Injuries with Badminton Rackets:

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Injuries with Badminton Rackets: We all know hat badminton is game where badminton rackets play crucial role . In the game of Badminton players put lots of effort during smashes  . Some time players used to play shots in wrong position or use some wrong badminton Racket which cause injuries in shoulder. This action could become chronic shoulder problems. To avoid the injuries and stay fit ,we need to understand the Badminton Rackets Science. In this post we shall give you some tips by which you can actually avoid serious Badminton Rackets injuries.


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Lets us understand the basics of work. As we all know that work is energy which is required to generate the shuttle speed. It means if we want to generate the more shuttle speed then we need to do more work. It is obvious that during badminton game we would like to put less work and on other hand we need more shuttle speed. So we can say , the Best badminton Racket in one which generate more shuttle speed by putting less work. The research has proved that the best type of racquet to use to attain maximum power is one that is heavy with a head light balance. More mass placed close to the handle allows makes it easier to swing


How to Prevent Injuries while dealing with badminton rackets:


Add extra weight to Handle , it is looks very simple but require experience. Put some extra grip into handle and you will get extra weight on handle and at same time you’ll improve your grip. Excessive grip on handle could change the balance of Badminton Racket .You need to be careful while adding extra grip on Handel. Lead tape is another good weapon which in case used in scientifically manner could improve your  efficiency and at same time can reduce the chances of injuries. Many players try to apply this tape on head of the badminton Rackets. This practice some time gives adverse impact because it create head heavy shape. Now we know that head heavy shape rackets are difficult to swing and could create shoulder injuries. So if you are planning to  buy lead tape then better to use on Handle rather then head.

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