How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats – Must Read

We have written many articles on SG Cricket Bats technologies and its  penetration on Indian Cricket team . Most of the India cricket team players are using SG Cricket Bats. No doubt SG bats are technically advanced bats and give optimum performance. While SG at company level is trying to stop the delicacy but as its demand are high so there is a huge open space for gray market.
Original cricket bats will give you superb performance and value of money while fake or duplicate cricket bat frustrate you and it will waste your time and money.
Buyers need to carefully check the originality of cricket bat and accordingly take the decision  for buying.
In this post we are highlighting few critical points by which you can actually differentiate between original and fake one.
# 1 Tips Check the SG Brand Logo at Front and Back Side
SG Brand uses specific symbol on front  side , marked as SG in Capital letters. You need to make sure the shape , Font size and color of this  mark. Also don’t forget to check the background color of SG logo as mention in image.
How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 01

How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 01

# 2 Tips Check the SG Brand Logo on top of the handle
Check the handle of the bat. Make sure the font size and color of SG marked at Top of the cricket Bat is original. Same Logo is also marked in grip of cricket bats.
How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 02

How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 02

# 3 Tips Check the SG Brand Logo at Side or edge of Cricket Bat.
Make sure on the side view of Cricket bat SG brand logo is there.  SG logo is in  between the arrow. You can remember the count of arrow. Size of the Logo is standard.
How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 03

How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 03

# 4 Tips Check the SG Stickers at Back of the cricket bat
SG Brand uses specific stickers on Back side of the cricket bat. You need to make sure the Font size and color of this  mark.
How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 04

How to Identify the Fake SG Cricket Bats 04

These tips will give you the basic idea on how to identify the fake cricket bats. Buyer needs to also check the reputation of retailer if he or she buying the sg cricket bats online because you can not see the bat physically so its all about trust and brand value.
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Yonex lightest Badminton racket

Can you guess , which one is the Yonex lightest Badminton racket  ? It is Yonex Arcsaber FB . Weight of Arcsaber FB is 73 gms . Can you image .. just 73 gms. Now when you are amazed with weight of this new arcsaber badminton racket , let me give you some more information on this. In 1980 ,Yonex launched sub -100 gms Badminton Racket .i.e Carbonex 8. After launching the Carbonex 8 , Yonex given new dimension to rackets research & development program  where different brands started working on light weight Badminton Rackets.

Now , Yonex launched arcsaber FB , lightest Badminton racket.We all know how effectively Yonex worked on NANOScience , state of art material innovation . In Arcsaber FB , Nanoscine is further improved and developed as Nanomatric. In Nanomatric , bonding strength of carbon fiber is improved and its give extraordinary shaft construction. By improving the bonding strength of carbon fibers , amount of carbon is actually reduced up to great extent and as a result , now  shaft is 60% less thinner than conventional models.

Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology NANAMATRIC

Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology NANAMATRIC

NANOMATRIC is not only giving edge on thinner shaft but it also improve the other property as well.WIth NANOMATRIC, Bending Strength of Racket in Improved by 8% as compared to conventional graphite models , stiffness is reduced by 2% and Impact strength is improved by 40% .

Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology NANAMATRIC 01

Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology NANAMATRIC 01

All these data is collected by Yonex R & D team . So with this data we can say that Yonex has added another breakthrough Badminton Rackets in its catalog.

To Visit Complete Range of Yonex Badminton Rackets visit

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What’s New in Yonex Badminton Rackets in 2013 -Arcsaber Series – Part 01:

Yonex , the best Badminton manufacturers in the world has come up the new catalog for 2013 – Arcsaber Badminton Rackets Series. Arcsaber series is design with new flex which hold the badminton shuttle bit longer at the time of impact. With this new flex concept ,Badminton Rackets with arcsaber technology hold and release the energy with control way to provide path breaking racket control to players. It mean arcsaber will give you additional control on racket during defensive shots. Sonic Metal as well positioned in the frame which enhanced racket repulsion power during attacking game.

Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets -Arcsaber 11

Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets -Arcsaber 11

Arcsaber series fans have new rackets for 2013 from house of Yonex. In this post we shall list new Badminton rackets in arcsaber catalog.

