Comparison of SS Ton Heritage Vs Kookaburra Kahuna 150 Cricket Bats

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SS and Kookaburra are the two top most cricket manufacturing brands producing the class cricketing equipments for pro players. Most of the Indian cricket players are using the SS cricket equipment while , Kookaburra is the first choice of Australian Cricket Team. Kookaburra Cricket bats are manufacturing in India by SG under the license by Kookaburra. Kookaburra gives unique cricket bat profile to bats which is totally different from SS Cricket. Player with different playing style are always looking for perfect spine shape, and back profile. Before taking any decision, player need to carefully check the parameters of Bat and then accordingly select the bats.

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In this blog we shall explain the comparison between two bats.

What are the basic difference in SS and Kookaburra Bats?

Profile and Spin Comparison_2

Most of the kookaburra Bat is manufactured with mid to high sweet spot with full back profile. Bat with Mid to sweet spot position gives better balance and high pickup balance point which helps in placing good pull, drive and hock shots. While on Other hand, Most of SS Cricket bats are developed with mid to low sweet spot with slightly concave on back side.  So based on players individual playing style , player can select the bat as per need.

About SS TON Heritage:

SS Ton Heritage English Willow Cricket Bat_3

Heritage is a top selling model in complete SS Range. Heritage is developed with Grade 2 English Willow with straight grains profile. Player will get around 6 to 8 grains in the bat. Bat is equipped with tradition profile with mid to Low sweet spot positions.

Following are the Key Parameter of Ss Heritage Bat:

  • Massive Sweet Spot for destructive Power and pickup
  • Best in class Willow
  • Tradition shape with High Back profile
  • Full cane handle
  • Fish scale Grip and latest tri color design
  • Massive Bat Edge which gives good rebound quality
  • Bat is suitable for attacking players who wants to dominate in the game with massive sweet spot and bat profile.

About Kookaburra Kahuna 150 :

Kookaburra Kahuna 150 Cricket Bat_4

Made from Grade 2 English Willow cleft, Kahuna 150 is suitable for player who already tired full back profile bat and now wants to tried some new options to improve the performance. It is full back profile bat with mid sweet spot position.

Following are the Key Parameter of Kookaburra Kahuna 150:

  • Made from unbleached English Willow -Grade 3
  • Mid to High sweet Spot Position
  • Flat front face
  • Willow is processes with naturally air dried technique with gives superfine grains and willow profile.
  • 12 Piece cane Handle for smooth bat handling

Player can checkout Cricket Bats of SS and Kookaburra brand at

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