Cricket Bats and Number of Grains

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We all Know that when we have a need to buying brand new cricket bats then we
have lost of options in our mind regarding Cricket Bats Types and its attributes .
Following are the key parameters:
1.Long Blade or Short Blade
2.Weight of the Cricket Bats
3.Grade of Willow
4.Amount of grains used in cricket bats
Let us first discussed the background of grains used in cricket bats and its impact
of cricket bat performance. Grain number in cricket bat normally vary from 2
Grains to 20 grains. Each grain represents a year in the life of the tree.
 A bat with large grains came from a tree that grew rather quickly. Many factors
can affect this such as water, sunlight and soil quality. A bat with less grains, or
wider grains would come from a tree that is not as old.
5 grains Cricket bat would have wide grains on the face. Cricket Bat having wide
grains on face is called as less ping. Cricket Bat having wide grain will give more
durability then other. The reason it will last longer is because the wood, or willow
tree, is not as old and will withstand a bit more.
If a cricket Bat is having narrow grains then in that case cricket bat will play more
quicker then wide grains. International players used to play with narrow grain
cricket bats because of this reason. But, of course, the negative is you will find
them to need replacement much more often, which can get costly.
The most interesting point to make is that a group of bats from the same maker,
of the same exact line and same price point can completely vary in grains. For
example, one could purchase 3 Kookaburra Big Kahuna bats and they could all
have a different number of grains on them. Therefore, there is not a simple
answer to how many grains a certain caliber of bat has.
In conclusion, whether you prefer a bat with fewer wide grains on it or a bat with
much more narrow grains to it, it seems to not make one or the other a better
quality bat. One would just have to decide whether a long lasting, sturdier bat or a
faster bat is the most important.
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  1. what is normal lenght of cricket bat for man of height 5 ’10″

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