Best Yonex Voltric Series Racket for Intermediate players

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Yonex classified its badminton rackets into following main categories:

  • Yonex arcsaber Series
  • Yonex Voltric Series
  • Yonex Nanoray Series
  • Yonex Muscle Power Series
  • Yonex Carbonex series

Each series mentioned above is dedicated for specific playing style. In this Blog we are listing the best Yonex Voltric Series rackets for intermediate players .Voltric series is specially developed for attacking game style and equipped with head heavy configurations. See All Head Heavy Badminton Racket Here .In this type of racket weight of the racket adjusted towards the head side which offers better movement of inertia during hitting and results into extra power on shots. Further , to improve the swing speed , Yonex used aero dynamic frame design which reduces the air resistance helps in better swing speed.

So Yonex Voltric series badminton racket provide following key benefits to player:

  • VOltric series rackets offers explosive power on shots so that player can easily clear the 3rd line shots with less efforts.
  • Voltric series rackets are developed with Aerodynamic frame so its create less air resistance and help in better racket swing speed which results into fast racket handling.
  • Voltric series racket for intermediate players are equipped HM graphite shaft which offer best in class racket resolution and helps in placing accurate shots.
  • All the intermediate Yonex voltric racket are manufactured with tri voltage system.

Following are the best voltric series rackets:

Best yonex voltric series racket
Best yonex voltric series racket


Yonex Voltric 7:

Yonex voltric 7 badminton racket
Yonex voltric 7 badminton racket

YONEX Voltric Series is a head heavy badminton rackets series in which Racket Balance is kept as head heavy which gives extra power on forehand and backhand smashes. Traditionally in Racket design and development it is established fact that if the racket is head heavy than players need to compromised in racket speed. But in YONEX Voltric 7 , latest and improved TRI-Voltage system is used. This Tri Voltage System reduces the extra Air Resistance by adopting the aerodynamic bat shape and give lightning fast racket handling. With fast racket handling you can dominate in the game by placing fast drive shots, Quick cross corner shots. Check Out the Details Here

Yonex Voltric 7 Neo:

Yonex voltric 7 neo badminton racket
Yonex voltric 7 neo badminton racket

It is good news for Yonex Voltric Series lovers specially for those player missing the all time hit voltric 7. Yonex upgraded the Voltric 7 to Voltric 7 Neo with all new featured and technologies which will enhance the performance of player. With improved Tri Voltage System , player gets better power transfer. Player will get 5% more power on smashes. Further , to improve the aerodynamic of the racket Yonex used improved frame cross section. With Improved cross section, overall Air resistance is minimizes which results into better racket swing speed.

Yonex Voltric 7 Neo is latest model in 2017. Its frame is made of HM graphite and tungsten while shaft is made of graphite material. With head heavy configuration and medium flex , Vt 7 Neo will be a deadly racket for aggressive badminton players. Its weight s around 80 to 85 gms while it will be available in G4 grip size. Player can re string the racket with NBG 99 to get killing performance.Check Out the Details Here

Yonex Voltric 5 FX:

Yonex voltric 5 fx badminton racket
Yonex voltric 5 fx badminton racket

Voltric 5 FX is latest model developed by YONEX Japan. It is an upgraded version of Voltric 5. This racket is designed for intermediate badminton players with lots of new and innovative technology by YONEX. All-round playability with a little extra power from the Tri-Voltage System. Good for beginners to intermediate players. Yonex Voltric 5 FX Badminton racket is an excellent racket for the price.

  • Three points on the head (throat, 2 and 10 o’clock) have been strengthened and extra weight added to give a head heavy balance without bulking the whole frame. This centres the sweetspot on the centre of the string bed for increased power.

Overall Yonex Voltric 5 FX is best choice for intermediate badminton player who wants to improve the game by utilizing the racket innovation. Yonex perfectly identifies the need to modern game .i.e. lightening fast shuttle speed.Check Out the Details Here

Yonex Voltric 200 Light LCW:

Yonex voltric 200 light lcw badminton racket
Yonex voltric 200 light lcw badminton racket

Yonex Voltric 200 Light LCW is a latest launched in 2017. Similar to Voltric Ld 200 , this is a lighter version. Just imagine with Tri Voltage System and head heavy configurations, player will get the racket with 75 to 79 gms only.Racket is developed with signature style of Lee Chong Wei(LCW). Developed with Tri Voltage System which gives incredible power on shots with stable racket head (Thanks to T ankour Joint). Further , improves aerodynamic of the frame gives less air resistance which results into killer swing speed. Yonex Voltric 200 Light LCW is a unique combination of power and control.

Voltric 200 Light LCW is a head heavy configuration racket with frame made of Hm graphite & tungsten while shaft is made of graphite. It is a flexible shaft racket which generate optimized repulsion and power.The Main USP of the racket is its weight. It is feather light racket with 75 to 79 gms of weight. Player who wants to improve the game with latest racket design can try this Yonex Racket.Check Out the Details Here

For more details checkout the



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