GKI Table Tennis Rackets -Kung FU Series

GKI is Meerut based company and a well known brand in Table Tennis Equipments – accessories manufacturing and its marketing. GKI industries was set up by Mr Late Malhotra. GKI Industries are having more then 40 years of experience in Table Tennis equipment manufacturing. GKI is known for its innovative sports equipment designed and development.
GKI Kung Fu series is designed for advance and processional Table Tennis Players. These rackets are equipped with top quality material and super deign concepts. In this post , different models of GKI table tennis rackets will be explained:
GKI Table Tennis Racket – Kung FU DX:
Kung FU DX (Deluxe) models is made of supreme quality material . These rackets depict oval blade printed with the charming and inspiring scene of table tennis sport. Imported handle of these rackets is comfortable to grip. True synonym of durability and beauty!
Speed : 91 ,Spin : 91 ,Control : 97
GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu DX

GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu DX

GKI Table Tennis Racket – Kung FU:
GKI Kung Fu Table racket is best in class racket among in its category.
These pingpong rackets are exclusively designed with professional competitions in mind. Manufactured in tune with ITTF standards, these rackets are superb for explosive attacking play!
Speed : 91 , Spin : 91 ,Control : 97
GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu

GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu

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How to chose the Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis Racket Selection Guide

In table tennis, nothing can be a more important piece of equipment than the racket. A table tennis racket, also commonly referred to as a ‘paddle’ is used as a bat to receive and strike the small plastic ball back and forth across the table. While playing table tennis many equipment is used such as table, net, a ping-pong ball and most important a racket.

For a beginner it is important and also difficult to choose the perfect racket. A perfect racket should gives comfortable feel at the handles and a correct shape of the blade. There are three main things in table tennis racket which is take care while buying a table tennis racket.

Table Tennis Racket Blades:

While choosing a proper racket firstly we should concentrates on blade or frame of the racket. The whole racket is depend on racket blade and it determines the effectiveness of how to receive and drive the ball back to your opponent. Table tennis rackets come in different varieties that can suit the individual preferences of table tennis players.

Beginners can start with rounded blades. The key in choosing the right blade is to make sure that it does not make your shots very slow or very fast. A regular round blade can help you develop and improve your game as you practice.

Racket Grip:

In the process of finding the perfect racket,  one another aspect is also very important that is handle’s grip. A good grip is also important to win the game. A good grip is important because this affects the way you handle the racket as a whole.  Today different types of grip is available for table tennis players, but there are some major types of grip which are penhold and shakehand grip styles.

The rule of thumb when deciding on the handle type is to always pick the one that gives your hand a comfortable feel. In this regard, choosing the right handle is always subjective and dependent on what feels good for your hand. It is important to remember that changing grip styles when you are already well into the sport can be difficult; as it will drastically affect the way you propel the ball.


When choosing the type of rubber to be attached to both sides of the racket blade, Please remember that smooth surfaced rubbers are more flexible. Rubber with countless tiny blisters allow only a slow spins, while the smooth rubber can give you better performance by giving you more control whatever kind of spin or drive you do with the ball. Although smooth rubber may take some time before you get used to it, choosing it will hasten your improvement in the sport.

While this post will give you the basic information on Table Tennis Selection Guide but at the same time you need to also see your game type , body style and what type of player you want to be in future. Believe me perfect racket can boost your performance drastically.

