Li Ning Badminton Rackets Ultra Carbon series Series Overview

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In this Post we will explain the technology and design concept behind the Li Ning Ultra Carbon series of Badminton Rackets. Technology is a very important factor during Badminton rackets design. Li Ning Badminton used new and innovative technology for designing its High Ultra series Rackets. We will highly recommend that player should read this post carefully before they go for Li Ning Badminton Rackets Shopping.

Following are the Key Technology behind the Li Ning Ultra Carbon series Badminton Rackets.

Wing Stabilizer:


Li Ning Used best Aviation Technology first time in Badminton Rackets. Technology uses ultra elastic 3G titanium alloy with 3 and point 9 o’clock configuration .This advance technology , control the frame original position very precisely and absorb the shock wave and vibration hence give stable handle feel to badminton player.

Ultra Carbon:

Li Ning ultra-carbon Badminton Rackets @khelmart

Racket is made of rigid carbon fibres to form an optimum performance bond which gives desired rigidity and strength to absorb more impact load. With carbon fibre bonding, racket frame deformation could be minimized.

Li Ning Dynamic Optimum Frame:

It is an advance and optimum designed mechanical structure of badminton racket which gives superb attack and defence mechanism. In this design sweet spot is kept higher to head side, this manipulation of sweet spot gives higher hitting point for delivering perfect shots. Due to upper sweet spot, defensive area increased significantly which gives additional scope of delivering accurate and fine dropping shot. Velocity of hitting is also improved up to a great extent.

Li Ning High Tensile Slim Shaft:

Li Ning developed the slim shaft which is having the diameter of 7.0 mm (O/S). This shaft will give extreme strength and control. With best technology and strength, this shaft will deliver perfect accuracy and control over badminton shots.

Li Ning AEROTECH Beam System:

Frame beam of Li Ning Badminton rackets are designed in such way which generates minimum air resistance and high intensity during long rallies. Aerodynamic of racket in based on advance calculation method and it will suit the playing style of most of the badminton players. With the help of different test performed on different player, a huge data set is recorded and analyzed by sports and engineering field expert to finalized the perfect beam design.

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Li Ning Badminton Rackets Ultra Carbon series Series Overview, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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