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Materials used for making a Badminton Racket must be of superior quality that will be able to provide you a best Badminton Rackets. Some of the materials given here that will help you choosing a good Badminton Racket.
Muscle Power Frame Khelmart

Muscle Power Frame

Wood: The Badminton Rackets made from wood were being heavy in weight and the players could not be able to hit powered shot. The wooden Badminton Rackets were also not durable. The manufacturing time was more that caused high in cost. That’s why it was refused by the players.
Steel:  Steel made Badminton Rackets are then be used instead of wooden Badminton Rackets. Steel provided durability and strength too. Also the manufacturing time was less and comparatively cost decreased. From a single piece of steel, Badminton Rackets had been cast. Now a days, steel made Badminton Rackets cheapest but are often combined with magnesium and other metals mixed in with the iron and carbon.
Carbon Fibre: Carbon fiber is also known as Graphite fiber. This is a crystalline Carbon fiber that has an ability to twist or weave together. This material made a revolution in many areas including aeronautics, sports equipments, sports cars etc. This increases the cost of the Badminton Rackets. It has a property of strength as well as providing light weight property. This property turned into a ideal material for the Badminton Rackets.
Aluminium: As the time passes, new metal series are discovered, Aluminium comes in this series. Although this metal is not much strong as steel is, yet its much light weight feature makes this metal suitable for Badminton Racket. Also it is having the ability of exerting more power on the shuttle cock. That’s why it is the most popular choice. It is also cast from a single piece of metal. It lies between the cost of very cheap steel made Badminton Rackets and very expensive carbon fibre Badminton Rackets.
Other materials: There are some more materials that are used in making  Badminton Rackets, but these are not as widely used because of higher in cost and also rarely available. These materials are titanium, boron, ceramics, and some other composite alloys. The quality of these materials are not as good as carbon fiber materials.
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