To see full range of Table Tennis Blades and Rackets at www.khelmart.comn

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Best Whey Proteins

Best 5 Whey Protein
Today there are so many whey protein powders in the market, it is important to  find out the high quality ones as well as best whey protein supplement.In this post we’ll list top whey proteins in market.
# 1 Gold Standard 100% Whey is a protein:-
Gold Standard 100% Whey is a protein powder from Optimum Nutrition. This whey protein is best for supporting muscle recovery. This product uses the highest quality of whey protein which makes it easily dissolves in drink as well as rapidly digest in human body.
Gold Standard Whey Protein also consists of BCAAs as amino acids which helps in promoting muscle recovery. The Gold Standard Whey Protein packed with whey protein isolates. In this whey protein more than 5 grams of BCAAs mixed in it. It also contain Glutamine & Glutamic Acid in it.
# 2 Cellucor’s C4 Extreme:-
Cellucor’s C4 Extreme is the best pre-workout supplement. This supplement provides greater supply of energy to lift heavier weights. Cellucor’s C4 Extreme contains Creatine Nitrate which allows to make stronger during power reps and provides ATP energy. Besides Creatine Nitrate, C4 Extreme also contains Beta Alanine, Arginine, Vitamin C and B12, Caffeine. The ingredient of this product play vital role such as Beta-alanine increases PH level when it drops during exercise so that your body doesn’t become acidic. L-Arginine, produces Nitric Oxide, which is a vasodilator, which pumps more blood and nutrients in the muscle.
# 3 MusclePharm Combat Powder:-
There is no doubt that the MusclePharm is a fastest-growing supplement company in the world. MusclePharm Combat Powder is a solid all-round protein supplement. This supplement helps in growth of muscle and superior power to the body. This protein provides a good taste and easily dissolve in liquid as well as also digest in the body.
MusclePharm Combat Powder combines with five different protein ingredient  such as whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumen, micellar casein. The whey protein sources digest quickly and easily, while the micellar casein in particular takes a long time to break down, keeping muscles fed for hours.
This protein contain amino acids which ensures that Combat Powder is helps in muscle building, repairing and maintaining the body parts.
# 4 MusclePharm Assault:-
MusclePharm Assault is a new revolutionary pre-workout supplement. MusclePharm Assault provides great potential to the bodybuilders, power lifters, fighters and strength athletes. To make MusclePharm Assault some important ingredient like Astragin, Cinnulin, NO 1,3-Dimethylamine, BCCAs is used. To increase in strength and muscular stamina this supplement is highly used and it is safe and effective supplement also. MusclePharm Assault  contains series of BCAAs such as  leucine and valine which is used as a recover from lean muscles and keep from building fats.
This product also contain Beta-alanine which improve the body’s determination and to keep muscle fatigue from being a problem.
# 5 MusclePharm Amino1:-
MusclePharm Amino1 is a chain of amino acid supplement. It contain BCCAs series like leucine, isoleucine and valine. It also formulated with vitamins and energy component. It is specially designed for sports athletes. This supplement is quick absorbing formula. It helps in rebuilds muscle tissue,  increasing muscle and recovery of muscle. During workout MusclePharm Amino1 is used as recovery and hydration formula for stamina.


Visit Whey Protein Page @ Khelmart to see all branded whey protein.

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Whey protein and fatty liver

Whey protein is the natural powerful protein which help to  reduces the risk of fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease.  Scientist keep research on whey protein to improve  the quality and making more advanced.  The team of Swiss scientist doing  an experiment in which they give whey protein diet with meals  to four weeks, after four weeks it was observed that  the  blood fats improved dramatically. By this research it was noted that whey protein should  be help in reducing the risk of heart disease. It has been seen that whey protein help in reducing  the amount of fat inside the liver cells of obese women and also strongly fight with liver diseases. Generally people don’t have much attention to their liver which leads critical problem to purifying the blood and detoxifying the body of its harmful toxins.  People having extra fat stored in the abdomen or around their middles they might be suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which is very harmful to the body.Whey protein also helps  in fighting with heart disease.  Heart  pumps blood to nourish our cells and helps the body to perform its functions. Scientists were happy to see that those who consumed whey protein in their meals had significant reduction of blood fats.

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Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most widely used as sport supplements.  Most people such as  athletes, bodybuilders uses whey protein to gain muscle for the competitive edge. For general population whey has been also proven to improve their overall health.
Whey is not only has essential amino acids for muscle growth and strength, but has been also help to increase immune function. Whey can help athletes to maintain a strong immune system.
People who suffer from Cancer, HIV, Immunity disorders,  they suggest to take whey protein. It may reduces the risk of diseases however proper consultation is necessary in order to reduce the risks.
Whey is associated with stress and this is the important benefit of protein. To recover from stress protein is helpful because it contain alpha-lactalbumin, which is an amino acid help as reducing action.
Whey Protein is widely used as a fat burning food. People who want to lose their weight or fat they can use protein in their diet.
The another benefit of whey protein is to build muscle. It helps in repairing muscle tears that occur during intense workouts.
To reducing high blood pressure whey protein helps.

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Side effects of whey protein



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Side effects of whey protein

Although consuming high amount of a good thing may have its side effects, scientific evidence proved that there are having serious side effects to whey protein if someone taken excessively. Milk and milk product contain lactose and many people cannot digest milk products easily thus,  these people can suffer from lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerance get allergic reactions after taking excessive amount of whey. To remove or decrease fat & lactose two forms of protein were develop which is whey protein isolates and Hydrolysates. These whey proteins does not contain any lactose and hence it helps to minimize any harmful allergic reactions.
For a long time ingestion of protein is linked to the wear and tear of the kidneys. Taking large quantities of protein supplement can cause kidneys damage. Those people who already have severe kidney disease are suggested not to consume a high level of protein diet because it may be effect to their kidneys
Taking whey protein regularly or high dose may cause liver damage.
Lastly, over consumptions of protein is lead to osteoporosis or bone weakness.
Taking high quantities of protein leads to an unevenness of bone minerals in the bones, which ultimately can cause a reduction in bone mineral density.
Hence consumption of high amount of whey protein should be avoided. Many bodybuilders who want body muscle take optimum quantity of whey protein and it should be discussed with doctor or consultant before starting taking the whey protein.