Yonex Badminton Racket Arcsaber 11 :

With neo carbon Nanotube , arcsaber 11 will give you added advantage. Sonic Metal will increase the ability to return the shots quickly and you can suddenly amazed your opponent with rapid fire returns. This is what you’ll get along with Yonex Arcsaber 11.

Technical Specification of Arcsaber 11

  • Badminton Flex : Medium
  • SHaft  : HM Graphite Ultra PEF
  • Weight  :  3U ( 85-89.9 g) , 2U (90-94.9 g)
  • Color                 :  Red

Yonex Badminton Racket Arcsaber  FB :

What is new in Arcsaber Fb , you will realise when you hold this racket first time . This is the lightest Badminton Racket from the house of Yones (Only 73 Gms ).Racket is powered by NANOMATRIC  technology which gives superb handling ability and unmatched power which every badminton player is looking in perfect badminton racket.

Technical Specification of Arcsaber FB:

  • Badminton Flex : Stiff
  • SHaft  : HM Graphite NANOMATRIC
  • Weight  :  F (73g , )
  • Color                 :  Sonic blue

To visit complete Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets visit


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Best Tennis Balls

In the game of tennis , tennis balls played significant role as its decide the game pace and level of players enjoyments.  Different Tennis Balls manufactures are doing innovation to make the perfect tennis ball with state of the art play ability. The important parts of tennis balls are ball cloth and rubber. Nowadays manufactures are making water resistance Tennis  balls like  Slazenger Championship Hydroguard Tennis Balls .

In this post we shall explain the best Tennis Balls available in market . This post will give you comparison between different Tennis Balls so that you can buy Tennis Balls online or off line with better buying options.

Best Tennis Balls in India

Best Tennis Balls in India

Best Tennis Balls in India

Best Tennis Balls in India

Slazenger Championship Hydroguard Tennis Balls:

The Slazenger Championship Tennis Balls are combination of good quality and first grade core with unique cloth technology retains playability for a longer period . It is made specifically for winners to flare their taste of victory, these tennis balls are made with water resistant cloth technology which will help in the wet for longer. A perfect set of premium balls, these are custom made to give you a habit of victory. Up to 70% more water resistant than the nearest equivalent competitor ‘water resistant’ ball, the Championship Hydroguard retains its playability in the wet for longer. This means more playing time on court, and a better and more enjoyable game of tennis, whatever the weather. The Slazenger Championship Hydroguard ball is approved by the ITF.

Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra VIS Tennis Balls:

Slazenger tennis balls have been used on the hallowed turf of the All England Club since 1902 and with today’s Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis ,Hydroguard ball, we have created the world’s ultimate performance tennis ball.This ball gives extra durability and responsiveness which is provided by the lighter weave of the finest wool cloth. The use of an exclusive dye provides higher visibility on court.The nation’s favorite tennis balls now come with Hydroguard technology which repels 70% more water than standard tennis balls. Premium woven ULTRA VIS cloth is used for extra durable balls that are also easier to see for both players and spectators. These high vis cloths are 17% brighter than any other tennis balls in the market.Tour Core engineered core use material that have been modified at molecular level to offer consistent feel and performance for longer.   Approved by the International Tennis Federation.

Slazenger Championship Tennis Balls:

The Slazenger Championship Tennis Ball set comes in a tube that contains 3 high grade balls. This ball is versatile and can be used to play on grass, hard or wet courts. The Slazenger Championship Tennis Ball is officially approved by the International Tennis Federation. The Slazenger Championship Tennis Ball features a First Grade Core and uses a unique cloth technology to achieve the perfect texture on the outside of the ball. Play tennis with your friends and family in order to spend some quality time with them.The Championship utilizes our Tour Core technology which has been engineered to deliver consistent performance characteristics. This has resulted in a ball that is suitable for tournament play on all surfaces. The woven cloth with Hi Vis technology increases the visibility of the ball, allowing players more time to prepare for shots.

Head Coach Tennis Balls:

A very popular ball for practice and recreational play. Head Coach All Court Surface Ball Tennis Balls are High quality trainer ball. Head Coach Tennis Balls are Pressurized tennis ball suitable for all court surfaces. It comes in green color  Head Coach Tennis ball offers great value for money.

