Slazenger Cricket Brand Information

Over a centaury ago,  one of the biggest and most famous sports brand company was established in 1881 by Ralph and Albert Slazenger. It is probably fair to say that Slazenger Brand has made a history of importing and exporting the sports equipment and accessories around 1881. Slazenger is all rounder production and distributor all over the world. It deals with tennis, hockey, basketball, cricket, squash and golf sporting goods all over the world. Slazenger Cricket Brand is one of the best brand which delivers sporting goods in the world. To made their presence more stronger they used better technology and made some changes in design and appearance. The brand ambassador of Slazenger Cricket Equipment’s are Michael Clarke, Paul Collingwood. They uses Slazenger sporting goods.


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Basic Guide for Cricket Shoes

About the cricket shoes
Now a days the demand of sports goods in India are increasing day by day. The sports manufacturer and professionals are uses several kinds of technology to enhance the sports person performance to level high. The cricket shoes are specially designed for giving full comfort and protection to the wearer while playing game. Comfort is another matter altogether. There are many companies that designed cricket shoes such as Addidas, Reebok and Nike ,Nivia, SS ,GM and SG  who is researching more about shoes to know how to get better performances while playing cricket.
Cricket Shoes

Cricket Shoes

A better cricket shoes provides stability to the wearer feet and good cushioning and more weight reduction and these are the key areas of any cricket shoes.
 Most of you would not know the essentials of Cricket Sports Shoes. These shoes are created with high grade synthetic material which provides them flexibility in nature.
Different cricket shoes are required as per individual cricketer need. If you are a batsman, you need different shoes which help your feet to move comfortably on the crease. Bowlers required another type of shoes which has full spikes to scored better run and bowler need to take into account the design of the sole, and the support cricket shoes will provide to the ankle and heels. But, all rounder players means batsmen, bowlers and fielders required shoes with spikes which provides superior traction over the field.
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Best Yonex Badminton Rackets in Year 2013

In this article we shall explain about the Yonex Best in Class badminton rackets for 2013.
Yonex is continuously doing improvements in badminton technology and adding more variety in badminton rackets  range. Today we shall explain the  53 New Yonex Badminton rackets form the house of Yonex.
(1)Yonex Badminton Racket Voltric Z Force :
 Yonex Voltric Z Force is new badminton rackets which is having more stiffer frame and head heavy balance. As it is an head heavy frame so its provide powerful racket swing. Fame of the racket is made of HM graphite with having inbuilt sound filter for providing nice sound while racket hits the shuttle. Shaft of the racket is made of HM graphite and Nanopreme technology. Weight of this Yonex Badminton Racket is 4 U (80-84.9
gms) and grip size of the racket is G4,5. This Racket comes in White and Gold Colour. This Racket built with Tri-Voltage technology which means you can deliver superb smashes and great racket speed. This Yonex Badminton Racket is used by world number badminton player Li Chung wee.
Yonex Voltric Z Force
Yonex Voltric Z Force
 (2) Yonex Badminton Racket ARCSABER i-SLASH:
This Racket is designed to delivered more flexibility and power. Racket is having more durability and improved flexibility which enabled racket to regain its original position in minimum possible time which is very important factor in short badminton rallies. Racket comes with medium flex , Frame of the racket is made of HT Graphite & CS CARBON NANOTUBE , Shaft is made of graphite. Weight of Badminton Racket is around 3U (85 to 89.9 Grms) and Grip is G4,5. Colour of racket is black and Red. Yonex ARCSABER i-SLASH is used by five European Singles Champion Peter Gade from Denmark.
Yonex iSlash
Yonex iSlash
(3) Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray 800

Yonex Nanoray 800
Yonex Nanoray 800


This racket is latest badminton racket from the house of Yonex. The Balance of the rackets is head light which gives fast racket swing for speedy badminton rackets smashes. NARORAY Technology provides fast and controlled Racket swing while you will feel superb repulsion (See Video on repulsion). NANORAY Technology is design to strengthen you badminton game is such a way so that you can push your opponent into third line of court. As racket consists thinner frame at top side so its minimise the air resistance and provides the greater head speed and faster swing. Weight of racket is 4 U (80-84.9 Grms) and grip size is G 4,5. Colour of Badminton Racket in Flash Blue. This Badminton Racket is used by Thomas Laybourn of Denmark.
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Khelmart Launched New Website for Racket Sports| |

With our commitment towards continuous improvement in services and technology for sports , Khelmart launched new website for Racket Sports.

