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To make badminton equipment’s with latest innovation and state of art technology, Carlton introduces the “Carlton Badminton System”. With CBS, Carlton focuses on innovation, Material science, Manufacturing Process. CBS uses the scientific approach for developing the Carlton Badminton Rackets with precision control on key manufacturing processes.  Carlton developed lots of technologies by which players feel empowered and dominate in game.

In this blog, we will explain the key Carlton Badminton Rackets technologies which help in achieving better playing characteristics.

Carlton Badminton Rackets

Carlton Aero Slim Frame Technology:

Carlton research team identity the need of rigid and strengthen frame. Rigid and Strengthen frame could offer better stability and more power on smashes. Carlton developed new technologies in rackets in which construction material is reduced from unwanted area and increased the material within the shaft at more power generating are of the racket.  Carlton redesign the cross section of racket frames and reduces the section profile has been minimized as compare to other racket frame cross sections. By doing so, Carlton could give best in class racket frame design for professional badminton players. While amount of material is reduced from cross section area, on other hand Carlton add additional material on shaft cross section to improve the rigidity. This will add more stiffness to racket shaft which result into lightening fast racket repulsion.


Carlton Aeroslim Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • BI-AXIAL DYNAMICS: Carlton doing research and development & studying the bio-mechanics behavior of the badminton swing. In order to improve the racket swing, Carlton developed new Bi-Axial frame profile more efficient in comparison with other competitor frame and improve the frame shape to get best aerodynamic from racket frame. As aerodynamics of the frame is improved so racket frame will face less air resistance results into better racket swing speed. Eventually, you will get super fast badminton racket swing.

Carlton Bi-Axial Dynamics Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • TCS: T Joint of a racket is critical part. A weak T joint section results into unstable racket head while rigid T Joint will offers more head stability. In order to improve the torsional rigidity of T Joint, Carton researched the T-Joint cross section and further flattens it. Flatten T Joint give improved torsional rigidity. With More stable racket head, player can perform accurate badminton shots.

Carlton TCS Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • TRIPLE TAPER TECHNOLOGY:  Carlton used additional graphite content at top of racket frame. With additional graphite content racket become head heavy with more rigid configurations.  This type of configurations gives better power in badminton shots. Player can effectively place the smashes while 3rd line shots can be easily cleared.

Carlton Triple Taper Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • WIDE BODY FRAME: in this technology Carlton placed the wide body frame profile which is wider in T-joint area compare to traditional frame. As the result of this technology torsional stiffness at the T-joint section is increased which will provide you better accuracy and control on every shot?

Carlton Wide Body Frame Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

Technologies in Carlton Frame Construction:

  • Hand Crafted: Carlton having 40 years of manufacturing experience in the field of badminton equipments manufacturing. All the higher end Carlton rackets are handmade by skilled operators of Carlton Factory. With the help of skilled manpower Carlton produced State-Of-Art badminton rackets for professional players

Carlton Hand Crafted Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  •  J HM Carbon: Carlton used Japanese HM Carbon which is having higher carbon content available in the market. Carlton frame will give you better performance as compare to other construction material. With the help of Japanese HM Carbon, player will get better response time and perfect stability which will result into perfect shot placement with more accuracy.

Carlton Japanese HM Carbon Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • NANOPULSE: Carlton develops new technology i.e. called NANOPULSE. Carlton’s new technology having carbon construction with nano resin which is combined the carbon fibers of frame profile. During frame manufacturing process, Carlton creates an ultra compatible and constant construction frame which will provide you higher molecular uniformity. As a result, the frame remains constant on shuttle impact as compare to other standard carbon construction which will provide you improved frame performance with higher control and accuracy.

Carlton Nanopulse Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • RAZOR GUIDED TECHNOLOGY:  In this technology, Carlton improved the manufacturing process of frame in which Carlton eliminates the Grommets and direct allows string to move in direct contact with frame. In this frame, Carlton increased the synergies between two racket frames which will provide you better feel and touch when shuttle impact on the string. As a result, Carlton frame provide you better shots and control with more accuracy.

Carlton Razor Guided Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • VORTEX GEOMETRY: Carlton done the bio-mechanics studies of badminton swings to develop the frame profile in which racket is easily moved through the air. Carlton used unique vortex geometry frame which will provide you twisted aerodynamics frame profile and increased the racket swing speed and mobility. According to the bio-mechanics study of badminton swing, racket has to work to complement your badminton shots. This new innovation of racket geometry helps badminton player to perform accurate badminton shots with more control.

Carlton Vortex Geometry Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • XTREME TENSION FRAME: Carlton has done the research to enhance the frame material as a result of that Carlton develop new frame material which will provide you more strengthen racket frame. This strengthen racket frame can sustain 11% higher string tension as compare to other racket frame. With the help of this racket frame players get the more repulsion power.

Carlton Xtreme Tension Frame Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

Technologies in Carlton Grommet construction:

  • MICRO GROMMET SYSTEM: Carlton having Micro grommet system which results into improving badminton shots with better control and decreased aerodynamics drag. In Micro Grommet system, Carlton having tapered edges as compare to traditional circular Grommets shape. As a result, Carlton increased the frame profile process which will provide you better shuttle feedback with more control.

Carlton Micro Grommet System Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • PRO V12 GROMMETS: In this grommet system, Carlton did the softening of the grommet which will provide you perfect string motion through the grommets.

Carlton Pro V12 Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

Technologies in Carlton Handle Construction:

  • DIRECT FIBER TRANSFER: Carlton has done the research on handle of the frame. By putting the carbon in internal layer and PU in outer layer in which the carbon is placed between the shaft and the handle and form a unit which works as close link. By doing so Carlton increased the strength and offers a stable racket shaft during shuttle impact.

Carlton Direct Fiber Transfer Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • STABILISOR TOPCAP: Carlton changed the design of racket handle cap and invented the new 4 convex channel into it. New Cab design with 4 convex channels increased the stiffness of handle geometry and offers into better stability.

Carlton Stabilisor Top Cap Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

Carlton Ultra-Lite Cap Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

Technologies in Carlton Head Geometry:

Carlton Circometric Head Geoametry Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • ISOMETRIC: In order to create the powerful hit with perfect timing, Carlton increased the sweet spot area. This is accomplished by increasing the main string length. Large sweet spot area will provide you more opportunities to hit the powerful shots.

Carlton Isometric Head Geoametry Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

  • OPTIMETRIC: In order to increase the air-flow and control, Carlton combines the large sweet spot of the isometric frame. This is done by the OPTIMETRIC head geometry which will provide you better swing speed and control.

Carlton Optimetric Head Geoametry Badminton Racket Technology.jpg

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