Head ATP Tennis Balls:

The Head ATP tennis ball was made for the pro tournaments and big leagues. The Head ATP tennis balls are the official balls of the ATP, the AMS, and the TMC. These tournament grade balls feature new Encore Technology for better durability and Smart Optik felt for greater visibility. These balls are designed to stay fresh longer and are suitable for all types of courts.The iconic HEAD ATP Ball preferred not only by Andy Murray for its liveliness and ability to reach maximum spin and control. Now it comes with additional and unrivaled durability. The Flagship of HEAD’s tournament balls with Encore technology and Smart Opik felt for greater visibility.

To buy Tennis Balls online in India Visit

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Cricket Bats Manufacturing Process

                      Cricket Bats are manufactured from a wood (English  or Kashmiri Willow). During bat manufacturing ,different process in sequence takes place in order to get the perfect cricket bat. Willow selection for cricket bats is an important aspect during bat manufacturing. English Willow is best in class willow for bat and no doubt it is first preference of all bat manufacturers around the globe.

Cricket Bats Willow Type

Cricket Bats Willow Type

English willow is the finest type of willow because it give high performance and durability during critical batting condition. Kashmiri willow is the substitute of english willow and mostly available in kashmir valley of India. This type of willow is bit harder as compare to English Willow.Cricket bat with this type of willow is suitable for entry or average level of cricket players.

Now let us discuss the cricket bat manufacturing process . Bat manufacturing process is totally  a manual skilled job and the perfect shape and size of bats is totally depends on skill level of operator.Few companies like GM Cricket, also used state of art Computer Added Manufacturing technique which give fine accuracy and surface finish as compared to manual job.

Cricket Bats Manufacturing Process

Cricket Bats Manufacturing Process

Cutting Process :

In this Process , trees are cut into standard size logs which further cuts into defined shape wadge known as clefts. To manufacture standard bat , clefts should be defect free , should contain perfect fibers shapes and moreover the perfect moisture contents. Carefully selected clefts are then placed into drying room to remove the moisture .Normally it takes 6 month to achieve the desire condition on wood for further processing.Once the clefts are dried as per requirement , further it cuts into shape of the bat. Manufactures also give the shape of handle and toe .At this point of time it is also important to finalize the best end of bad which could give the super performance.

Pressing Process :

With Pressing operation , bat internal fibers come closer and provide strength so that bat can withstand the impact caused by cricket ball.Pressing is an important operation as over pressing can make bat surface hard.So it is desirable to do this operation carefully with skill hand or machine.

Handle Fitting:

After Pressing operation , Next operation is to fit the handle to cricket bat. Handle in normally prepared with cane laminated with rubber strips which gives flexibility and improve the strength of handle. Handle is placed into cricket bat wadge with adhesive material so that handle can make joint with bat. Both handle and bad, further pressed in vice to give desired shape.

Shaping Operation :

After Fitting the handle , wood craftsman  place the bat into vice and give the final shape of cricket bat by removing the extra wood with the help of tool known as Draw Knife. In this operation cricket bats performance and its playing style is decided as craftsman as per bat specification changes the bat meat position. By changing the quantity and position of meat , bat performance can be changed.

Final Finishing:

Further , Cricket Bat is sanded , shoulder of bad gets its shape , grip of handle place into bat. Final finishing of Cricket Bats takes place with the help of horse’s shin bone. Manufacturer logo are added into Bat. Now your bat ready to play. But please don’t forgot the knock In and Oiling of Cricket Bats.

So this is the complete sequence of Cricket Bat Manufacturing process. In India Meerut , U.P –  is the hub of Cricket Bat manufacturing and word well known companies like SS, SG , BDM , Kookaburra , SF , SM Pinto are manufacturing cricket equipment form here.

To Visit Full Range of Cricket Bats please visit

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Rising Start of Indian Cricket -Cheteswar Pujara

The young and professional cricketer, Cheteswar Pujara was born on the 25th of January, 1988 in Rajkot, Gujarat. Cheteswar Pujara is a right-handed batsman and right-arm off-break bowler. He attended Virani School, Rajkot and cleared his SSC during his first attempt in first-class. Cheteshwar Pujara comes from a family of cricketers. His grandfather Shivlal Pujara played for Dhrangadhra, his father Arvind Pujara and uncle Bipin played for Saurashtra at the First-class level. He plays for saurashtra in domestic cricket and also plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL.