Following are the key features of website :

  1. Build on Google blogger platform.
  2. Easy access to data.
  3. Lined with Google plus profile to see the what happening in Goolge Plus.
  4. Video Mediaenabled contents to explain the technology behind the rackets.
  5. Dedicated page for single pages .

As of now we have creeated the contents for Yonex Badminton Rackets but in future we shall expant it for other brand like Li Ning Brand , Head Brand , COSCO Brand , Wilson Brand and many more.

Summary :

Website Name :

Description : For Rackets information , Badminton Rackets , Tennis Rackets



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Top Tennis Rackets- Tennis Racket Technology by Khelmart

Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 90:
One of the best tennis racket of 2012 is the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 90. This tennis  rackets is the personal choice of Roger Federer. The frame of this racket is fabulously sophisticated that’s why he always carries with him. This tennis racket is mainly designed for advanced player who is looking for wonderful feel and supreme control over the racket. This racket is help to provides stability  and increases the player maneuverability. The Pro Staff Six-One 90 BLX delivers the ultimate control to go along with the new found sensation. This tennis racket has a special features having head size 90-square-inch and the headlight balance of 8 points HL.  It has 12.6 ounce strung weight , which help the player to hold this racket for a long time.  For making this racket, very advanced technology is used which is BLX which stands for Basalt and it is a volcanic rock. This technology combines with braided graphite, basalt fibers  The handle of this racket is designed through Amplifeel handle technology which delivers an ordinary cleaner and enhanced feel.
Wilson BLX Juice 100:
The Wilson BLX Juice 100 is another best tennis racket  of this year. This tennis racket is used by Victoria Azharenka. In Wilson range the juice 100 is all rounder tennis maneuverability. This racket  gives nice and wonderful feel. The Wilson BLX Juice 100 has various power and spin potential for the most innovative shots to your opponent.  This racket  is designed for more aggressive style of player which delivers explosive power and spin. The frame of this tennis racket  is design such a way that it gives stability and having light weight which provides more power, more performance and more win to the player. This racket  has a features of  11 ounces strung, 100-square-inches of head size and a string pattern 16×18. This racket  has a swing weight which allows the players to swing quickly through the ball which result easy to win.
Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro (16×19):
Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro (16×19) is another best racket  of 2012. This tennis racket  has a unique features. This tennis racket  is designed for more aggressive and advanced player which has 16×19 string pattern with a generous sweet spot which delivers an extra spin. The racket  offers a solid spin, power and stability. The technology which is used to create this racket  is YOUTEK technology which gives great power and spin. This racket  is designed from Innegra technology and d3o technology which make the racket  more comfortable. This racket  is made up from various material such as fibers and graphite matrix, due to this its frame is strengthening without any increase in weight and it also reduces the vibration on ball. The frame of this racket  provides maximum power and improved the control and precision over the ball . This racket s remain in perfect condition without losing any performance properties due to Innegra technology. During different strokes the d3o technology is capacity to detect the needs of the players and it also fulfills what the player actually want.
Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite:
Around series of 200 ,this tennis racket  is the most lightest racket . For getting more speed of shot, it has designed with light weight which provides extra manoeuvrability. The Biomimetic 200 Lite is the best racket for intermediate players as well as advanced juniors. The frame of this racket  inspired colors which make the racket for the style conscious tennis player. This racket  has a pretty and powerful set of tennis racket . The Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite provides special features of stability which is easy to swing and it also generates a great spin, due to this it was easy to hit. Premium Aerogel with graphite and Dunlop’s new Biomimetic technology  is used to make this racket . This racket  has extremely rewarding racket  that is designed for the aggressive player who is looking for arm friendly and easy to spin.
Babolat Pure Drive Roddick:
Babolat pure drive roddick is the another best tennis racket  in this year which is newly updated and designed with GT technology in 2012. The new Pure Drive Roddick is created with a new Cortex Dampening Interface which provides cool touch to the player. This racket  is made for all level of player such as intermediate as well as advanced player. The first series of Babolat pure roddick Cortex tennis racket  which has different features from Babolat pure drive roddick. Few changes are done such as its weight increases from 11.8 ounces to 11.9 ounces and the swing weight is decreased few grams which is easier for player to swing faster but it has not light weight. This racket  has open 16×19 string pattern that provides better spin to hit the ball. Because of the serve this tennis racket  makes best of the all
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Tennis Racket Selection Guide by Khelmart Expert Team

