Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology – Khelmart Report 01:

Yonex Rackets Technology
Nanoscince enable accurate Rackets Function at molecule level. NANOSCINCE is a high performance molecule bond between fullerene and
carbon nanoparticel. With the help of this molecule bond, Badminton Racket will be :
1.Ultra Light Weight
4.More Stable , More Power and Swing


Isometric Shape in Badminton Racket Enabled the equalized length of Main and Cross String. With this type of  specific shape in Badminton Rackets Provide the enlarge sweet spot.
Isometric Shape of Yonex Badminton Rackets khelmart

Isometric Shape












Muscle Power Frame:
Frame of Muscle Power Badminton Rackets enabled string to go through in rounded archways.
Followings are the Benefits of this shape:
1.Eliminate the Stress Load
2.Eliminate the Fatigue
3.Create Unite of String
4.Closer and Tighter Frame Contact
Muscle Power Frame Khelmart

Muscle Power Frame

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Guide for Badminton Rackets String Tension

Guide for Badminton Rackets String Tension:

Most of the Badminton Racket Manufactures are selling the Badminton Rackets in pre-strung condition. There are various advantages of buying pre-strung Badminton Rackets: Pre Strung Badminton Rackets Come along with Recommended String Tension. Pre Strung Badminton Rackets are prepared as per standard process guideline and with defined skill set. Badminton Rackets are generally strung with a tension between 18lb to 30lb. Professional Badminton players always like higher tension strung rackets. If you want to Re-Strung you Badminton Rackets then you need to select the sting carefully .There are Various Badminton strings are available in market. Each with their relative benefits. For Ex. Natural Gut is a type of a String which is used by most of the professional player. This Badminton string is relatively costly. Another type of Badminton String is Multifilament strings – sometimes called synthetic gut. It is also common type and extensively used by professional players. If you compare the durability of Multifilament String and Natural Gut then multifilament Gut is less durable so players who used change string on regular basis would prefer the multifilament string. String thinness is also impact the playing characteristics . Thicker Badminton string provides more control while thinner Badminton String provide more Power. Selecting your Badminton Racket tension is a balancing act.


Badminton String Tension Khelmart

Badminton String Tension Khelmart



Low tension will causes shuttle to spring off the racket off the racket at a greater speed (a sling shot effect is created as the shuttlecock sinks into the strings and is then repelled of the string bed), therefore providing greater power. Rackets strung at higher tension on the other hand do not create the sling-shot, but give greater control enabling greater emphasis on direction.

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Guide For Badminton Rackets Balance

Guide For Badminton Rackets Balance :
Balance  of Badminton Rackets technically known as Racket weight Distribution. Badminton Rackets Weight is not equally  distributed along it length. Different Badminton Rackets Manufactures are doing lots of research work to get optimum weigh distribution. To understand the Badminton Rackets Balance , Let us find out its types:
Basically Rackets Balance is divided into three categories :
Heavy Head Badminton  Rackets:
As its name depicts , the weight of the Badminton Rackets is concentrated on head side , this type of rackets are often lighter in nature. With having Head heavy rackets in hand , you will get good manoeuvrability while you needn’t to compromise on power. Rackets with Head heavy balance are good for developing players as it is having lightweight design.
Evenly Head Badminton  Rackets:
It is also known as mid balance . Its consists of natural weight distribution or in other way you can say that weight is evenly distributed along the racket length. Evenly balance rackets allow you to play shot with more flexibility and faster. This type of rackets are suitable for round court play.
Light  Head Badminton  Rackets:
Head light Badminton Rackets are having weight concentrated to handle area.  With nanoechnology , weight is easily transfer to handle without putting extra weight to frame. Head light rackets can make the frame feel lighter and aid faster swinging, giving them greater power and manoeuvrability. Head light rackets are especially advantageous amongst
players who spend most of their time at the net due to the greater.
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Guide for Badminton Rackets Weight:

As per Standard Badminton Rackets Practice , Size of Badminton Rackets are fix , around (680mm Long X 230 mm wide) . While size of the badminton Racketsare same but weight of rackets vary as different manufactures uses different material and manufacturing technique to produce “sate of the art badminton racket”.
If you are a professional Badminton Player then it is worth to mention that rackets weight play a crucial role in Racket Selection Check List. Badminton Rackets Weight vary from 80gms to 100 gms. Thanks to Modern Rackets Technology , nowadays rackets are very lightweight . As per Yonex badminton Standard guide , Badminton Wight measurement criteria refer “U”. Weight of Badminton Rackets vary from 2U , 3U to 4 U.
2U – 90 gms and Over
3U -  85-89.9 gms
4U – 80-84.9
 If you wish to buy racket of 4U range then you need deep pocket . 4U range rackets are lighter and have specialized  material property.
As a player which racket is suitable ?  Answer is depends on playing style and body type. Heavier Badminton Rackets give powerful shot but you need to compromise on racket swing speed . Heavier Rackets are suitable for strong players. The Player equipped with heavier racket should know how to utilize it effectively. Here are some points:
1.Player should know how to produce  quick racket swing speed.
2.Player should know how to capitalize the extra racket weight for producing movement and power
If you are good enough to capitalize above mention points then enjoy the game with heavier racket.
Lighter weight rackets are very popular and it is a common chose amongst the players. Lighter weight rackets provide extended manoeuvrability. It allow player to move racket faster and swing quickly .Now if a player is able to swing racket quickly then he or she can get the racket head to the shuttlecock quicker. Racket swing is very important in power shot and smashes.
So as summary we can say that racket weight is very important parameter while you go for Badminton Racket shopping.
Consider your playing style and body type  and select best amongst all.
Happy Playing
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Saina Nehwal on YONEX Badminton Racket NANORAY