About His Career:

In year 2005, Cheteswar Pujara played in the Afro-Asia Under-19 Cup and India won in that match. He then played in the Under 19 Cricket World Cup in Sri Lanka in the year 2006. That match presented Pujara to the world as a successful player in young age and he got the Man of the Tournament Trophy. Pujara put 349 runs on his scoreboard at an average of 116.33 runs in the tournament and he was the leading run-scorer of the Under-19 World Cup.

About His Personal life

Cheteswar Pujara is the son of  Mr. Arvind Shivlal Pujara and the nephew of Bipin Shivlal Pujara. On 13 February 2013 Pujara married Puja Pabari in Rajkot.

About his test career:-

In 2010, while replacing yuvraj singh,  pujara was selected for two match home test series against  Australia. On 9 October 2010 at Bangalore he made his debut in the second test of the series.

The year 2012 turned out to be a lucky year for Pujara. He came back with a first International Test Century on the 23rd of August, 2012 against New Zealand in Hyderabad. He scored 159 run against New Zealand in Hyderabad. His highest score in Test cricket is his double century against England, 206 not out. He has one 150 plus and two 200 plus scores to his name from the thirteen Test matches he has played. After the “second debut”, he became a regular in the Indian Test squad. He is yet to play for India in any of the shorter forms of the game. He registered his third century, 135 against England in the second Test at Mumbai and this was his second successive hundred.

He made his first double hundred against England at Ahmedabad in November 2012. In the 2012 he won NKP Salve Challenger Trophy, he was the highest scorer with two centuries and one half century. He became one of the fastest batsmen to reach 1000 runs in Test cricket in just 11 matches and his 18th Test Innings.

On March 4, 2013, he scored another double hundred against Australia in the second Test of the Border-Gavaskar trophy, and was awarded Man of the Match. India went on to defeat Australia by an innings and 135 runs.

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How to chose the Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis Racket Selection Guide

In table tennis, nothing can be a more important piece of equipment than the racket. A table tennis racket, also commonly referred to as a ‘paddle’ is used as a bat to receive and strike the small plastic ball back and forth across the table. While playing table tennis many equipment is used such as table, net, a ping-pong ball and most important a racket.

For a beginner it is important and also difficult to choose the perfect racket. A perfect racket should gives comfortable feel at the handles and a correct shape of the blade. There are three main things in table tennis racket which is take care while buying a table tennis racket.

Table Tennis Racket Blades:

While choosing a proper racket firstly we should concentrates on blade or frame of the racket. The whole racket is depend on racket blade and it determines the effectiveness of how to receive and drive the ball back to your opponent. Table tennis rackets come in different varieties that can suit the individual preferences of table tennis players.

Beginners can start with rounded blades. The key in choosing the right blade is to make sure that it does not make your shots very slow or very fast. A regular round blade can help you develop and improve your game as you practice.

Racket Grip:

In the process of finding the perfect racket,  one another aspect is also very important that is handle’s grip. A good grip is also important to win the game. A good grip is important because this affects the way you handle the racket as a whole.  Today different types of grip is available for table tennis players, but there are some major types of grip which are penhold and shakehand grip styles.

The rule of thumb when deciding on the handle type is to always pick the one that gives your hand a comfortable feel. In this regard, choosing the right handle is always subjective and dependent on what feels good for your hand. It is important to remember that changing grip styles when you are already well into the sport can be difficult; as it will drastically affect the way you propel the ball.


When choosing the type of rubber to be attached to both sides of the racket blade, Please remember that smooth surfaced rubbers are more flexible. Rubber with countless tiny blisters allow only a slow spins, while the smooth rubber can give you better performance by giving you more control whatever kind of spin or drive you do with the ball. Although smooth rubber may take some time before you get used to it, choosing it will hasten your improvement in the sport.

While this post will give you the basic information on Table Tennis Selection Guide but at the same time you need to also see your game type , body style and what type of player you want to be in future. Believe me perfect racket can boost your performance drastically.

