Comparison between Yonex SHB01Ltd and Li-Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero Badminton shoes

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About Yonex SHB 01 Ltd:

Yonex SHB 01 Ltd badminton shoe is choice of world’s number one badminton player Lee Chong Wei. Lee Chong Wei is one of the all time outstanding badminton talents. This is the best badminton shoe category of Yonex with excellent stability and durability. Its PU leather, double russel and durable skin upper materials while Midsole consist of toughbrid light, power cushion, T.P.U and power graphite sheet. With rubber outsole is designed to give shock absorption and optimize the energy transfer for next foot movement. SHB 01 Ltd footwear is available in flash yellow and red color. It is made in china badminton shoe. Yonex SHB 01 Ltd shoe will be suitable for those who want aggressive playing style.

Yonex SHB01 Ltd  Badminton shoes
Yonex SHB01 Ltd Badminton shoes

About Li-Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero:

Li- Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero badminton shoe is designed for aggressive and advanced level players. Its synthetic leather and mesh upper materials will provide you superb combination of style and comfort with extended durability. Midsole material phylon, T.P.U and EVA designed to give you more cushioning effect and eventually save you feed from sudden impact. With rubber outsole, badminton player will get more comfortable and smoother ride.  This shoe Structure providing powerful support and stability. Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero footwear is available in vibrant orange and phantom color. This shoe provides you long lasting durability and great comfort.

Li- Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero  Badminton shoes
Li- Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero Badminton shoes

About Badminton Shoe Technology:

  1. Yonex SHB01Ltd Footwear Technology:

There are many technologies used in SHB01Ltd badminton shoes, which are listed as follows:

Power Cushion   Badminton shoes Technology
Power Cushion Badminton shoes Technology

     3 Layer Power Cushion:

  • Sole is divided into 3 parts- Upper, lower part, and a middle part
  • Upper and lower part absorb 30% more shock as compare to traditional power cushion
  • It provide 5% more repulsion for perfect energy transfer
  • Middle part is rapidly converts the shock energy to the power
  • Helps in smoothly footwork on badminton court.

            ToughBrid Light:

  • ToughBrid Light is 11% lighter as compare to toughbrid but it provide the exact performance as toughbrid
  • It helps to reduce the knee and leg stress

           Round Sole:

  • YONEX shoes which is designed to give you better feel and Comfort
  • With round sole, player get better shoe grip and convert maximum energy into foot movement
  • Round sole also ensures the perfect foot movement on court
  • Round sole is designed to provides all-round performance
  • Power Graphite:
  •       Power graphite plate is inserted under the middle portion of the foot to increase stability, lightweight and effective energy transfer
  • Hexagrip:
  • It gives 3 % more gripping action and its 20% lighter as compare to traditional sole material
  • Enhanced gripping action player gets more stability for better and perfect shot delivery

2.  Li-Ning Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero Footwear Technology:

Lightweight Badminton shoes Technology
Lightweight Badminton shoes Technology

There are many technologies used in Lin Dan Limited Edition Hero badminton shoes, which are listed as follows:

  • Cushion-
  • Li-Ning Super:
  • Mid sole of shoe is special manufactured with high polymer material
  • It gives you high flexibility and full feet of cushioning
  • It transforms elasticity and high efficient round scheme
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Li-Ning Arc:
  • Single portion rubber outsole technology for cushion and easy comfort
  • Full rubber arc design on the mid sole which provides flexibility during running.
  • Lightweight , flexible and easily bended
  • Cushio:
  • Concept of shock absorbing material that impact quickly and protect from impact injuries to the heel
  • It provides you smooth ride and maximum energy transfer
  • Bounse:
  • BOUNSE has higher resilience as compare an average midsole material
  • Better resilience of foot propulsion and reducing loss of energy during energetic faction
  • It provides you better feel and wonderful energy
  • Lightweight:
  • RB lite:
  • RB lite is 17% lighter as compare to normal rubber
  • Better comfort for performance and high output activities everyday use
  • Foam RB lite:
  • 40% lighter as compare to normal rubber stuff
  • Foam RB lite is a foam rubber fabric
  • Foam EVA:
  • lightweight EVA foam material
  • This material is 30-40% lighter than regular EVA stuff
  • It minimizes the energy loss and provides more comfort
  • Durability:
  • Tuff OS:
  • Tuff OS has an excellent abrasion resistance rubber element
  • This shoe technique has 5 times abrasion resistance performance than normal rubber
  • Good durability performance of the footwear and superb abrasion resistance.
  • Tuff Tip:
  • High abrasion resistance equipments used for upper area of toe and the upper of the whole upper
  • Abrasion resistance is 10 times higher than an ordinary material
  • Tuff tip material can increase the shoes life and protect the toe
  • Comfort:
  • Cooling:
  • Li-Ning badminton shoe is used for cooling techniques.
  • This technology is used for transfer heat away from the shoe
  • Gives you more comfort for sports performance and enhances the energy level
  • HEMP Li-Ning Tech:
  • It provides quick drying and excellent function of odor and moisture absorption
  • Provides you extra comfort and feel
  • Stability:
  • Flex Shell:
  • Flex shell is made of elastic materials with special structure and perfectly combines with rational distribution
  • An excellent package of material
  • Makes the side to side transition smoother
  • X-Claw:
  • Gets hard and soft surface
  • Provides you good traction force during the sole flexing
  • Excellent support and protects your feet when they move around on court


Based on specifications, features and technical parameters we can summarized that both the shoes are good option for professional and advance badminton players. YONEX SHB 01 Ltd is equipped with latest technology while Li Ning Lin dan is combination of better innovation and manufacturing technique. YONEX shoe is good those players who needs more comfort in forefeet and better cushioning while Li Ning shoes a specially designed for aggressive player looking for more stiff cushioning effect.

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