Cricket Bat Type and Its Impact on Playing Style

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If you are a regular cricket player, it is very important that you choose the correct size bat.  This will enable you to play your game without any hindrance. To know whether the bat is of the right size, you should stand in your batting position and rest the toe of the bat against the outside of your back foot.


Now you may lean the cricket bat so that the top of the handle rests next to the inside groin of your front leg. For the bat to be of the perfect size it will rest comfortably next to your box on the inside groin of your front leg. If the size of the bat is either too small or too big, there are chances of you getting out leg before very often.


The Importance of Weight


The weight of your cricket bat should be given top priority. As far as possible you should try and choose a lighter bat. There are many players who make the mistake of buying a bat which is too heavy and that it results in poor performance. If you are a younger player you should not make the mistake of bating with a heavy bat. You will find it very difficult to sweep, cover drive or even hook a ball.


A short handle bat may weigh around 2’8 – 2’10 oz.  You need a lot of practice to manoeuvre with a heavier bat. The quality of cricket bats is recognized by taking into account the grade and type of the willow of the bat. Most bats are made from English Willow, which is a soft fibrous wood, with good striking qualities that will offer you the best option.

A Cheaper Option

Kashmir willow is considered to be a cheaper option but it is harder and quite durable. Mostly junior bats are made from this willow but English willow is preferred by professionals. The willow of cricket bats is graded on a scale from G1+ to G4. Top professionals use a willow grade of G1+ as it is considered to be the highest grade.

English willow is the best as it is unbleached with straight even grains and no marking or discoloration. It is worth its price. A grade 4 willow will always have an anti-scuff covering on its face as it is often non-oil. It is less expensive and considered to be of the lowest grade of willow.

Density and Softness

If you do not want your bat to break easily, then you may go for a harder bat. But if you want hitting power then you can opt for a soft bat; thus you should consider both of these factors while purchasing a bat.  There are various brands you can select from such as Slazenger, Gum and Moore, Gary Nicholls and Kookaburra.

To conclude, when you are selecting a bat that is perfect for you, you should make sure that you have all the information regarding the bat to help you make a correct decision. There are times when you may have to change bats during an innings, depending upon the type of bowler you are facing.

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