To see full range of Table Tennis Blades and Rackets at www.khelmart.comn

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Best NIVIA Football Shoes


In 1934 NIVIA the India’s leading Sports Brand was established. NIVIA is providing sports equipment’s like Footballs , Volleyballs , Basketball etc .NIVIA sports shoes are popular in India and abroad for its technology and innovation. In this article we’ll explain the technology of top NIVIA football shoes.

NIVIA Football Shoe Raptor:

A classy pair of yellow-color sports shoes for men from NIVIA. These round toed shoes have a rubber sole, fabric lining and the upper material is made up of a non-leather material. It’s a low maintenance entry price football shoe and is linked with speed concept. Nivia Raptor Football Shoes are classy pair of sports shoes for ardent football players. These shoes are recommended for hard and rough ground. Nivia Raptor Football Shoes are round toed shoes have a rubber sole, fabric lining and the upper material is made up of a synthetic leather material.


These shoes are recommended for soft and grassy grounds. The Nivia Oslar Football Shoes have synthetic upper and imported leather TPU sole. Nivia Oslar Football Shoes are the ideal football studs made from synthetic leather that offers a player excellent comfort. They have a sculpted sock liner that deliversheel comfort and proper cushioning. There is a shank board moulded in the midsole of this shoe for delivering ultimate stud steadiness. These shoes have direct injected studs (TPU) with a superior grip as well as under foot supporting. The shoes are pasted with an eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesive.

Nivia Ultra Football Stud Shoes

Nivia Ultra Football Shoes are an economic choice for people interested in buying a pair of normal football shoes for basic to intermediate level. Nivia Ultra Football Shoes are a comfortable pair of shoes despite being pocket friendly. Featuring a cushioned lining and heat molded heal counter, they can be worn easily for long. PVC soles provide good amount of durability to the product.

NIVIA Football Shoes Brazil:

Nivia Brazil Football Shoes, designed especially for use on rough surfaces, is a sturdy companion for stressful football games. It’s padded with EVA for comfort and the sole is made of durable rubber with blade type studs. Designed for intermediate play, Nivia Brazil Football Shoes has a PVC synthetic leather upper surface which is embedded with rubber components for the toe for better ball control and direction. It has a unique around the shoe elastic band to hold the tongue and laces.

NIVIA Football Shoes Euro:

Nivia Euro Football Shoes are designed for speed and control and provide comfort as well as balance. Nivia Euro Football Shoes are made from PU leather that makes them durable as well as comfortable for the wearer. These shoes have synthetic leather upper and rubber soles with blade-type studs for good grip on the surface. The tongue of the shoe has foam padding for comfort. These shoes have been ergonomically designed for balance and maneuverability while running and handling the ball.

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Top 5 Selling BDM Cricket Bats

BDM is a B.D. Mahajan and sons pvt. Ltd which was established in 1925 which is one of the leading Cricket Equipment company which has a exporter of high quality of cricket product from India. For getting powerful strokes all Cricket bats are compressed with thick edges. It delivers better balance and pickup to the professionals for good performance. The international player using BDM Cricket bats like sachin tendulkar, yunus khan, virendra sehwag. In this post we have listed Best BDM Cricket Bats.

