Guide For Badminton Rackets Balance

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Guide For Badminton Rackets Balance :
Balance  of Badminton Rackets technically known as Racket weight Distribution. Badminton Rackets Weight is not equally  distributed along it length. Different Badminton Rackets Manufactures are doing lots of research work to get optimum weigh distribution. To understand the Badminton Rackets Balance , Let us find out its types:
Basically Rackets Balance is divided into three categories :
Heavy Head Badminton  Rackets:
As its name depicts , the weight of the Badminton Rackets is concentrated on head side , this type of rackets are often lighter in nature. With having Head heavy rackets in hand , you will get good manoeuvrability while you needn’t to compromise on power. Rackets with Head heavy balance are good for developing players as it is having lightweight design.
Evenly Head Badminton  Rackets:
It is also known as mid balance . Its consists of natural weight distribution or in other way you can say that weight is evenly distributed along the racket length. Evenly balance rackets allow you to play shot with more flexibility and faster. This type of rackets are suitable for round court play.
Light  Head Badminton  Rackets:
Head light Badminton Rackets are having weight concentrated to handle area.  With nanoechnology , weight is easily transfer to handle without putting extra weight to frame. Head light rackets can make the frame feel lighter and aid faster swinging, giving them greater power and manoeuvrability. Head light rackets are especially advantageous amongst
players who spend most of their time at the net due to the greater.
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