India’s Best Brand in Cricket Bats

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Cricket in India is not only a national game, but it is played at all ages and practically by anyone. Very rarely you will come across someone who may not be interested in cricket. In India the best brand in cricket bats is the SG brand. It is considered the most famous of all bats.

The top most cricketers such as Virender Sehwag, Rahul David, Sunil Gavaskar and many others use this brand and have earned a name for themselves. The brand has made a niche and is being marketed from its website online. When you want to purchase online cricket bats, don’t miss their website.

Sunny Tonny

This bat is top on the list and made by Sanspareils Greenlands. Since 1982 the company has been supplying prime quality bats to India. It is made from top of the line English willow with a traditional shape and style. To add a superior sense of control it has a Chevtec grip to deliver superior power and control and the handle is made from premium, imported Sarvak cane.

This top class bat also features a full length padded bat cover with adjustable strap. To provide better durability and maintain the moisture level it has a toe protector. You can purchase the same in sizes SH, 3, 4, 5 & 6. The other cricket bat under this brand name is the Triple Crown. This bat too has the same features but comes with a coffin bat case, which is specially designed for it and is available in sizes SH, 5 & 6.

Sunny Gold

This bat is similar to Sunny Tonny. The Triple Crown is shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots. To provide balance and control, it features thick edges and a curved blade. It is available in size SH. The other bats in line are Nexus Xtreme, Reliant Xtreme, Century Xtreme and Super Cover.

The SG brand has been used by Indian Cricketers since over 3 decades and has given the India team and its players impressive results in many categories of cricket. This brand has maintained itself at the top level from the time of its inception. SG cricket bats have been the favourite of the Indian team’s master blasters. It has made India a proud winner of the world cup not once but twice.

Other Famous Brands

The other brand which is also considered to be one of the good Indian bats is the MRF Genius. It is Sachin Tendulkar’s favourite bat. It has tremendous power and fantastic balance. You will need some time to settle down with this bat and knock around. Sareen sports have made the SS Ton Gladiator which also comes in the list of good bats. It has concave edges and great rebound quality.

The SS Ton Professional also made by Sareen Sports is made from English Willow with a traditional Asian shape. It features wide edges and a bowed blade. The bat is large but still maintains great pickup and balance. Online cricket bats are offered at various websites, but when you shop for one, select the site that offers you the best.

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