PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe

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PRO ASE badminton Shoes are developed by company known as PRO ASE- Delhi. Shoes developed by pro ASE are equipped with latest design which is ergonomically tested and give best shoe fitting. These PRO ASE court shoes are made of high quality material which will provide you best badminton shoes performance, better court covering, quick response time and effective energy transfer. This shoe collection has gives perfect feel and comfort to badminton players.  Pro ASE court shoes structure providing powerful support, stability and all-round court performance.

About Look:

PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe comes in 4 color schemes:

  1. White and Blue
  2. Blue and Gray
  3. White and Red
  4. White and Black

1.     PRO ASE Court White and Blue:


The First color scheme of PRO ASE is White and blue color. Its base color is blue on which blue or white color side strap are provided. Overall this shoe along with White and blue color scheme looks simple but gives different look on court. This shoe is made of good quality material which gives superb comfort and the sole is made of TRP material gives you optimum performance. It is equipped with style panel, stitch detail and loop at back, lightweight and comfortable in wearing which is designed for intermediate badminton players. This court shoe provides you all-round performance and super feel.

2.     PRO ASE Court Blue and Gray:


PRO ASE court shoe is also available in Blue and gray color. Its base color is Blue on which gray color side strap with good-looking shoe graphics. This upper portion of shoe has manufactured with non leather Material, lightweight and good shape gives you freely move on badminton court. Shoe sole is made from TRP rubber which will provide you great grip and comfort during movement. This shoe along with Blue-Gray color gives different look on court. PRO ASE court shoe has made for intermediate badminton players and it gives better comfort and maximum foot movement and long lasting durability.

3.    PRO ASE Court White and Red:


PRO ASE court badminton shoe comes in white and red color. Its base color is white on which gray color and red colors side strap are provided with better shoe finishing. This upper design of shoe has made of high quality material, lightweight and it provides you perfect fitting and comfort. This shoe sole is equipped with non marking rubber which will offer you great grip, comfort during movement and rapid court covering.

 4.    PRO ASE Court White and Black:


PRO ASE court shoe also comes in white and black color. Shoe base color is white and while side strap is black color. This shoe is made of fine quality material with non marking embossed grip sole gives you better comfort, lightweight and maximum energy into foot movement. It is equipped with style panel, stitch detail and loop at back, lightweight and comfortable in wearing.



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