While Choosing a Tennis Racket Keep in mind following Points:

Selecting the best tennis racket is a big deal and it can also convert you as a looser to winner. Either you are a beginner or advanced player selecting the right one can make a big difference for your game. While buying tennis racket you should take some parameters in your minds such as weight, balance, and head size. Each tennis racket has a special features. We simply helps you how to differentiate between different types of rackets and which one offers you best. The most essential part is to choose the perfect type and size of rackets that gives best match to your game.

Do I need and Adult or Junior racket?

According to your age and height you can choose either one should move from a junior to adult racket. To find where you stand in height and age we make a table that will help you.

Tennis Racket Selection Size by Khelmart

Tennis Racket Selection Size

What grip size do I need?

To improve your control over the tennis racket, grip size must be adjustable according to your hand sizes. It also enhances your performance.

More and more racket producers improve handle design to reduce frame shock and vibration.

Different Size  of grip are for different players which are given below:-

  • GRIP 1 is used for most junior player which hand’s size comes in 1/8 inches.
  • GRIP 2 is used for junior player which hand’s size comes in  1/4 inches.
  • GRIP 3 is mostly used for women player which hand’s size comes in 3/8 inches.
  • GRIP 4 is mostly used for men which hand’s size comes in 1/2 inches
  • GRIP 5 is generally used for big hand size which comes in 5/8 inches
Tennis Rackets Grip Size

Tennis Rackets Grip Size

 How heavy do I want my racket?
 There are different weight of tennis racket are available in market.  According to your preference you can choose individually.
Lightweight:- Light rackets generally more powerful comes in up to 235 grams to 275 grams means 9.8 ounces which gives greater speed to racket’s head. Light weight tennis rackets can easily handle and maneuverable.
Heavy:- Heavy rackets comes in 300- 350 grams,. This types of racket is used by professionals as they maintain a supreme control that is needed at the top level of the game. When it has slower strokes it provides less power.
Evenly balanced :- Rackets which comes generally in between 275gm to 300gm . This type of tennis racket is used by intermediate means normal not the beginners nor advanced which makes weight throughout the frame that helps to  blend which gives power and control.
What head size is best for me?
Rackets come in different range of head sizes. When its head is larger in size it generate more power and have a larger sweet spot and smaller head sizes offer more control.
Rackets are divided  into 4 categories which is mid, mid-plus, oversize, super-oversize
Tennis Rackets Head Size

Tennis Rackets Head Size

What materials are rackets made of, and what does it do for me?
Now a days most tennis rackets frames are designed as light-weight which contains graphite or graphite composites such as titanium, kevlar or fibreglass and aluminum . Due to this metallic substances its frame gives more flexibility. Frames which is made from boron and Kevlar are durability in nature . Improving players who have not advanced in their swing might find difficult to control the frames.
Strings and string tension
Nylon and natural guts is one of the most common materials used to make tennis racket strings. To get good level of performance strings made with a nylon-core which provides low expensive than the other types of string materials. Normally when racket string is tight it provides more control whereas to get more comfort string should be loose. Looser strings offers more power due to its hitting power.
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The complete Badminton Racket Selection Guide by Khelmart

