How To Play Cover Drive In Cricket

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COver Drive using Cricket Bats -Khelmart

Cover Drive -Suresh Raina

Cover Drive Using Cricket Bats -
Cover Drive – Sachin

If you want to know how to play cover drive in cricket then watch the professional batsmen put their front foot forward towards the pitch at a good length ball. They just bring their bat down through the line of the delivery, with a gentle stroke, and play the ball between mid-off and cover to the ropes.

When you are watching a match, you will hear various terms that the commentator uses to praise cricketing strokes. He may utter words such as ‘what a lovely on-drive’ or use the term as ‘cover drive’. These terms are used depending upon the style and direction of the shot played.


Types Of Cricketing Shots

There are a number of cricketing batting terms used during a cricket match. When you are under training for as a batsman you are taught all these different shots such as switch hits and flicks, reverse sweeps, pulls, hooks, cuts and cover drive. There are many times which is quite normal in cricket that you get out if you do not play the shot in the correct manner.

A batsman may play a shot of the back foot or front foot which totally depends on which foot he prefers to transfer the weight of his body, depending upon the delivery of the ball to play the stroke.  To improve your ability to score runs and batting style, you will come across hundreds of different batting tips. You need to have knowledge about all these especially when you are in the stage of selection.

The Most Exciting Part Of Cricket

Batting is considered to be the most exciting part of cricket. To be a good batsman, apart from training and practice you need to use good cricket bats. You may want a short handle or a long handle bat, depending upon your style and cricketing strokes. Cricket bats are made of willow; if you search you can easily find the best quality bats.

Whatever cricketing shot you may play it is very necessary that you keep your eyes in level as it will help you to react in time as the ball is delivered. If you move your body from the shoulders toward the line of the ball, the rest of the body will automatically follow to get you in the right line with the ball.

The Run Getting Stroke

The cover drive is considered to be one of the most elegant stokes in cricket. You may have noticed during a test match, fast bowlers do not bowl a full length ball quite often. To get a good connected cover drive you should get the foot across the pitch of the ball so that you are in the correct length of the ball and can stroke the shot instead of hitting the ball too hard.

Playing this stroke at balls which are of good length, may be a medium pace,is more convenient to play. If the bowler is a spinner then you will have to make sufficient room for yourself to play this shot. Every batsman has his own way of judging the ball and making it convenient to play this shot, this is how to play cover drivein cricket as a good batsman.

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