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Wouldn’t you ever wonder what makes the people so crazy about cricket, well this is only a piece of wood called bat handcrafted and conditioned to give batsman confidence about their punches and moves. . That is what exactly a SG cricket bat known for. Choices of legends like Sunil Gavaskar, SG cricket bat are unique and true armour of a batsman.

SG Kashmir Max

SG Kashmir Max

With SG the world’s leader in cricket equipment, you have the assurance that your SG cricket bat will last a lifetime. With features like well-balanced, good meeting sound, proper drying, great curves SG cricket bat works as protective equipment. Not to say that you will definitely get your money’s worth in every aspect.

A SG cricket bat comes in different weight and different stroke play, there is always one to suit your attitude and personality. What’s more they even manufacture the custom bat according to one’s particular needs. So whether you are young or old, muscular or slim you can always find a custom bat only made for you and according to your configurations.

Sunil Gavaskar preferred SG cricket bat to be comfortable and easy on the wrists. Suresh Raina seeks power to hit sixes over the field,  Virender Sehwag choices it to hammered the confidence of a bowler. Rahul Dravid looks for perfect balance in a bat. So besides power, feel, balance, SG cricket bat gives you trust for which it is known from years.

SG brand manufacture almost everything to cater the need of a cricketer, still it is most famous for its SG cricket bats not only because the most known batsman used it but for the trust that comes with a SG cricket bat.

SG bats are developed with the help of a panel of national and international cricketers. So you are guaranteed to find an SG bat that feels like it was made just for you.  SG cricket bats are also made by hand so that you can get some artistic work. The willow used to make bat is also air dried so you can get the appropriate weight of a bat. The air-drying locks in the right amount of moisture. The result? Confidence, different sound, extra punch, good balance, and good feel. SG’s factory—the largest of manufacturing cricket goods—uses imported English and Kashmir willows to create bats for both the gully greats and the Team India master blasters.


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