 While Choosing a Badminton Racket Keep in mind following points :
Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Guide

Image 01

The most important pieces of equipment you will use in sports is the badminton racket. According to your ability and style you can choose the better one. First of all you have to know about product and you should have product knowledge. While taking your decision, think about either you playing most powerful shots, or more with control and precision. Both badminton racket and shuttlecock are essential for a badminton player. Every Racket has a different power and control which represents different features of rackets. To implements your needs you can choose the better racket according to your preference.  We create three group into different players which is the beginner, the intermediate and the advance group. According to player we can design a table. When you see this table you can easily makes your decision.
How does weight differ between rackets, and what is suitable for me?
 Weight :- Each rackets has different weights with different product features. To determine the weight of the racket’ head it is categorizes into three category which is heavy-head, balanced, or light-head. These three group are translate to offend, balanced, defense players . The normal weight of racket is upto 80-95g. The weight of racket determines how one can swing a racket faster. One can swing faster when racket is lighter.  Generally, a lighter racket is more maneuverable than a heavy one. For an offensive player a head-heavy racket is required, and for a defensive one it is head-light racket..
What is racket balance, and what difference does it make?
Racket balance is a very important features to maintaining its balance. It is the player personal preference which can you select. Balance is the final characteristics of the racket. The most popular racket is upcoming which is  Head balanced racket. This racket is more stable and when it is swung it gives higher angular momentum. Head light Badminton racket are easy to handle and maneuverable, this type of racket is needed for defensive player.
 Are badminton racket made in different grip sizes?
There are different sizes of grip which affecting the game. This will depend upon the player’s choice and its hand size. The standard grip size of the racket is G4 which is mostly found in almost badminton rackets. For smaller hand player G5 grip size is specially designed. A player having larger hands will prefer a larger grip and having smaller hand player will prefer a smaller grip.
Which head shape suits me best?
While buying racquet you must think about the racket head’s shape and weight. To determining the racket’s power and control these two aspects play important roles. There are two major head shapes which is Isometric and Oval. The most popular head’ shape  racket is isometric or square racket which is easily found. The features of isometric head racket is  enlarged in size and sweet spot which give off-centered hit a better response. The oval-shaped head has a smaller in size and its sweet spot gives more concentrated while it hits the stocks.
Why is shaft flexibility important?
A badminton racket flexibility comes from the shaft, or the area between the handle and the strung area of the frame. When time is maximum, the more power you can give to shuttle through the badminton racket. To generate good power, more strength and best technique should be used. In general, the shaft flex and the string tension are the two factors which control how long the shuttlecock makes physical contact with the racket. Since it requires more power, a racketthat is too stiff can prove too difficult to use for someone with a small stature or who is only starting to learn how to play badminton. That enables you control the shot more accurately. For beginners flexible rackets are more suitable because you don’t have to give extra power to play strong shots. Since less strength is needed.
What materials are rackets made from?
 Now a days badminton racket is made up of  carbon fiber and graphite composite. In rackets 99% graphite is mainly used. The racket’s frame is generally made from light weight metal such as graphite or aluminum. Lightweight rackets provides to find and hit fast-moving shuttlecocks which gives greater frame flexibility, durability and performance without compromising value for money.
  Lightweight rackets is the most manageable and maneuverable in nature.
While making the string of a racket nylon is used  and it gives strong and long lasting product which is cheap.
String tension explained
Good string can change a lot of difference to your playing badminton racket game. String is very important and essential part of the racket. Good string gives more power in your technique when it is appropriately setup which give you good feel, more control.. To get more durability and improve the control of a racket high string tensions is used whereas to increase control players used thicker string, but many players prefer the feel of thinner strings because its gives more power. It is the only choice of player which one they prefer.
String tension is varies from player to player. The table below will assist you in choosing the correct racket string tension.
upto 19-20lbs
upto 21-24lbs.
upto  25+ lbs.
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Oiling and Knocking of Cricket Bats – Basic Guide

