How to use the treadmill for beginners

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How to use the treadmill for beginners

As in this busy era it’s difficult to take out time for the workouts and exercise, more hectic to go to a gym for it. An easy way to keep you healthy is running, jogging or walking and treadmill makes it simpler. With the help of treadmill and gym equipment you can exercise at your home in your convenient time. It seems to be scary to start with a huge bulky machine but its very friendly and easy to use. Treadmill is not only used for workouts, weight loss but also suggested by doctors for several muscles pain to relax the muscles. A beginner should take care of few things as speed, time limits and intervals.

Treadmill for beginners

Here are few points beginners should remember

Start at slow speed: In the beginning you should start with a slow speed. Most of the treadmills have safety trait to avoid to start from a rapid point but you should take care by yourself. Before starting the machine put your legs on the either side of the belt and step on the belt after checking that it is moving on slow speed.

Use of handrails: You should not be dependent on the hand rails. In the beginning you can take help of handrails by holding for balance while walking but leave the habit of holding it slowly and gradually. You should move freely on the treadmill as you walk or run in a park. If you feel you cannot run without holding the handrails then decrease the speed.

Use of Handrails

Don’t look down: While running or walking you should keep your shoulders, neck and chin up. Don’t look down, look in the straight direction. in the middle of the workout if someone calls you don’t turn back it can lead into an accident.

Be attentive: you should try to move in the center in a straight line. You may feel doing something with running as watching tv but don’t try it until you are comfortable with the machine. If you are not comfortable want to stop running then don’t jump from the moving belt, press the stop button and the treadmill will come to a slow and safe stop.

Pay Attention

Expect to feel unsettled: Sometimes in the beginning you may feel why the belt is not moving. You may feel it still but it is ok nothing to worry people feel such things in the beginning.

Never run barefoot: You should always wear a good pair of running or walking shoes on the treadmill.

Feeling Uncomfortable

After following these simple things you will feel treadmill as your friend. Take care of several thing and enjoy your treadmill workouts.

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