Revolutionary Li Ning Champion Badminton Shoe

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Li Ning is the most famous and demanding brand in field of Badminton. It is the 4th biggest sport brand in world. In 1982 li ning company winning the six gold medals out of seven of the sixth world cup Gymnastic Competition and winning the gymnastic competition with title of the Prince of Gymnastics. In 1999 company was selected as one of the world’s Most Excellent Athletes by the world most Correspondent association. The company sponsors a number of high profile badminton team and badminton players around the world. Li-Ning world’s leading athletes such as Badminton world and Olympic champion like: Evan Turner, Lin Dan, Triple Jumper Christian Taylor and Andreas Thorkildsen. This brand represents the fantastic and innovative badminton shoe and badminton footwear, badminton rackets, clothes, bags, and shuttles and other badminton accessories.LI Ning badminton Footwear provides you good control, flexibility and cushioning especially to the fore fit. Li-Ning badminton shoe will provide you the all-round performance and super feel. Moreover , with Li Ning Badminton shoes and footwear badminton player can enhance the performance up to great extent.


About Li Ning Champion Badminton Shoe colors:-

Li-Ning Champion badminton shoes come in two colors.

1. Yellow – Blue Color combination

2. Red- Black Color bombination

Li-Ning Champion Badminton Shoe

Li-Ning Champion Badminton Shoe

About Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe Technology:-

All Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe have five technologies:

1. Cushion

2. Lightweight

3. Durability

4. Stability

5. Comfort

1)  Li Ning Cushion Badminton Footwear Technology:-

All Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe provides high impact cushion technology and protect from any heels injuries and gives you good shock absorbing ability. This technology help in hitting jump smashes and it will provide you better comfort and control. This shoe sole is very soft and gives you great comfort and durability.

cushion shoe technology

 a)     Li-Ning Arc-

Li-Ning Arc cushion technology is the single portion rubber outsole technology for cushion and easy comfort. It provides you full feet cushioning and advance flexibility during running and Sharpe court movement because this shoe has full rubber arc design on the mid sole. It is easily bended and great flexibility.

b)  A.W.S  Cushio-

A W S Cushio provides you extra protection from harmful impact forces with additional heel cushioning. It is based on concept of shock absorbing material that impact quickly and release it slowly at steady pace then it will results into smooth energy transfer and protection from impact injuries to the heel. It provides you better feel and perfect energy.

c)   Li-Ning Super-

Li-Ning Super technology has made of high polymer material. The mid- sole of shoe is special manufactured with high polymer material. This technology gives you amazing high resilience and full feet of cushioning .LiNing Super has transforms elasticity and high efficient round scheme. Li-Ning super shoe technology has lightweight and flexible and it gives you better comfort and greatest foot movement.

d)    Bounse-

BOUNSE has higher resilience as compare an average midsole material. It provides you better resilience of foot propulsion and reducing loss of energy during energetic faction. Bounce shoe technique provides you better feel and wonderful energy.

2)  Li Ning Lightweight Badminton Footwear Technology –

 Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe is come with lightweight and it provides you great comfort in badminton court. Lightweight technology has a rubber material technique.

lightweight shoe technology

a)   Foam EVA-

Foam EVA has a lightweight material of EVA foam. This material has 30-40% lighter than average EVA stuff. Foam EVA footwear technology has flexible and it gives you better comfort for performance and greatest foot movement and reduces sports energy defeat.

b)  RB lite-

RB LITE is a lightweight rubber material. This stuff has 17% lighter than common rubber compound. It provides you better comfort for performance and high output activities everyday use.  It provides you better feel and perfect energy.

c)   Foam RB lite-

Foam RB lite is a foam rubber fabric. This fabric has 40% lighter than average rubber stuff. Li-Ning badminton shoe is perfect for player who wants to hit jump smash will get advantage from its light weight design.

  3. Durability Badminton Footwear Technology-

The manufacturing of this Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe is uses top quality leather material which provides better durability and optimum comfort.

Durability shoe technology

 a)     Tuff OS-

Tuff OS has an excellent abrasion resistance rubber element. This shoe technique has 5 times abrasion resistance performance than normal rubber. Tuff OS provides you durability performance of the footwear and superb abrasion resistance.

b)    Tuff Tip-

Tuff tip has high abrasion resistance equipments used for upper area of toe and the upper of the whole upper. This abrasion resistance has 10 times higher than an ordinary material. Tuff tip material can increased the shoes life and protect the toe. Li-Ning shoe provides you better comfort and durability performance of the footwear.

c)     Pav TRAC-

PavTrac uses in the outsole of the shoe and it have superior anti-slip elements. It enhances activity by improving friction and gives you comfort for you daily sports. PavTrac material has providing extra confidence to the athlete and more durable than conventional rubber. Li-Ning badminton shoe will provide you all-round court performance and improving playing skills.

4)  Stability Badminton Footwear Technology-

 Li-Ning Champion badminton shoe has anti torque bar adds stability to the foot by reducing the amount of twist around the bridge of the foot.

stability shoe technology

 a)   Flex Shell-

Flex shell has manufactured of elastic materials with special structure and perfectly combines with rational distribution. It increased the edgeways stability and makes side to side transition smoother. It is an excellent package of material.

 b)  Ultra Shell-

Ultra shell has an upper technology of the shoe and it gives wonderful protection. This ultra shell provides you excellent air vulnerability. The upper stuff of the shoe gives you soft material and excellent support and protection.

 c)   ProBarLoc-

Li-Ning shoe techniques of probarloc have provides a superb mid foot protection with stability. This technology will help to maintain a high level of athletic performance and reducing fatigue. This has suitable for all round performance.

 5. Comfort Badminton Footwear Technology-

Comfort Footwear technique is perfect for moderate and high temperature conditions. This technology has great for high output activities of everyday use. This equipment is suitable for indoors and outdoors, standing and walking, working and relaxation time. Wearing Li-Ning shoe you feel more comfortable and perfect energy.

comfort  shoe technology

 a)   Cooling-

Li-Ning badminton shoe is used for cooling techniques. This technology used for transfer heat away from the shoe. It gives you more comfort for your sports performance and enhances the energy level.

b)  HEMP Li-Ning Tech-

Hemp lining tech fiber has merged into a cotton lining of EVA insole. It provides quick drying and excellent function of odor and moisture absorption. Li-Ning shoe provides you extra comfort and feel.

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