Comparison of yonex muscle power 29 vs carbonex 8000

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About this Comparison:

Comparison of yonex muscle power 29 vs carbonex 8000_A
Comparison of yonex muscle power 29 vs carbonex 8000_A

 We have received lots of request on a comparison between Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite Vs Carbonex 8000 Plus as players are always confused on which racket to purchase as per game need. In this blog we shall try to explain the different in two rackets and which racket is suitable for unique playing style.


About Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite:

yonex muscle power 29 lite_B
yonex muscle power 29 lite_B

MP 29 lite is a best selling racket in complete Muscle Power series. Following are the key features of this racket:


  1. Best racket performance in mid range category
  2. Light Weight racket -suitable for those who already tired MP  2 or basic rackets in MP series
  3. Suitable for stoke making players , or player who wants to test opponents on 3rd line of court.
  4. Incredible Power on Smashes
  5. Ultra Lightweight racket for those who want quick response from racket
  6. Player can multiply smash power with Mp 29 lite
  7. Racket head shape is Isometric which gives large sweet spot area enables player to play shots freely. With large sweet spot , player will get maximum power in shots even if shuttle hits off center to string bed.


MP 29 lite racket will be suitable for player who wants incredible power in smashes and 3rd line shots. Player with attacking game style will like this racket. Racket weight is around 85 gms. It is made of full graphite material which gives best racket playing characteristics for mid range racket.

 Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus:

yonex carbonex 8000 plus_C
yonex carbonex 8000 plus_C

Cab 8000 plus is another top selling model in Yonex mid range racket. Player with all round type of playing style will like this racket most. Following are the key characteristics of the Cab 8000 plus rackets.


  1. Suitable for All round type game play.
  2. Head shape of the racket is oval. Oval shape head offers best racket frame aerodynamics.
  3. With improved aerodynamics , player will get maximum racket head swing speed.
  4. With fast racket swing speed player can perform better drive shots , fast drop shots, deceptive smashes.
  5. Cab 8000 plus is good option for those who wants fast and speedy racket handling and wants to win the game with innovative game plan,

Racket weight is around 85 gms while it is made from graphite material.



We suggest that player first need to identify the playing style of individual and then decide which model can be picked up. Players who wants attacking game style will like MP 29 lite while player who wants all round type of game style can pick up the Cab 8000 plus.

Both the rackets are best selling models but player need see the playing style before take any decision.

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