Saina - Badminton Player - INDIA- Khelmart.com

Saina – Badminton Player – Indai – Khelmart.com













This is the MECCA of badminton tournaments of the world. As per the words of Saina , I waited a whole year to participate in this esteemed tournament. I am keen and eager to win this tournament,” Saina Nehwal commented about the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championship, which starts in early March. “It is like a dream come true to play in the tournament. I’m doing very hard practice under the expertise of my coach Sh P Gopi Chand Ji. We are fully concerned about the standard of this tournament,” Saina stated. Equipped with her Yonex Badminton Racket NANORAY 700RP racquet, Saina advanced to the final of the Superseries Finals in December 2011. “Because my equipment of the game Badminton Racquet is super quality, it gives me better reflexes, strength and accuracy, that won several Superseries titles. I reached the final of the Superseries Finals because I was equipped with the best Badminton  Racquet from YONEX. My Badminton Shoe was extremely cozy and the dress was so elegant that it makes me a world class player.” Saina’s first impression of  NANORAY was not only that the racquet is light weight, but it also has great return power. She added, “My racquet NANORAY is so great that I execute all the shots and cuts very accurately. It gives me better force and reflexes and it suits my game of power, which is my trademark. The Badminton Racquet includes all the latest cutting edge qualities for the badminton game, so I like it. It instills me with power to come out a winner in most of the tournaments. I want to win for my country in badminton and YONEX helps me in this pursuit. That is why I prefer to use YONEX equipment.” She continued with, “YONEX gives me moral support. I am not worried about any discrepancy in my endeavor to play badminton. YONEX takes care of me like my parents, such as clothing, food, kits and moral support of immense value. My talent is sharpened because I am abiding by YONEX!” The most prestigious tournament in the world is coming soon. Please check out Saina’s fast play at Birmingham.




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Caroline, who is 20 years old, achieved great results at the junior international level before turning pro in 2005.
 She started to turn heads on the WTA Tour in 2008, and was recognized as the “Newcomer Of The Year”. She is expected to become the leader of the next generation of female tennis stars,  having ended the 2010 season as the worldʼs #1 ranked player and named ITF World  Champion. From the beginning Caroline has been very impressed with the attitude and dedication of the Yonex development team in creating a new racquet to fit with her  winning style of play. The new VCORE 100S more than meets those demands. After only 5 minutes of testing the racquet for the first time, Caroline was eager to start 2011  with this new Racket as her weapon on the court. We announced the outline of the sponsorship agreement yesterday with Caroline in Melbourne, Australia. Caroline commented on her eagerness to succeed at the Australian Open with her new VCORE 100S racquet. “After Doha, which was my last tournament of last year, I had trained back at the practice court and the whole Yonex team was there. I thought that everything about the racquet was perfect at the end, and I thought that it was great for me.
Yonex really helped me to find solutions to improve my game and also spin with the ball. ”Yonex  is very proud that the world’s top player selected our products..
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GM Cricket Bats Technology –DXM

GM Cricket Bats Technology –DXM:
GM is having craft experience craft of 120 years , and this fact is well know by many players
around the globe. GM has spent 5 yeas in research work to come up with new Cricket Bats
technology called GM-DXM.GM is also spent lots of money to take up conventional
Manufacturing process to Next Gen Manufacturing Process using sophisticated Technological
Following are the key observation of GM New Cricket Bats Technology –DXM:
1.Improved Wood Condition , It means its provide more stability and consistency to wood during the Manufacturing process.
2.New Generation CAD technology for paper and precise design process.
3.Improvement in Cricket Bats Manufacturing Processes.
4.Latest CAM (Computer Added Manufacturing ) for Making complex Cricket Bats Profile
DXM ICON Cricket Bats:
GM English Icon DXM 909-khelmart.com

GM English Icon DXM 909-khelmart.com

GM English Icon DXM 303-khelmart.com

GM English Icon DXM 303-khelmart.com

GM English Luna 707-khelmart.com

GM English Luna 707-khelmart.com

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ARCSABER Z-SLASH Badminton Rackets – smash speed of 421 km/h is certificated as the world record!!

World Record with Yonex Badminton Racket ARCSABER Z-SLASH 421 KM/Hr. This the official News by Yonex Co. Ltd , JAPAN , World Record for fastest smash is recoded by Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia) and the speed of the smash was 421 Km/Hr , 261 mph. It is also recoded in Guinness World Book. This smash is hit using Yonex Badminton Racket ARCSABER Z-SLASH. ARCSABER Z-SLASH is new generation Badminton Racket by Yonex, it is very slim in shape , because of it slim shape it reduces the Air resistance and provide maximum smash speed. YONEX CO. , recoded this moment in Sept-2009 with ultrahigh speed camera, This kind of camera is having capability to shoot 20000 exposure in a second.

Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash - Khelmart

Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash – Khelmart









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