Knocking of New Cricket Bats:

Knocking of New Cricket Bats is very Important part.Before use of every new bat, knocking process should be requires to prevent it from cracking and makes its long use. Knocking process should be done using a Hardwood bat mallet hit the face of the blade of the bat repeatedly for several hours.  This process provides good performance than a ball mallet and also help in to increase the speed. Start by hitting the middle of the bat just hard enough to create a dent. During this process make sure that you are knocking every region of the blade and ensures that no stickers should be there while knocking and should be equally and concurrently knocked. Don’t knock-in the back of the cricket bat. The edges of blade should  be rolls  with the angle of 90 degrees. This process should  be repeated, however each time it increases the pressure. When knocking in process has been completed, you have to check whether more oils should be requires or not. When you have finished he first 2-3 hours, you can progress to using the bat for out field practice and then in the nets against an old used high quality cricket ball. This should be practice in every three to four weeks.

 Oiling of Cricket Bats:

Before knocking process, oiling process should be done. This is done to prevent the wood from drying out. Oiling process make the bat soften. Raw Linseed Oil should be used to become the bat brittle. It is requires the bat should be oiled with raw linseed oil which makes the bat brittle. I suggest that oil should be applied 3 to 4 times before the process of knocking begins. It Ensure that the edges are also oiled. Spread the oil over the face of the bat using a small rag or your fingers. A full coat of oil should be apply in front, back and toe with less than one teaspoon full. Avoid oiling the splice of the bat which is the very top section of the blade. During the drying time the bat should be laid horizontally, and out of direct sunlight. After leaving it at least overnight repeat the procedure again but this time use even less oil than the first time. In other words give it only a very light rub with the same open weave cloth from before. Leave lying horizontally for at least 6 hours. After this oiling you are then ready to begin the Knocking In procedure.

Both the knocking and oiling process is very important aspect to improve the life and quality of cricket bats , it is worth to invert time on this process with proper technique otherwise you can harm you bat.


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Yonex Badminton Racket Selection Guide

Yonex is world’s number company  in Badminton Sports equipment Manufacturing, They have huge range of Badminton rackets which suits almost each & every requirement of Professional and entry level badminton players. Yonex lunched various series of badminton rackets to meet the requirement of Badminton player which make a very complicated system of Badminton rackets categories like , NanoSpeed , Nanoray , Muscle power , Corbones  and many more. Different categories are having different type of head type , Head Style and flex. Badminton players are often confused about the selection of badminton rackets based of selection parameters
This article will give focus on Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Matrix. With the help of this article you can better understand the Selection Matrix and make effective decision.
Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Guide

Image 01

Please refer the image 01, This image shows the mapping of Yonex Badminton Rackets on graph where Positive X Axis is mapped as Repulsion , – ive x Axis is mapped as Hold , + ive Y axis is mapped as heavy head and –ive Y is mapped as head light Badminton Rackets.
Explanation of Graph Parameters:
Heavy Head : Head of the badminton racket frame is heavier then handle
Head light : Head of the Badminton Racket is lighter then Handle
Hold : Badminton Shuttlecock will stay more time of Badminton Racket string bed.
Repulsion : How quickly Shuttlecock leaves the Badminton Racket String bed
If you observed the Graph then it is clear that Heaviest head Badminton Racket in Yonex Series in  Voltric Z Force.
The Lightest head badminton racket is Nanospeed 2000.
If you want to close badminton racket which hold the shuttlecock more time then you should go for Arcsaber001 while on other hand for quickly delivering the shuttlecock from badminton racket you should go for Nanospeed 9900.
Image 02 will explain this in more detail:
Badminton Rackets Selection

Image 02
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