BDM Admiral Jumbo English Willow Cricket Bat
Superbly constructed English Willow Admiral Jumbo traditional-shaped cricket bat nurtured in India, with an excellent pick up and balance. Easy pick-up, extra bulg behind the sweet spot.Unique shock-absorb grip.Perfectly balance & light pick up.Short handle with 9 piece imported cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control. Weights available 2lb 10oz to 3lb.
BDM Dynamic Power Super English Willow Cricket Bat
BDM Dynamic Power Super English Willow Cricket Bat is made up from top grade
English Willow. With a traditional sword-shaped design and excellent redistribution balance to pack more power in the driving area and sweet spot. This cricket bat has compressed thick edges for powerful strokes. Maximum 8 or more straight grains. Perfectly balanced & light pick up. A larger sweet spot for extra power in stork. Aero Dynamic bat for the top stroke power. BDM Power ARK blade with thick Edges. It has 12 piece swark cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control. This bat has Unique twin color Octo Grip.
BDM Titanium English Willow Cricket Bat
This bat is specially designed for the attacking stroke makers who require increased power and superior balance. The bat is made up from the best selection of unbleached English Willow. BDM titanium has a Powerarc blade with contoured edges. With top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handleis fitted for outstanding feel, flex and control. The Unique Grip attached to  Shock-Absorb. The bat has combined with a light weight pick-up, that gives an unrivaled feel and performance
BDM Terminator English Willow Cricket Bat
BDM Terminator is newly styled and designed in traditional style.  The bat comes in natural finish unbleachd super smooth wax finished. This cricket bat is designed to give increased power and balance with top performance, and has a light weight pick-up. A larger sweet spot for extra power in stork. Aero Dynamic bat for the top stroke power It is hand-crafted from specially selected UK home grown Grade 1 english willow, selected for grain structure and weight. It provides Powerarc blade with contoured edges. Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control. It has unique Shock-Absorba Acttop Grip.
BDM Master Blaster English Willow Cricket Bat
The Master Blaster is a bat which is designed for hitting. These bats are manufactured from a selection of mid-grade English willow and are fitted with a 9 ply rounded cane handle. Each bat is also fitted with a toe guard and comes complete with a bat cover. The Master Blaster is a good grade bat designed for the power hitter, the balance and pick up are good and the special shape makes for a massive amount of wood behind the ball right up the bat.  This is specially extended right up to the splice area to produce hitting power all the way up the blade. It gives perfect balance & light pick up. A larger sweet spot for extra power in stork.

To See Complete Range of English Willow BDM Cricket Bats Please visit

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Top 5 Selling GM Cricket Bats


Since 1885 GM ( Gunn & Moore ) was founded by English test batsman William Gunn and local businessman Thomas James Moore. This company deals with apparel, clothing and full range of cricket equipment’s.   GM Cricket brand is among the most known brand in the world because of  their equipment of highest standards and latest technology is used. It produces best quality and design over other brand. Most of the international players like Graeme Swann, Jonathan Trott, Steve Waugh ,Shane Watson, Stephen Fleming, Michael Vaughan, Anil Kumble are using GM brand cricket bats. In this post we are listing best GM Cricket Bats.
GM Flare Contender Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
The GM Flare Contender Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is designed for senior players who are yet to find their rhythm with the bat. It is suitable for players above 14 years age. This bat is durable and will stand the test of time during batting practice at the nets. Beginner and intermediate level batsmen will love playing with this bat as it is well balanced and allows you to play shots to the boundary.
The GM Flare Contender Cricket Bat is made of Kashmir Willow which is solid and good for playing long hours. This short handled bat makes it easier to place the ball in the gaps between the fielders.
GM Flare Select Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
The GM Flare Select Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is designed for senior players over the age of 14 who need a durable bat to practice at the nets. This solid bat is perfect for beginner batsmen who would like stability and control while making shots. The GM Flare Select Cricket Bat is made of Kashmir willow which is durable and allows the batsmen to practice for longer due to its comfortable grip.
GM Octane F2 404 English Willow Cricket Bat
This GM Octane F2 404 English Willow Cricket Bat comes with a cover that keeps it safe when it is not in use. The bat is made for men who play at an advanced or professional level and is made of the famed English willow which guarantees lasting performance.
This short-handled bat from GM has ToeTek that protects the easily-damageable toe at the crease. The bat also has a flatter face profile and a slightly concave back profile.
GM Luna 303 English Willow Cricket Bat
The GM Luna 303 English Willow Cricket Bat is designed for senior players over the age of 14 who have spent a good amount of time at the crease. This GM Luna bat is suitable for intermediate batsmen who like to play power shots and get the boundary every time.
The GM Luna 303 Cricket Bat is made of durable English willow and it is optimized to increase the power to weight ratio. The GM Powerarc Blade and GM Control Grip offers superior control and accuracy while playing exquisite shots. The bat also comes with a toe guard and features a ToeTek Finish.
GM Flare Super Star Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
The GM Flare Super Star has a tough and resilient Kashmir Willow blade that has been knocked in for better performance and durability. The treble Handle is made from imported Saravak cane and this handle gives better control for those powerful shots. With a toe guard, the cricket bat is better protected from toe damage and dampness. This grade one cricket bat for adults is a good choice for club and college level matches. New Chevtec grip to give you a superior sense of control Adjustable strap with a full length padded bat cover.

To see complete range of GM English Willow Cricket Bats Please visit

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