Details of Omron HEM 8711

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About this Blog:

In this Blog we have listed all the Details of Omron HEM 8711 and specification of BP Monitor. This blog will help you to easily understand the technical specification of Omron BP Monitor. After reading this blog buyers can easily understand which monitor is best suitable for as per specific requirement.

About Omron HEM 8711:

Omron HEM-8711 BP monitor is a blood pressure checking device. Mostly this monitor is very helpful for that patience those who check the blood pressure regularly at home. This blood pressure machine will gives you 99.9% accuracy for measuring the blood pressure. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly.

It is equipped with Intelligence technology which will give you fast, accurate and more comfortable measurements. This BP Monitor is developed by Omron by Japanese technology and state of art manufacturing system. It is passed with very strict quality system of Omron.
This Blood pressure machine battery is designed by new technology which will provide you more battery life and approx 300 measurements. Omron HEM-8711 blood pressure machine provides you the accurate measurement at the touch of a button.

Features of Omron HEM 8711:

  1. Accuracy Pressure: +-3 mmHg Pulse rate: +-5% of reading
  2. Inflation Fuzzy-logic controlled by electric pump
  3. Deflation Automatic pressure release valve
  4. Power supply 4 AAA batteries 1.5V or AC/DC adaptor (optional, 6V….4W)
  5. Battery Life Approx. 300 measurements
  6. Weight of main unit approx. 245g w/o batteries
  7. Main unit Dimensions 104 (w) x 64 (h) x 128 (l) mm
  8. Cuff material Nylon and polyester

Details Image of Omron HEM 8711

Details Image of Omron HEM-8711


Image of Omron HEM 8711 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

Omron HEM 8711 Blood Pressure Monitor

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