Kookaburra Cricket Shoes – New Technology to Enrich Your Game

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Kookaburra Cricket Brand is know for its quality & innovative cricketing equipments and we all know that white cricket ball is an innovative product from Kookaburra. Kookaburra Cricket Bats are the choice of many international cricket players including former Australian captain Ricky Ponting.
In this post, we will specially discuss about the Kookaburra cricket footwear. Kookaburra Cricket shoes are developed with technology like Clima Fresh , Airflow , Flex 360 , Dura Foam. These technologies along with mammoth experience in sports good manufacturing industries give superb cricketing footwear.
Kookaburra Cricket shoes Technology

Kookaburra Cricket shoes Technology

Clima Fresh Lining : Clima fresh lining provided at internal side of shoes give ability to absorb and release the moisture. This enables inside shoes freshness which is very important for extended planning condition.
Airflow: It is a known fact that airflow is very important for shoes and it can impact the bowling or batting performance of cricketers. Kookaburra provided the climate control mesh at outside of the shoes. This new and specialized mesh gives a smooth air flow from outside to inside . With the help of airflow , shoes remain fresh at inside in different and tough weather condition.
Dura Foam: Shoes sole gives comfort to sportsman , harder sole gives great stability but it will not provide the cushioning effect during impact condition. Shoe sole should be combination of both hard and soft material at different level. In Badminton , YONEX badminton shoes technology – 3 Layer cushion is the example of best cushion effect. Kookaburra used specially designed sole for cricket shoes. It consists of 3 different part:
1.High Rebound Insole: inside the sole , high rebound material is provided which gives rebound action during impact and protect your feed from sudden jerk and impact
2.Dura form memory Eva Midsole : Midsole is made of durable material which is precisely place at centre of sole. This durable material increase the life of shoes.
3.Cushing heel zone: To protect the heel , Kookaburra placed the cushioning material at rear sole . This material absorb the impact energy and release it in control way to give the superb comfort and performance.
As summary , we can say that kookaburra Cricket shoe are made of best in class material and technology to provide extraordinary
Performance. Shoes comes in different colour and spike combination (full and half spike). These shoes give 360 motion.
Cricket shoes Technology

Cricket shoes Technology

Following variant are commonly know:
(1) Pro Flex 360
(2) Pro 400
Cricket Player can see and buy the Kookaburra Cricket Shoes at Khelmart.com
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Kookaburra Cricket Shoes – New Technology to Enrich Your Game, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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