Review of YONEX Voltric 1 LD

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Yonex Voltric 1 Ld is very popular model in Yonex Voltric series due to its price and racket characteristics. This racket is available in 85 to 89 gms of weight which gives medium weight racket feel. It is made of full graphite and tungsten material. Racket shaft is made of graphite which gives flexible feel to player for better control and attacking game style.

About Look of Voltric 1 LD:

YONEX Voltric 1 LD Racket_1
YONEX Voltric 1 LD Racket_1

In India, Voltric 1 LD is available in two color schemes:

  1. Bright Red
  2. White Color

Color graphics of both the rackets are same. Bright red color will be suitable for those players who need aggressive look while white color is suitable for those who want sober colors.

Technical Specification of Voltric 1 LD:

Weight of the Racket: 89 Gms

Flex: Flexible Racket

Balance: Head Heavy

Shaft Material: Graphite

Frame Material: Graphite and Tungsten

Racket Technology:

YONEX Voltric 1 LD Racket Technology_2
YONEX Voltric 1 LD Racket Technology_2

Tri Voltage System Gives Powerful racket smashes: Voltric series is head heavy series as per Yonex design. Head heavy series rackets generate tremendous power on smashes as it leads to give more momentum. Further, to improve the head heavy racket characteristics, Yonex used stiff material at racket head which result into optimized shuttle hold time at string bed. By using stiff material at racket head, now player will get better power and control on shots. Yonex further improve the racket characteristics by making thin racket frame side. This improves the racket flex and help in transferring the more energy into shuttle. With more energy transfer, badminton player will get maximum power on shots.

Overall, the combination of head heavy, stiff racket head top and flexible side offer incredible power, speed and control to badminton players.

Tri Voltage System Gives Speedy Racket handling: In order to balance the head heavy effect of racket, Yonex first time used the very thin and aerodynamically shape side at frame head. This type of aerodynamically designed racket head side offers fast racket swing speed by which player gets quick racket response which helps in placing fast drive shots, quick corner smashes and quick response to opponent drives.

Overall, with the help of Tri Voltage System, Badminton player will get maximum power while player don’t need to compromise on racket speed.

YONEX Compact Frame: We all know that Air resistance is unwanted parameter in racket swing speed. More Air resistance means less swing speed. Further, if racket frame size is more than its more racket area will come into contact of air thus more air resistance will affect the racket swing speed. Yonex research team identifies this and developed the frame which is compact in nature. Compact frame will helps in better aerodynamics of the racket results into fast racket handling.

Built in T Joint (More joint rigidity):  Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device. In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transfer to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle. Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket.

Racket Feedback at 3rd Line:

It is a head heavy racket so player will feel more power during 3rd line shot clear. Racket sound is good and attracts us on court. With very less power we can able to place shuttle into opponent’s 3rd line thanks for Tri Voltage System. Player who wants to test the opponents into 3rd line shots will definitely love to play with Voltric 1 ld.

Feedback at net area:

As it is a head heavy racket so we faced some difficulties in controlling the shuttle at net area but that is very marginal (Yonex putted aero dynamic frame concept to improve the swing speed).  After spending 1 hr time we could able to judge the racket handling at net area and finally able to get the right timing. So finally, it’s performed well on net area.

Feedback on Drive and Cross Corner Shots:

Player who already tried Muscle Power or carbonex series racket can face some difficulties initially to get the right timing. In comparison to carbonex, its response is little sluggish but if you spend some time on court then you will get your timing back. After spending good time in court you will love this racket.


Voltric 1 Ld is good option for those players who wants attacking game style with good skills on net and dive shots. In our test, Racket performed well on net area and drive shots. Player needs to do some adjustment in timing if you already using muscle power or Carbonex Series rackets.

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