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Whey Protein is a purest form of Protein which contains 9 most important amino acids out of 20.It is byproduct obtained from milk and cheese production. Whey Protein is an important health supplement for body builders and competitorand casual exercise at all levels. As it helps in rebuilding in muscle tissues and give strong bigger muscle with improves stamina, weight loss, and better bone growth and increase immunity power. Whey protein is a complete protein that is fast, easy to digest and absorb into body. It is also used for protein asthma, cancer, high cholesterol, HIV disease and allergic reaction. While Protein consumption is already known for its better results, researches proved the whey protein consumption in controlled way can also gives lots of benefits. Whey Protein powders consist of different characteristics which together gives a perfect health supplement. For Example Mixability represent the characteristics by which it can be easy mix with milk or liquid. If a health supplement powder is easy to mixable then it means it will give you better results. Whey Protein is the byproduct obtains during processing of cheese. Based on processing and amount protein, different type of whey protein is classified. Whey Protein concentrated is the base type protein and have minimum amount of protein in it. Whey isolate is the refined form while whey hydostate is the finest form of protein available in market. Based on Processing, protein amount, Fat and lactose content different types of whey Proteins are classified. In whole milk only 13% solid is available and in 13% solid only 27% protein is available.  Further, in 27 % only 20% whey Protein is available. WP health supplements are ready source of rich and pure protein and give quick results however it should be taken in controlled manner.

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