How to chose the Table Tennis Racket

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Table Tennis Racket Selection Guide

In table tennis, nothing can be a more important piece of equipment than the racket. A table tennis racket, also commonly referred to as a ‘paddle’ is used as a bat to receive and strike the small plastic ball back and forth across the table. While playing table tennis many equipment is used such as table, net, a ping-pong ball and most important a racket.

For a beginner it is important and also difficult to choose the perfect racket. A perfect racket should gives comfortable feel at the handles and a correct shape of the blade. There are three main things in table tennis racket which is take care while buying a table tennis racket.

Table Tennis Racket Blades:

While choosing a proper racket firstly we should concentrates on blade or frame of the racket. The whole racket is depend on racket blade and it determines the effectiveness of how to receive and drive the ball back to your opponent. Table tennis rackets come in different varieties that can suit the individual preferences of table tennis players.

Beginners can start with rounded blades. The key in choosing the right blade is to make sure that it does not make your shots very slow or very fast. A regular round blade can help you develop and improve your game as you practice.

Racket Grip:

In the process of finding the perfect racket,  one another aspect is also very important that is handle’s grip. A good grip is also important to win the game. A good grip is important because this affects the way you handle the racket as a whole.  Today different types of grip is available for table tennis players, but there are some major types of grip which are penhold and shakehand grip styles.

The rule of thumb when deciding on the handle type is to always pick the one that gives your hand a comfortable feel. In this regard, choosing the right handle is always subjective and dependent on what feels good for your hand. It is important to remember that changing grip styles when you are already well into the sport can be difficult; as it will drastically affect the way you propel the ball.


When choosing the type of rubber to be attached to both sides of the racket blade, Please remember that smooth surfaced rubbers are more flexible. Rubber with countless tiny blisters allow only a slow spins, while the smooth rubber can give you better performance by giving you more control whatever kind of spin or drive you do with the ball. Although smooth rubber may take some time before you get used to it, choosing it will hasten your improvement in the sport.

While this post will give you the basic information on Table Tennis Selection Guide but at the same time you need to also see your game type , body style and what type of player you want to be in future. Believe me perfect racket can boost your performance drastically.

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