Guide for Badminton Rackets Weight:

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As per Standard Badminton Rackets Practice , Size of Badminton Rackets are fix , around (680mm Long X 230 mm wide) . While size of the badminton Racketsare same but weight of rackets vary as different manufactures uses different material and manufacturing technique to produce “sate of the art badminton racket”.
If you are a professional Badminton Player then it is worth to mention that rackets weight play a crucial role in Racket Selection Check List. Badminton Rackets Weight vary from 80gms to 100 gms. Thanks to Modern Rackets Technology , nowadays rackets are very lightweight . As per Yonex badminton Standard guide , Badminton Wight measurement criteria refer “U”. Weight of Badminton Rackets vary from 2U , 3U to 4 U.
2U – 90 gms and Over
3U -  85-89.9 gms
4U – 80-84.9
 If you wish to buy racket of 4U range then you need deep pocket . 4U range rackets are lighter and have specialized  material property.
As a player which racket is suitable ?  Answer is depends on playing style and body type. Heavier Badminton Rackets give powerful shot but you need to compromise on racket swing speed . Heavier Rackets are suitable for strong players. The Player equipped with heavier racket should know how to utilize it effectively. Here are some points:
1.Player should know how to produce  quick racket swing speed.
2.Player should know how to capitalize the extra racket weight for producing movement and power
If you are good enough to capitalize above mention points then enjoy the game with heavier racket.
Lighter weight rackets are very popular and it is a common chose amongst the players. Lighter weight rackets provide extended manoeuvrability. It allow player to move racket faster and swing quickly .Now if a player is able to swing racket quickly then he or she can get the racket head to the shuttlecock quicker. Racket swing is very important in power shot and smashes.
So as summary we can say that racket weight is very important parameter while you go for Badminton Racket shopping.
Consider your playing style and body type  and select best amongst all.
Happy Playing
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