Enjoy Indian Badminton League –Future of Indian Badminton

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IBL is on full swing and team are participating with true sportsmanship to make this event as a milestone for Indian Badminton. IBL is giving identity to new faces of Indian Badminton and at same time it is also mobilizing Indian sports loving auditions to appreciate the game which is not common as Cricket in India . In recant ties , Srikant from Awad Warrior gave tough fight to world number 01 Li chung wee. Similarly, players like Saurabh Verma , Gurusai Datt , Ajay Jayaram & Anup Sridhar playing extraordinary and emerging as new champions of Indian Badminton game.
Indian Badminton League

Indian Badminton League

This is very good sing for Badminton in India and we are hoping a good response for IBL in next year.
Indian Badminton League is conceptualized and executed on same framework  like IPL where players will be grouped into team by Team owners. In this format , initially different ties will be player between different team and based on the points table final game will be played. Each team has to play men’s single , women’s single , men’s double , women’s double and mix double. Based on points scored in these matches , verdict of tie will be decided.
IBL concept is very good and its giving fair and equal opportunity to individual badminton players . IBL is also giving opportunities to Indian payers where then can played with international badminton super starts like Le Chung wee , Taufik Hidayat , Hu Yun and learn from them.
We hope that future on IBL is very bright and it’ll leverage the sprit of Badminton game in India. As badminton game will grow it will also increase the sales on Badminton Equipment  in India which is a good sign.
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Enjoy Indian Badminton League –Future of Indian Badminton, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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