Reviews of Yonex badminton rackets carbonex series

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      Yonex launched a new series with round shaped head and box shaped frame,



that is named carbonex series. These two qualities made the yonex badminton rackets unique and gave a different look.  There are seven types of models comes in this series. These are carbonex 50, 35, 20, 21, 8000TI, 6000DF, 7000DF.



      This type of yonex badminton rackets use a nanoscale elastic Ti technologies that resists deformation as it transmits power from four corners of the frame. When we hit a swung shuttle cock with a full energy, the frame stretches as the string strung with the frame stretch this nanoscale elastic Ti technologies recovers the badminton racket’s shape. it is very useful advantage when going with a smash shots.
     This yonex badminton rackets have metallic graphics, that gives the badminton rackets a nice look. The most important thing is that the vibrations generated during hit a shot can be avoided by its built-in solid feel core properties. It is generally carried by the manufacturers of Japan.


     The box shaped frame provides the feeling of solid core when hit by the badminton racket as it is made of H.M.graphite. The frame of this type of yonex badminton racketis torque free because of built in T-joint technologies.



The place where the frame joints to the shaft is deep moulded with the graphite. This gives the yonex badminton rackets more durable and stable as well. These technologies made this carbonex series of yonex badminton racket most preferable racket series.
     The shaft of this type of badminton racket is usually made of Ultra PEF( poly ethylene fibre).  This makes the racket more lighter so that it would be able to hit a shot easily.



     This type of yonex badminton rackets are light weighted and having a small grip size. Normally its weight is varied from 3U(85-89.9gm)to 2U(90-94.9gm) and the grip size is G4 and G5. generally light weighted badminton rackets are preferred by the players for giving a over head and under arm shots.
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