Review of All New Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racket

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About Astrox 77 Racket:



As a part of continuous improvements in design and manufacturing system, Yonex launched all new Yonex Astrox series of badminton racket . Newly developed Astrox is designed with rotation generated system.With new and innovative system , player will get counterbalance head helps in offering best acceleration.


What is Rotational Generator System:

Rotational Generator System

Rotational Generator System

Rational generator is basically a system in which weight of the racket is counterbalanced at grip side. It means racket is balanced for better rotation system which helps in following ways:

  • Weight of racket is properly distributed throughout the grip side, Frame top and joint of racket.

  • Rotation generated system offers better control on shots at it provide better rigidity.

  • This system gives betters transition from one shot to another.


What is NAMD:



Yonex used all new graphite material called as NAMD. NAMD is world’s first new material which helps in improving the adhesion of graphite material. Using NAMD as bounding material offers following key benefits:

  • Improve the adhesion of HM graphite.

  • NAMD is used in Shaft material along with HM graphite

  • NAMD helps in better store of energy during shuttle impact and releases it with more impact.

Specification of Astrox 77:

Yonex astrox 77 is a medium flex racket for attacking game style. Frame of this racket is made of H.M. GRAPHITE + NANOMETRIC + Tungsten while shaft is made of H.M. GRAPHITE + Namd. It is a lightweight Yonex racket with weight of around 83 gms. Racket comes in two color scheme (1) Yellow (2) Blue. Yonex claimed that , this racket will offer 7.1% more power.


Yonex ASTROX 77 Racket Technology

Yonex ASTROX 77 Racket Technology

Comments from Khelmart:

During testing of Astrox 77 , we found that, racket offered good power from 3rd line clear shots. While comparing with Z force 2 , player can feel marginal power loss. Racket balance is good and helps in adjusting the shots.Racket balance also complement the drives from mid court during fast rallies.

At Net area , We found it little bit sluggish however it may because of its counterbalance technology.

New Control Support Cap

New Control Support Cap

Racket Shaft is the key thing to notice in this racket. Player can feel extra power generated from shaft.

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