are basically made of 100% rubber outsole which gives better traction force and anti skid feel to players.

Checkout best Badminton shoe for 2016.

Following quality are very important in Badminton shoes for beginners:


  • It should developed with 100 % non Marking sole which can offer anti skid performance to players.
  • It should provide better traction force to player so that player can do better court covering.


  1. Midsole of shoe should be made of eva sheet which can provide better cushioning to players.
  2. Weight of shoe should not cross 380 gms per shoe.

Base on above mention critical parameter , we are listing Best Non Marking Badminton Shoes in 2017 for Beginners

Nivia Flash Shoe:

NIVIA Flash Badminton Shoes_2
NIVIA Flash Badminton Shoes_2

Nivia Flash is basic shoe in nivia catalogue. This shoe upper is made of durable mesh and leather PU on it. Due to its low cut design and high quality material, Nivia flash offers a lightweight badminton shoes.Nivia used Eva sheet as first contact to players foot.Eva is considered as best cushioning material which gives better comfort. This shoe comes in two color scheme.

In first color , base mesh color is yellow and on top of it, blue color PU is provided. In second variant , base color is white while on top of it , black color is provided which gives attractive look to shoe.

FOllowing are the key specification of shoes:

  • Made from high quality mesh and PU
  • Non marking 100% Rubber Outsole
  • Better Grip and traction force
  • Eva Sheet for better cushioning
  • Two Color Variants

Thrax All Court Shoe:

Thrax All Court Badminton Shoe_3
Thrax All Court Badminton Shoe_3

Thrax All court is another good model from Thrax sports. It is an top selling model from house of Thrax sports. Its upper is made from durable PU and mesh. Thrax used latest and innovative shoe design concept like  OptiShape , Extra Cushion , Hexa Grip which together offers best possible fitting and comfort.Opti Shape is concept and  technology in which upper is designed in such a way so that it can accommodate different shape. In Extra cushioning , 3 layer of cushing is used , First and second layer is made of eva sheet while third layer is made of durable phylon which gives best possible cushing for badminton players.

Outer sole of All court is made of 100% rubber sole with hexagonal patterns outside of shoe.Hexagonal shape offers best surface contact and provide better traction forces for better court covering.

This shoe comes with attractive white and blue color combination. Shoe design is very attractive and it will suits your playing style.

PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe:

PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe_4
PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe_4

PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe is made of fine quality material which will give superb comfort and feel while its flexible non marking sole is designed to give you optimum performance. It is a lightweight Badminton shoe which is designed for intermediate Badminton Player. Its light weight and good shape will allow you to freely move on badminton court. With Non Marking embossed grip sole, Speed court shoe will provide you perfect traction force for maximum court covering. Pro Ace Badminton Shoe sole is made from Non Marking rubber which will offer you great grip and comfort during movement and it will allow you to cover maximum court covering

Pro Ase court shoe 003 is a top selling mode in complete Pro Ase
shoe catalogue. It is equipped durable and high quality material which offer
best performance. Pro Ase Court Shoe comes in 3 color variants, Black
and White, White and Blue and White and red. Black and White is most popular among

Vector X CS 2015 Shoes:

Vector X CS 2015 Badminton Shoes_5
Vector X CS 2015 Badminton Shoes_5

Vector X CS 2015 Badminton Shoes is design for beginner level of badminton players. This shoe is equipped with PU in upper material which will provide you better fitting, stability and control on ground. This shoe is fitted with crape sole for better cushioning and comfort.

This X CS 2015 Badminton Shoes is design by Vector Company with new and innovative technologies in the heel and forefoot areas which will provide you better comfort and stability on firm ground. Its textured sole is equipped with rubber and it is having cushioned ankle. This shoe comes in two color variants. First color variant comes in red and white color while the second color variant comes in Blue and lime color. Both the color variants are careful developed to suit the badminton game style.

KUAIKE Badminton Shoe:

KUAIKE Badminton Shoe_6
KUAIKE Badminton Shoe_6

KUAIKE is another popular brand in the field sports shoes and equipment. KUAIKE produced sports shoes for badminton and cricket sports. KUAIKE badminton shoes are very lightweight in nature and provide best possible fitting to players. Key features of KUAIKE badminton shoes are its lightweight and flexible sole which provide better comfort and flex to players and helps in effective court covering. Further, better flex helps in Sharpe court covering.

Upper of shoe is made of lightweight PU and Air mesh. Midsole of shoe is made of durable pylon material. Pylon material provides better cushioning and effective power transfer for next body movement.

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