Forehand and Backhand Tennis Shots

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Fore and Back tennis shots are the key weapons of a tennis player that makes him offensive by pushing his or her opponent into a corner. Strength is very crucial in the game of tennis and it will help you to progress as the game proceeds. You need to be a good all round player to win competitions.

Forehand Tennis Racket Shot -

Forehand Tennis Racket Shot -


Intelligent players recognise faults in the opponent’s techniques and will take advantage of this opportunity to dominate the situation. If you recognise that your opponents have a poor backhand, you will continuously drive the ball to that side of the court to force your opponent to make more mistakes. As a player you should be competent with the fundamental tennis techniques and skills that will enable you to improve your weakness and sharpen your strength.


Basic Technique Of Tennis


The skills and basic techniques of tennis are the shots that you play right from the time you serve the ball. A majority of tennis players consider the forehand shot as a natural stroke but it may not be that easy to learn. If your opponent returns your tennis ball directly to your body, you will move to the left and hit the shot if you are a right handed player and vice versa; these strokes require a forehand shot.


The backhand shot is played from the side opposite of the forehand. A right handed player will execute it from the left side of the body and a left handed player from the right side of the body. This type of a shot requires a lot of practice.

The Crucial Shot

The serve is considered to be a crucial shot that many players over look. To have a distinct advantage over competitors, your serve should be strong to earn you aces. When you toss the ball up above your head, rotate the tennis racket with a full motion swing and strike the ball to the diagonal service area on the opposite side of the tennis court and you will have a strong serve.

You can play an offensive game by using the Lob shot. It is initially used as a defensive play to reverse the momentum of a shot into an offensive play. You can use this technique when you find yourself out of position or vulnerable during play, to put your opponent off balance. You should be an experienced player to execute this shot.

Play Smart                                                                              

First of all you should have the best tennis rackets. You should know when to change them during the game to compete with your opponent. This will be possible when you have understood your opponent and you know what tennis rackets you need to use to reply to his shots professionally.

You may try to hit the ball deep into the court, change the pace of the ball, and hit the ball low over the neck. Hit a one handed back hand and especially when you are defensive to play a smart game. If you want to win tennis competitions then you should continuously practice your fore and back tennis shots.

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