How to Idetify Fake GM Cricket Bats

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GM ( Gunn & Moore ) brand is among the most popular brand in the world . It produces the best and highest quality Cricket Goods with using latest technology.  The demand of GM cricket Bats are increasing day by day.
GM Cricket brand is using “State of the Art” CAD and CAM technology for processing the willow. With the help of this technology they produces the cricket equipment with higher degree of quality and consistency. As there is huge demand of GM cricket bats in  International market so possibility of fake or duplicate Cricket are quite possible and end user can be cheated while they go for Off Line or Online cricket bats shopping.
Buyers need to carefully check the originality of cricket bats and accordingly take the decision  for buying.
In this post we are highlighting few critical points by which you can actually differentiate between Genuine and fake one.
# Tip -01 – Check the GM Brand Logo at Front and Back Side:
GM Brand uses specific and Standard hologram on front  side and back side  marked as GM in Capital letters. You need to make sure the shape , Font size and color of this  mark. Also don’t forget to check the background color of GM logo as mention in image.
GM Cricket Bats

GM Cricket Bats

# Tip-02 –  Check the Stickers at edge of cricket Bat:
Check the edge side of the bat. Make sure the size of stickers and color of US Stickers are  genuine  not fake. It is  affix  only at edge side of cricket bat.
GM Cricket Bats 01

GM Cricket Bats 01

# Tip-03 -Check the GM Brand Logo at Edge Side of cricket bat:
Check the edge side of the bat. You need to make sure the shape , Font size and color of this  mark. Check the background color of this mark.
GM Cricket Bats 02

GM Cricket Bats 02

Tip-04 – Check the Star Mark Stickers at Back of the cricket bat:
GM Brand uses specific stickers on front and Back side of the cricket bat. You need to make sure the  Font size and color of this Star mark and also check GM signature which is below star mark.
GM Cricket Bats 03

GM Cricket Bats 03

Tip-05- Check the Technology Mark at front view of the cricket bat
GM Brand uses specific technology like “TOETEK”. Check the “TOETEK” at lower back side of the cricket bat. You need to make sure the Font size , Spelling of the mark.
GM Cricket Bats 04

GM Cricket Bats 04

In India , GM Cricket Bats are manufactured at Jalander , Panjab Factory . Few GM Cricket Bats models are exclusivly produces at England factory.
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