Best in Class YONEX Badminton Shoes Exceed Plus 505

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YONEX Exceed 505 Badminton Shoes is all together new Shoes with Latest technologies and some special features . this guide will describe you the difference between these shoes and others. Guide will explain you each and every feature is mention below.

Best in Class YONEX Badminton Shoes Exceed Plus 505: YONEX Exceed 505 Badminton Shoes is all together new Shoes with Latest technologies and following: Key features:

  1. Super Finishing
  2. Best Color Combination
  3. Power Cushion
  4. Ergo shape
  5. Round Sole
  6. Perfect shape

About Appearance: This Badminton shoe comes in four different color combinations like Green & Gray, Orange & Blue, Red & Blue, and Blue & Yellow. Style and pattern of all four shoes are same while color scheme is different. Exceed 505 Pro is stylish shoes which will suit your look and give you a better performance. Its design includes different color & sparkling lining on solid color base with New and improved YONEX Hologram on one side. Laces style in cross and it is having a flat tongue.

Packed with Improved YONES Shoe Technology: Improved Power Cushion: This badminton shoe is equipped with improved Power cushion technology which gives better feel and comfort. Improved power cushion includes 3 layer of different characteristics material. Hard and improved material is placed at top of the shoe sole which gives more shock absorbing ability as compare to tradition material. Soft middle sole is designed to work like powerful spring and gives more repulsion. With more repulsion, players will get more traction force to cover the court effectively. Overall power cushion is an important technology place by YONEX. This technology work in multiple ways (1) Better shock absorbing ability, due to hard top sole material its perform better and absorb more shocks and convert them into comfortable foot movements. (2) Fast repulsion. Due to soft middle sole, it works like spring and gives better repulsion.

ERGOSHAPE for better Shoe adjustment at Toe Area: YONEX ERGOSHAPE is a technology which gives better shoe shape at toe area. YONEX studied the shape of different players and identifies the need of a perfect shape at toe area. Standardized shoe shape at toe area can be suited for different badminton player. With ERGOSHAPE, player will get better comfort, fitting and durable shoe performance.

Better shoe grip, Better Traction Force, Better Results (HEXAGRIP): YONEX uses NONMARKING molded sole for Exceed Pro 505.Shoe sole is equipped with HEXAGRIP which includes the improved texture of sole face for better grip and shoe contact with court surface. Shoe sole surface is very important part of shoe as its come in direct contact with court. Hexagrip provides perfect griping action for badminton shoes and gives optimum traction force by which badminton player can quickly move on court with less effort.

Round Sole for Better footwork on Court: YONEX Round sole is designed to deliver better performance and maximum court coverage. Round sole also ensures the effective energy transfer from one position to another position and.

Better Outside Structure: YONEX Company scientist has designed the perfect outside shoe structure which gives superb shoe fit and control. With Innovative design and Shoe profile, YONEX pro 505 will provide extra comfort and feel.

Shoes Specifications: This shoes is designed for advanceIntermediate Badminton Player who really wants to enhanced there game by using maximum court covering , more traction and optimum energy transfer from one position to another position. Shoe weight is only 344 which give light weight shoe configuration for maximum benefits. Player who wants to hit jump smash will get benefit from its light weight configuration. Enhanced power cushion system will also help badminton player to optimally use energy level and apply maximum effort on playing shots and court covering. Overall this badminton shoes will provide you all-round court performance and enhance playing skills. Badminton Player can check out the latest collection of badminton shoes at YONEX Exceed Pro 505 Badminton Shoes fround view


YONEX Exceed Pro 505 Badminton Shoes side view 2

YONEX Exceed Pro 505 Badminton Shoes side view 1


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