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Trusted Online Sports Store and Information Centre

Today, if you are thinking of purchasing high-quality sports goods at very reasonable rate then you should look for the same on the internet. This will help you save a lot of time, money and energy. Shopping online will enable you to purchase a large variety of sports goods that are branded and of high quality.

Online sports stores will provide you with sports goods and equipment of well-known brands and high quality. You will get equipment that is related to the sports like basketball, badminton, foot-ball and cricket. You can even purchase fitness equipment.  All these will be provided to you at prevailing discounts. If you want to benefit from purchasing sports goods online then you need to select the best online sports shop.

The Perfect Online Stores

online sports shop in India provides you with a vast range of sports goods and equipment pertaining to all kinds of sports. In the badminton category, along with badminton racket you can purchase badminton strings, badminton kits, shuttle cocks etc. Where football is considered you may purchase helmets, elbow pads, cleats, thigh pads, shoulder pads and footballs.

If you play cricket you can purchase shoes, gloves, helmets, cricket balls and bats etc. If you are a fitness buff, you can get the best of fitness accessories and gym equipment. Basketball players can get quality basketball shoes, basket balls, basketball nets etc. You can also purchase sportswear and equipment for boxing, swimming, skating, tennis or volley ball.

Customer on Top Priority

The company holds its customer in high esteem. This is very clear by the fact that they sell only authentic sports goods of high quality for the sportsman to perform well. A few of the reputed brands that you will find at these online sports shop are BDN, Cosco, Addidas, SPEEDO, Yonker, Wilson, Lotto, Yonex etc.

The company, to ensure total customer satisfaction not only provides best deals but also offer the return policy and cash on delivery. You will be allowed 48 hours from the time of delivery to avail of the return policy. There may be very few online sports shop in India that can meet the standards of Khelmart.

A Friendly Online Store

When you have shopped at a store, if goods are delivered to you in damaged condition you can make a claim under transit insurance. You should report the same via email within 24 hours. While returning the product you should make sure that the invoices, labels, original price tags and the packaging is also returned.

Depending upon the situation, only after due claim verification your goods may be replaced or the cost refunded. The information that is provided on the website of the company should be considered as general information. Any guidance or usage information required by you can be obtained by contacting their service centre or directly their website. You will be attended to and your problems will be resolved within moments.

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Online Sports Shops in India

The internet is perhaps the best place to look for high-quality sports goods at affordable prices. Online sports shops in India help you save big bucks, time and a whole lot of energy when you need to buy sports equipment. You can shop for all kinds of sports goods online like cricket equipment, football equipment, badminton equipment and basketball equipment, etc. from these online stores. You can even purchase online fitness equipment from them. Customers who shop online can save anywhere between 30% and 50% as these shops offer exciting deals.


All that you need to do is spend some time to find a reliable sports goods shop online. There are several shops around, but you need to select the best online sports shop to ensure that the quality of goods is excellent. Khelmart.com is one such store that offers a complete range of sports equipment.


Extensive Range of Sports Goods @ Khelmart.com


  • Online cricket gear: cricket bats, cricket balls, helmets, cricket gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Online basketball sports goods: basket balls, basketball shoes, basket ball nets, etc.
  • Online badminton goods: badminton rackets, shuttle cocks, badminton kits, badminton strings, etc.
  • Online football goods: shoulder pads, thigh pads, cleats, elbow pads, helmets, etc.
  • Online fitness equipment: gym equipment and fitness accessories, etc.
  • Other sports equipment: Sports goods for volleyball, tennis, skating swimming, boxing, etc.


We understand how important it is to have quality sports gear to perform well. Low quality goods will definitely affect your performance. We sell only authentic sports goods from reputable brands, such as Yonex Brand, LOTTO Brand, WILSON Brand, YONKER Brand, SPEEDO Brand, Adidas Brand, Cosco Brand, BDM Brand and many more. On comparing our sports equipment prices with other online sports shops inIndia, you will find that we offer best deals on sports goods. Moreover, we also offer Cash on Delivery and Return Policy for 100% customer satisfaction. We also follow 100% quality inspection policy.


Buying sports goods from online sports shops is perfectly safe and extremely user-friendly and you need not worry about security. When buying from us, you can make online payment for the goods you buy through secure channels. We make sure that the secrecy of your personal details is maintained. We provide best deals on all kinds of sports gear that help you benefit from lucrative discounts.  We offer great discounts from time to time, so visit us frequently to stay updated about our latest offerings.

Uploaded By Khelmart.com

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