How to use the treadmill to lose weight fast

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How to use the treadmill to lose weight fast

Treadmill is a tool use for walking and running. People who could not go to the gym or any place for workout or exercise, they can use treadmill at their own place for exercise. Generally people use treadmill to reduce weight without doing any hardcore exercise. One can jog, run or walk according to their desire on the treadmill.

It is easy to start the workout with treadmill. The basic treadmill used at home, has a timer and tells the distance trekked on the machine’s front panel. Most of the gym equipment are specialized with heart rate sensors which allow users to find out whether they are working in a cardiovascular or fat burning zone.
There are several steps to lose weight using treadmill.

To lose weight with the help of treadmill

Step1: You should begin with an easy workout. It should be a brisk walk on 3.5 mph for approx. 30 minutes, it burns around 121 calories. You should start with jogging or walking daily or on alternate days for approximately 30 minutes. You can increase the time period or the intensity of the workout but it should be an easy workout. You should not lose your all energy in it.

Losing weight by simple workout

Step 2: Next step should be adding hills to the workout. Hill training helps people to develop control and muscle elasticity. You can use the hill workout in the treadmill or manually adjust the treadmill. Speed should be maintained or stable during the workout for 20 to 30 minutes.

Time intervals and activities for good results

Step 3: Increase the time of the workout. You can add a workout that is about twice as long as you were doing before. You can increase the time but the speed should be consistent.

Step 4: Now you should speed up. One should keep intervals between the workouts. If you are walking then add jogging and vice versa. Some treadmills have automatic programs which have interval workouts or you can select your own. You can increase the speed for few seconds or minutes after a warm up session and repeat it gradually.

Easy way to reduce weight fast

Step 5: Mostly people motive behind using treadmill is to lose weight so one should also take care of the calories while working out. As there is no restriction on calories while working out with treadmill but for the safer side one should monitor their calories also. You should have a balanced diet.

These are the few steps to lose weight fast by using treadmill. If you follow these simple steps you can easily lose your weight, without doing any hardcore exercises or without going anywhere.

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