Complete Guide on Donic Epox Series of Table Tennis Rackets

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Donic Table Tennis Rackets is a well known brand in the field of table tennis sports. In Donic EPOX Series is an each Blade of high quality innovative, veneers are not with liquid glue but with a gluing coat of epoxy resin. Middle veneer and two center layers consist of monoblade veneers. Only veneers of one piece are used with this monoblade technique. But other conventional techniques are often used several pieces which are located together. This unique method of gluing the plies of the EPOX-blades with epoxy resin ensures their extraordinary stiffness. Table Tennis rackets by EPOX Series are depending on ply formation, more power and speed are achieved. EPOX blade has superior control without unpleasant vibration. This is the main reason why each blade of the DONIC EPOX series is very easy to handle because edges close to the handle are carefully rounded off. Many players are holding the handle in a different way for forehand and backhand shots because the smooth and rounded handle, it presents no problems to hold the handle.

About Donic EPOX Series Table Tennis Rackets

Donic EPOX Blades Speed,Control and Weight


1)  Donic EPOX TopSpeed-

Donic Epox Top speed is fastest of all Epox clear woods with absolute Top speed. Its hard inner veneer gives the DONIC EPOX TOPSPEED a really high stiffness which affects in unmatched dynamic variety and power when attacking game. Further in the passive block and counter attacks allows the EPOX TOPSPEED to all game variations that are more important in today high speed table tennis blades. Especially this blade is suitable for offensive players with more comfortable, great blade, control, lightweight and enlarged sweet spot. The speed rank of 100, control is 65, weight is 90 gm and ply is 5.

About Donic EPOX Topspeed Table Tennis Rackets

 2)  Donic EPOX Offensiv-

Donic Epox Offensiv is more control offensive version of the Donic EPOX series with high speed and very good control. This blade is suitable for all offensive strategies, ideal to play its light weight blade. Especially in combination with soft rubbers or an average hardness of the technique DONIC EPOX OFFENSIV the wood obtains wonderful spin qualities. It is an innovative and complicated design makes the wood EPOX OFFENSIV DONIC a particular quality. The speed rank of 90, control is 73, weight is 85 gm and ply is 5.

About Donic EPOX Offensiv Table Tennis Rackets

 3)  Donic EPOX PowerAllRound-

DONIC EPOX Powerallround is a fast all-round blades and the legendary Persson Power AR. It is the well-balanced combination between speed and control. Further its light weight and the temp-elastic all-round blade is perfectly suited for all playing strategies of modern table tennis. Epox Powerallround veneer acquires relatively a high stiffness due to the Epoxy resin gluing and gives the necessary speed for an attacking game. The speed rank of 85, control is 80, weight is 85 gm and ply is 5.

About Donic EPOX PowerAllRound Table Tennis Rackets

 4)  Donic EPOX Control-

DONIC has recently created a comfortable player friendly blade with thin Fine line outer veneers. It offers outstanding control without unpleasant vibration. EPOX Control is a new All-round blade with positive influence on the playing characteristics. It used with medium to relatively hard DONIC Formula rubbers and a highly suitable for attacking players. The speed rank of 70, control is 90, weight is 85 gm and ply is 5.

About Donic EPOX Control Table Tennis Rackets

 5)  Donic EPOX Power Carbon-

The legendary DONIC Persson Power Carbon ‘Made in Sweden’ remains extremely popular. EPOX POWERCARBON blade has a carbon-fleece fiber layer between a Fine line outer veneer and an Ayous middle veneer. It is more dynamic and stiffer when compared to the EPOX Carbotec. It is a high speed and aggressive blade of excellent design and outstanding quality. The speed rank of 100, control is 65, weight is 90 gm and ply is 7.

About Donic EPOX Power Carbon Table Tennis Rackets

 6)  Donic EPOX Carbotec-

The Carbon-fleece fiber is more flexible than ordinary carbon fiber. This produces an active blade with good feel despite it being stiff. The carbon fleece fiber lies between the Kiri centre veneer and an Ayous middle veneer. This is the reason that it is rather softer and easier to control than the EPOX Power carbon. The new Formula DONIC rubbers like: Sonex JP Gold, Coppa JO Platin Soft or Coppa JO Silver are a perfect match for the DONIC EPOX CARBOTEC blade. The speed rank of 95, control is 75, weight is 85 gm and ply is 7.

About Donic EPOX Carbotec Table Tennis Rackets

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